Big Commerce: Is It the Best eCommerce Building Platform

E-commerce is gaining significance in the modern world, with many small and big businesses shifting their base online. Consumers use various big commerce platforms to shop for goods such as groceries, clothing, medical equipment, and many more. This revolution in e-commerce business operations happened rapidly after the COVID pandemic. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed Bigcommerce an eCommerce building platform.

So if you are planning to start your Online journey then read this guide first.

E-commerce service providers kept the supply chain going during the pandemic, and consumers got used to shopping online, boosting the e-commerce revenue share of the global economy.

With a change in consumer behavior, more and more businesses are now shifting online to increase their market base and compete with e-commerce giants.

And the scope of e-commerce will only increase shortly.

The businesses shifting online are inclined to develop a strong consumer base, survive huge competition, and increase sales growth annually.

To start a business online, businesses must set up a website where they can provide details about their products or services, including prices, discounts, and company information.

Consumers are more likely to approach a company online than in person, so it is essential that businesses have well-organized and informative websites.

Developing an e-commerce website is easy these days as we can find many e-commerce platforms that offer Software as a Service (SaaS Platform) services to businesses that intend to develop an e-commerce website.

Big Commerce
Big Commerce login

One of the famous e-commerce platforms is a SaaS platform called Big Commerce.

It offers services such as the creation of online stores, search engine optimization of the website, marketing services, security, and hosting of the website to retailers.

It is one of the best e-commerce platforms offering customers B2C and B2B SEO agency services. The BigCommerce valuation is $2.28 billion as of 2022. 

The Bigcommerce login is simple. You have to enter your email and password to access your account.

Once you complete your Big Commerce login, you will soon realize that the BigCommerce stocks are ever-rising, with investors hugely investing in them in the marketplace. Amazon USA is a fine example of this.

Founded in 2009 by Australian techies, this user-friendly e-commerce platform offers Klarna services to its merchants.

The user interface and customized add-ons are some of the added advantages of BigCommerce API.

What is Bigcommerce? 

big commerce login
Big commerce Enterprise- Best ecommerce platform      

BigCommerce site builders is one of the best eCommerce platforms offering multiple features to clients to easily build their online marketplace or an e-commerce website.

It is a SaaS platform with saas applications that offers Software as a Service features to businesses planning to set up an online e-commerce website. It is validated as the best B2B SEO agency by many reviewers.  

BigCommerce provides businesses with everything they need to develop robust online shopping sites, including an independent server, web hosting, cloud computing, and great store management facilities.

Payment modes, shipping facilities, shopping carts, and tools for coupon generation and discounting are all supported.

The platform offers high security to protect its websites from malware and cyber-attacks. The data generated is also secured by adhering to strict privacy policies.

The technical problems that arise while handling this platform are minimal, which is a significant factor when choosing an eCommerce platform. Suppose you are worried about your Big Commerce login or availing of services of Big Commerce.

In that case, you will be glad to know that the servers are secured by hardware firewalls and hacker deterrent security features.

BigCommerce Pricing:

BigCommerce pricing
Bigcommerce Pricing plans

The BigCommerce platform is undoubtedly the best eCommerce platform. It offers four plans: the Standard plan, Plus plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise plan.

Ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce that provide B2B services of a B2B SEO agency have standard pricing features.

The Bigcommerce pricing and features of these plans are discussed below:

1. Standard Plan:

The price of the standard plan is $29.95/month. The plan features include a page builder, a mobile responsive website, single-page checkout, coupons, discount tools, and payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay. 

Real-time shipping quotes, product ratings, reviews, and professional reporting tools to stay ahead of your game in the marketplace are also available under this plan.

Sales channels such as an online storefront, point of sale, and Google Shopping are provided under this plan.

2. Plus Plan:

The price of this plan is $79.95/month. Apart from the standard plan features, such as a mobile responsive website and single-page checkout, the Plus plan includes additional features such as customer groups and segmentation, persistent cart, stored credit cards, abandoned cart saver, etc.

This plan charges no transaction fee like the standard plan. The plan offers 24/7 tech support via chat, phone, and ticket.

The sales channels are the same as standard plans such as Google Shopping and an online storefront. It is one of the popular plans of BigCommerce.

3. Pro Plan:

The SaaS platform charges $299.95/month for the Pro plan. In addition to the features offered by the Plus plan, the Pro plan offers Google Customer Reviews, custom product filtering, and product filtering.

The plan has 24/7 tech support, and there are no processing charges while using payment gateways. Product, bandwidth, b2b SEO strategy, and file storage are unlimited in this plan.

The price of this plan is customized, and one has to reach their sales department to negotiate the price of this plan and other services related to the Big Commerce stock.

This plan offers sales channels such as an online storefront, Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Gmail, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Point of Sale.

Multi-Storefront, unlimited API calls, and price lists are the additional features offered under this plan.

24/7 tech support through chat, phone, and ticket, API support, b2b SEO strategy, express routing, and customer success management availability are provided by this plan.

