ActiveCampaign Review: Things to know to Boost Sales 2022

Looking for a platform to serve your business needs, then we got you with this article! ActiveCampaign offers CRM services, sales automation services, and marketing automation services to small businesses and mid-sized businesses.

In this article, I ranked and reviewed ActiveCampaign including its pricing, features, integrations, tools, services it offers, and much more.

It is based in Chicago, Illinois, and is a cloud software platform. It is the best email marketing software that helps b2b email marketing by automation.

Jason VandeBoom founded ActiveCampaign in 2003. It offers a wide variety of features almost at a low cost. It is a unicorn company with multiple integrations such as PayPal, Shopify, WordPress, Facebook, and e-commerce.

The integrations Shopify is best for e-commerce while salesforce is best for ActiveCampaign CRM services. It caters to multiple industries like education, small business, technology, health care, non-profit, travel, fitness & nutrition entertainment, and events.

Active Campaign platform features include a mobile app, custom objects, services, inbox extensions, machine learning, and tools & templates.

Furthermore, it helps businesses to improve their customer base and increase revenue. It is not an all-in-one channel provider as it allows the users to choose channels according to their preferences.

It helps you to automate all the workflows making the user journey a smooth flow. It connects over 870+ third-party apps. It provides sandbox accounts, API documentation, drop email builder, email marketing campaigns, App studio, and more under a developer center.

The greatest feature of Active Campaign is web personalization which will help the business to provide a customized website experience to each customer wherever they visit the website.

Our experts have put all the features of ActiveCampaign under the microscope to provide you with an accurate review. Weigh the pros and cons to see what fits your best interests.

“Go Ahead and Dive In”

What is ActiveCampaign?

Active Campaign
Home Page

ActiveCampaign is considered a global leader in customer experience automation. The mission of ActiveCampaign CRM is to help businesses grow by making meaningful connections with their customers.

It is a customer-centric platform that helps businesses in marketing, sales, and services. It helps to solve the hardest problems of businesses such as automation, segmentation, orchestration, and personalization.

Active Campaign helps businesses to connect with customers at a personal level with the help of text messaging, email conversations, chat, web, and social media.

Active Campaign has an education center that provides tutorials, training sessions, and tips for users to have a better experience while using the ActiveCampaign account.

With customer experience automation, ActiveCampaign helps businesses to reach the right people who can be converted into customers and engage with people to attract the right ones to the business.

ActiveCampaign CRM
Automation Feature

Customer experience automation helps in figuring out which leads are most engaged and help you to turn the leads into customers. It also helps customers to return to the business and thus helps the business grow both in revenue and name.

With ActiveCampaign work of a very large team can be handled easily as it is equipped with world-class machine learning. Businesses can save time with ActiveCampaign’ advanced segmentation and unique automation.

The platform is integrated with most of the popular tools that help businesses to communicate, and operate better. It provides a wide variety of automation recipes, templates, and tools.

It helps to create a unique experience for each individual who visits the website. With multiple training options and migration services for free, businesses find Activecampaign very useful for their business growth.

Active Campaign helps small businesses reduce their workload by automating most of the repetitive business activities, thus helping them focus more on business ideas than routine repetitive business activities.

ActiveCampaign login

activecampaign login
ActiveCampaign Login

It is easy to log in to your ActiveCampaign. Simply search for Active Campaign Log In and enter your details like your account name and you will be logged into your ActiveCampaign account.

activecampaign dashboard
Dashboard after you login

ActiveCampaign free trial

activecampaign free trial
Activate 14 Days free trial

You can also start your free trial easily by setting up a free account by providing your email id. A 14-day free trial is available for all users. Additionally, you can also ask for a free trial.

ActiveCampaign Pricing

The ActiveCampaign pricing plans include 4 plans namely the ActiveCampaign lite plan, ActiveCampaign Plus plan, professional plan, and ActiveCampaign Enterprise plan.

 ActiveCampaign pricing
ActiveCampaign pricing

1. ActiveCampaign Lite plan Pricing

It is the cheapest ActiveCampaign plan with a pricing of $29 per month. The main features offered under the Lite plan include marketing automation, autoresponders, free email templates, email marketing, and many more. Only 1 user is allowed under the ActiveCampaign lite plan.

The integrations offered under this plan are site and event tracking, auto import from other services, and subscription forms. Active Campaign also provides training and support under its Lite plan that includes live chat and email-based support, managed email delivery, and boost onboard training.

2. ActiveCampaign Plus Plan Pricing

It costs $49 per month for its users.

The Plus plan includes all of the features of the lite plan, plus additional features like an automation map, landing pages, contact, and lead scoring, sales automation, and built-in CRM. It allows for up to 25 users and 5 free inbox previews per month for email testing.

Database sync, SMS subscriptions, customization of application URL, and rebranding integrations are provided with this plan in addition to the lite plan integrations.

Accelerated onboarding training is provided to the users under this plan. Automation strategy consultation and free custom email design services are provided in this plan.

3. ActiveCampaign Professional Plan Pricing

The cost of this plan is $149 per month. It is the most popular plan of all Active Campaign plans. In addition to the Plus plan features, one-to-one email automation, site messages, attribution, predictive sending, and content are all available under ActiveCampaign pricing Professional Plan.

This plan provides access to 50 users with the same integrations as the Plus plan like database sync and SMS subscriptions apart from Facebook custom audience integration and social media tools and integrations.

Pro implementation service and 1:1 onboarding training are available under this plan.

4. ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan Pricing

Active Campaign offers customized enterprise plans for businesses at various prices depending on the features and integrations included in the plan.

ActiveCampaign pricing Enterprise plan offers unlimited web personalization experiences and allows unlimited users under this plan.

Unlimited inbox previews are available under this enterprise plan for email testing. All the professional features are available under this plan.

Also, social data HIPAA compliance and Single Sign-On are the new features that are unique to this plan. 

New integrations like the creation of custom objects via API, custom SMS numbers, and mail server domain customization are available under this plan.

This plan offers custom implementation services, and expedited phone, live chat, and email support services. Now see the benefits of active campaign.

ActiveCampaign Features

Active campaign features

Active Campaign automation features will help you to be always in touch with your customers.

crm softwares

It helps to send automated emails depending on the interaction of customers with the website.

ActiveCampaign email marketing

Thus ActiveCampaign email marketing is useful for small businesses to speed up their marketing process and grow their market.

Some of the highlighted features are as follows:

1. Machine Learning

Machine learning offers two important tools, win probability and predictive sending. Win probability helps in identifying leads that can be turned into potential customers while removing cold leads.

And predictive sending helps users to automate emails at appropriate times so that they are read and clicked by users more.

ActiveCampaign automation
Automation Demo

ActiveCampaign automation helps businesses to reduce workload and increase efficiency.

2. Inbox Extension

It provides Inbox extensions for outlook and email thus helping the users to stick to their current email account without having to shift which is great as it is a time-saving process.

With Chrome or Outlook extensions, helps users to check the CRM info, custom fields editing, creation of accounts and link them to a contact, assigning and create tasks. ActiveCampaign CRM reporting is one of a kind.

3. Mobile App

You can now download a mobile app that allows you to manage your daily updates, handle CRM data, check your mail, and sales cycle, and get an overview of customer activity.

If you are running a campaign then with this mobile app you can track the progress from anywhere anytime.

4. Custom Objects

This provides a complete overview of each customer and their interactions by combining all the data from various apps that are being used.

It helps in developing great workflows and helps automation of one-on-one customer experience that helps businesses increase their sales growth and improve their name in the market.

5. Services

Activecampaign provides various free services that no other platform will provide. Here is a list of services provided by this platform:

● It offers online training and user support free of cost.

● Limitless community access.

● One free service of Active Campaign is digital onboarding.

● Free guide high-quality videos and articles are available.

● Free email templates.

● It provides Automation recipes for free.

● And hands-on ActiveCampaign training and ActiveCampaign support are also given to new users.

● Active Campaign drip campaign.

6. Tools and Templates

The website offers a lot of helpful recipes for different businesses, including retail, blogging, and education.

ActiveCampaign Integrations

web personalization Active Campaign

Active Campaign allows integrations with more than 880 apps that are useful for most businesses.

Some of the integrations include Facebook, WordPress, WooCommerce, Zapier, Google Analytics, Shopify, Salesforce, Unbounce, and many more. Recently added integrations include CallRail, LOKE, Postmark, Product Fruits, ApiX-Drive, etc.,

Why Should You Choose ActiveCampaign?

Active Campaign is one of the best CRM platforms that help small size businesses grow their customer relations and see business growth.

Active campaign CRM setup offers most of the advanced services at the lowest price which is an added advantage to small businesses with a limited budget. The feature of web personalization Active Campaign helps businesses to present their website uniquely that suits customer needs. The ActiveCampaign reviews are also considerably good which reflects its services.

Active Campaign plugins and Active Campaign personalization tags are of great use. Several integrations of ActiveCampaign allow users to work on the same platform without navigating across multiple sites, thus helping businesses to perform tasks with ease. It provides a free trial for users and is a user-friendly platform.

ActiveCampaign Alternatives

Here are a few comparisons between ActiveCampaign Competitors or ActiveCampaign Alternatives.

ActiveCampaign vs Mailchimp

● When compared to Mailchimp Active Campaign offers plans at low prices and includes several features.

● It has dynamic lead scoring, unlike Mailchimp.

● It is known for its CRM features whereas Mailchimp is just a typical email list builder.

● It has more third-party integrations in comparison to Mailchimp.

Overall, email marketing best practices ActiveCampaign offers better marketing and CRM features compared to Mailchimp at lower prices which small businesses find affordable and useful to grow their business.

ActiveCampaign vs Hubspot

● Hubspot is mostly centred around CRM while ActiveCampaign provides CRM features as well as email marketing.

● The paid plans of ActiveCampaign are of low cost when compared to Hubspot.

● Active Campaign is a user-friendly website that offers various tutorials, unlike Hubspot.

When it comes to cost, features, and user-friendly websites, ActiveCampaign is a clear winner in comparison to Hubspot.

ActiveCampaign vs Convertkit

● Active Campaign CRM reporting is a great feature while Convertkit is just an email automation platform.

● It is less expensive when compared to ConvertKit.

● Bloggers generally prefer Convertkit while ActiveCampaign is better suited for businesses in industries such as Travel, Education, and Health.

● It has built-in A/B testing while ConvertKit doesn’t have one.

ActiveCampaign is a popular choice for businesses looking for a platform that offers CRM and marketing services. It has better features and integrations than ConverKit. ActiveCampaign Setup

You can easily set up ActiveCampaign using the Thrive Automator. All WordPress plugins, apps, and tools can be integrated with ActiveCampaign using a Thrive Automator. You can also get the Thrive Automator for free.

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