Differences Between the Big Commerce Plans 

In this section, we discuss the difference between the Enterprise plan and the Essential plan.

  • The essential plans include the Standard plan, Plus plan, and Pro plan (with varied prices). The enterprise plan has to be customized by contacting the BigCommerce sales department.
  • The API support feature is provided with the Enterprise plan, while it is not available with the other three essential plans.
  • Customer success management, express routine, and priority support are offered under the Enterprise plan and not under the Essential plan.
  • The Enterprise plan best suits big enterprises, while small and medium-scale businesses can opt for any of the three essential plans.
  • Multi-storefront and price lists are features of the Enterprise plan and not the Essential plan. 
  • The Essential plan features such as coupons and discount tools, a mobile responsive website, and single-page checkout are also included in the Enterprise plan.

Big Commerce Company Values Video:

Source: BigCommerce- Company Values Video (YouTube)

BigCommerce is the Best Solution For?

BigCommerce is suitable for small-scale and large-scale companies looking to shift their business base from offline to online and develop a multi-storefront system for their B2B company.

It is not an easy task for many people to set up an online store. Using BigCommerce, obtaining a store online is extremely simple.

It is the top-rated eCommerce website builder, where you can sell physical products and reach potential customers.

As it has the best eCommerce features you may also add your custom domain and also connect Bigcommerce Acumatica or Acumatica Bigcommerce.

The platform offers resources in the form of videos, blogs, BigCommerce university, and expert advice, which helps even a non-technical individual set up an online shopping website easily.

Bigcommerce development services have in-built tools for marketing, managing stores, reporting, and analytics, giving an idea of real-time website performance. The platform also has an in-built CRM that helps build efficient customer relationships.

Store management is made easy for businesses with in-built tools, and BigCommerce provides commerce as a service. Launching an online store can be done quickly using the BigCommerce e-commerce platform.

The platform offers launch coaches who guide the clients in setting up a website in less time.

The page builder feature of BigCommerce has a drag-and-drop solution that helps businesses to customize the company’s website and brand without indulging in coding work.

BigCommerce provides B2B and B2C commerce options. It is an open SaaS platform that is API driven.

In other words, Bigcommerce is the one-stop solution to create an omnichannel approach to optimize your sales irrespective of the size of your business. Local and international businesses can benefit from this. Product Tour Video

Source: Bigcommerce youtube channel

Big Commerce Pros and Cons:

There are many advantages while using the Bigcommerce platform. Let us review the pros of the BigCommerce platform first.


  • Bigcommerce is one of the best e-commerce platforms which is fully hosted. This ensures that the servers are provided without any technical glitches. 
  • The interface offered by BigCommerce is user-friendly. Even non-technical users can easily use the platform.
  • The platform offers a great palette of themes and helps businesses to build interactive websites.
  • All the plans are offered at zero transaction fees.
  • The platform offers third-party integrations for businesses.
  • BigCommerce offers robust business management tools and capabilities that help businesses develop an interactive site.  
  • The platform’s uptime is 99.99%, which is the best for an e-commerce platform.
  • Big commerce login is very easy.


  • The e-commerce platform offers limited customization.
  • The community of the BigCommerce e-commerce platform is small compared to other platforms.

Why Bigcommerce?

BigCommerce is suitable for all businesses, small-scale and large-scale. Here are a few factors why one should opt for BigCommerce while planning to build an efficient online website.

1. Drive More Online Traffic

Big Commerce login
Bigcommerce- Best ecommerce platform      

BigCommerce is an omnichannel platform that functions well on mobile and desktop devices, providing a uniform customer experience.

This feature helps the platform drive more online traffic by allowing users to access the platform anywhere and anytime. 

2. Convert More Sales

Bigcommerce- Best ecommerce platform 

The driving of more traffic results in their conversion to sales. Also, the platform’s powerful tools help reach more customers and increase sales. 

3. Simplify e-Commerce Management for Your Business

Big Commerce login
Bigcommerce- Best ecommerce platform 

The BigCommerce eCommerce platform has good management features that help businesses flourish without extra work. The multi-storefront provides cutting-edge experiences to the business, helping them to reach new horizons.

The platform helps in inventory management by using native tools. Inventories can be kept aligned by integrating offline to online channels.

The BigCommerce platform helps manage customer groups by using a customer group feature. Customers can be connected with unique offers and emails using this feature. Commerce as a service is provided to many B2B companies.

4. Services and Support


BigCommerce marketplace offers launch and success services to clients to solve their e-commerce hurdles.

Data migration services, customer success management, and solutions architecting are some of the services offered by the BigCommerce platforms. The platform is backed by e-commerce experts who will guide businesses to their goals and success. 

5. Awards Winning- Master in Industry

Bigcommerce best ecommerce platform
Bigcommerce- Awards

BigCommerce is recognized as a “ Challenger” by Gartner for the third year in Digital Commerce. Forrester quoted BigCommerce as a “Strong Performer”  in B2B and B2C commerce solutions.

According to IDC, BigCommerce is a leader in B2B, B2C, and Headless eCommerce platforms. Paradigm B2B rated BigCommerce as Exceptional for Total Cost of Ownership in Enterprise and Mid-Market.

Big Commerce: The Most Trusted B2C and B2B Commerce Solution?

BigCommerce is regarded as one of the best e-commerce platforms for B2C and B2B commerce solutions. 

1. Customization of Website

It helps individual consumers and businesses customize the online store according to their needs. The templates are provided to all types of businesses belonging to various sectors, like education, health, food, etc. 

2. Self-Hosted Platform

BigCommerce is a self-hosted platform that avoids any technical or hosting-related problems. It also has good native capabilities.

3. Flexible Payment Options

The platform offers multiple payment options that help businesses easily deal with customer purchasing abilities.

4. Customer Groups

BigCommerce allows businesses to form customer groups and send customized emails and discount offers that help businesses target customers based on their needs. Even prices can be set differently based on the customer groups.

5. Practitioner UX

This is another category in which BigCommerce is ranked as a high performer.

Big Commerce Features:

BigCommerce offers great features that help users to perform their tasks efficiently. The platform offers a free 15-day trial that allows users to try the platform before enrolling in any specific plan.

1. Themes and Templates of Bigcommerce

 Bigcommerce best ecommerce platform
Bigcommerce Themes and Templates

The platform offers a wide range of bigcommerce themes and templates to businesses.

Thus one can customize their website according to their choice and needs. The templates cater to a wide range of businesses, such as fashion, jewelry, food, gifts, health, beauty, and many more.

2. Payment Gateways

best ecommerce platform
Payment Gateway integrations

Under its various plans, the platform offers multiple payment gateways, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay.

BigCommerce’s e-commerce platform does not charge any transaction fee for using these payment gateways under any of its plans. PayPal payments are also allowed by this platform.

3. Site Performance

best ecommerce platform
Site Performance Integrations

The platform offers a user-friendly interface for businesses. The site performance of BigCommerce is incredibly great, with many positive reviews for its store management, tools, theme customization, and customer support. 

4. Reporting and Analytics

The platform of BigCommerce offers reporting and analytics of multiple factors such as marketing, business intelligence, customer relationship, product, and inventory.

Aside from these reports, site analytics is also performed by the platform.

5. Blogging Feature

The BigCommerce platform offers blogs that provide insights into how to build the best e-commerce platform for users. It helps the clients to acquire knowledge and tips to build a smart website for their store.

6. Customer Support

Best Customer support is available 24/7 to solve issues that arise during building an eCommerce platform.

Customer support is resilient in finding solutions to complicated problems and helps clients round-the-clock. The experts associated with the platform offer valuable advice while building an online eCommerce site.

Big Commerce: The Best Platform for eCommerce Website (Wrap-Up)

In this article, there is a thorough review of the eCommerce platform, BigCommerce.

As the platform offers multiple services and tools to businesses that help them efficiently design an online website for their business, it is considered the best e-commerce platform in the market.

The platform is user-friendly to even non-coding individuals as the website can be customized using the page-builder tool’s drag-and-drop option. With reasonable pricing systems and various features, many businesses opt for it. 

The platform offers features like Ryder fulfillment integration for Bigcommerce that increase website visitors and amplify conversion rates, resulting in more sales and revenue for businesses.

The unlimited API calls available under the enterprise plan are a great asset for many businesses. 

The technical support is available all round-the-clock, thus providing great customer support to the clients. The data resources provided by the platform are useful in designing a personalized website. 

Articles, guides, webinars, podcasts, reports, etc., are available for the customers.

And many industries can access BigCommerce e-commerce platform services such as health, beauty, apparel, food, manufacturing, automotive, etc., 

BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that offers a wide range of services to businesses aspiring to enter into e-commerce. It is suitable for B2B and B2C business operations.

The Bigcommerce trial store also offers a 15-day free trial which helps businesses to get an idea of how the platform works before enrolling in a plan, the Bigcommerce reviews are top-rated in the eCommerce industry.

After the free trial, one can choose the Standard plan, Plus plan, Pro Plan, or Enterprise plan based on the company’s budget and requirements.

The stakeholders should get expert advice while starting the company’s online website.

If everything works well, the online company’s store will be developed in a short time, and e-commerce activities can begin immediately.

FAQs (Big Commerce eCommerce Platform)

What is BigCommerce used for?

BigCommerce is used by businesses to set up an online store or website to perform their business activities on the web.

What are the features of BigCommerce?

BigCommerce has features such as multi-storefront, 24/7 customer support, themes, in-built tools, reporting, analytics, multiple payment options, and many more.

Does BigCommerce charge transaction fees?

BigCommerce doesn’t charge transaction fees while using payment options in any of its plans.

Can I create multilingual versions of my BigCommerce store?

You can create multilingual versions of BigCommerce stores using Transifex Live.

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