Blue Nile Diamonds: Read This Before Buying Diamonds

Everyone from ancient times to the contemporary has been captivated by diamonds and emerald earrings. Diamonds are precious, but they are not cheap to purchase. It is crucial to know the 4Cs, or carat, cut, color, and clarity, which are the main factors in identifying the quality of diamond and emerald earrings. In addition to knowing how to choose a reliable vendor and have your purchase insured.

In this guide, I ranked and reviewed Blue Nile Diamonds A-Z from their diamond engagement rings for women to Wedding Rings, Jewelry, and Gifts.

The Blue Nile has taken these 4Cs into account and transformed the way that engagement rings and high-end princess-cut diamond rings are purchased so that you may get the most out of your money. By eliminating the mediator, they are able to provide lower prices without sacrificing the quality of their Blue Nile engagement rings and gemstones or their exemplary customer service. We believe Bluenile Diamonds should be your first choice if you’re looking to buy diamonds. 

Blue Nile Diamonds

Blue nile diamonds
Blue NileDiamond engagement rings for women

The Bluenile was founded in 1999 on the presumption that the market for diamonds and rings for women was ready to be shaken. They achieved this by employing an innovative approach to conducting business on the internet, which resulted in the production of rare diamond rings for women of a high quality that the general public could purchase at reasonable costs.

They were also confident that their customers looking to purchase women’s rings deserved a more comprehensive range of options that included princess-cut diamond rings, sapphire engagement rings, pink tourmaline,

amethyst, clearer communication, and superior assistance. As a result, they recruited a group of devoted diamond and jewelry specialists who place the requirements of their customers ahead of all other considerations.

They are always looking for new and innovative ways to help you find and create the perfect diamond wedding bands for your special occasions so that they can keep their position as the industry standard bearer for exquisite handmade sapphire engagement rings and pear-shaped engagement rings.

This has made them stay in their current place and build a reputation for being one of the best diamond-selling brands. 

Blue Nile Market Reputation

blue nile wedding rings
Blue Nile Diamonds

You can trust the Blue Nile diamond because of its exceptional reputation. The Blue Nile is unquestionably the best location for shoppers to purchase diamond jewelry. Because of their prominence in the industry, many people turn to Blue Nile jewelry while shopping for diamonds online.

It has also helped them build trust with some of the world’s biggest legitimate diamond distributors. Because of these exclusive deals, Blue Nile has a significant edge over its rivals and has lots of happy jewelers.

It is for of their established position, that they’ve provided customers with a wide range of Blue Nile diamond options. To provide its customers with unique pieces, they have teamed up with top designers like Zac Posen over the years. Regarding overall quality, Blue Nile pear-shaped engagement rings are right up there with the finest of the best. 

The Blue Nile offers lower prices than any physical store which helped the Blue Nile reviews to grow. Blue Nile’s prices for wedding bands for men are either the lowest or quite close in price when compared to its online competitors.

Blue Nile Diamonds – Using The Gold Standard in Certification

BlueNile Wedding Rings only sells GIA or AGS-certified diamond bands in their loose form. Blue Nile wedding bands for men are guaranteed to be authentic and of the highest quality.

1. Using Technology

The Blue Nile looked to be falling behind the times when it came to displaying buyers their diamond women’s rings before they purchased them. Nevertheless, Blue Nile quickly acted upon this and developed its video technology to give customers the best possible preview of a diamond before purchase.

Customers were more assured that their diamond women’s ring would be eye-clean because of this.

2. Eye-Clean Diamonds

Most shoppers are looking for the least expensive “eye-clean” diamond ring for women on which they can get their hands. A diamond heart necklace is considered “eye-clean” if the naked eye can’t see it but can be seen with a magnification lens.

Blue Nile’s success is a big reason for providing this perk to their client by developing their video technology and improving it over the years. They were able to give the customers Blue Nile rings of premium quality.

Why Should You Choose Blue Nile to Buy Diamonds?

If you are still wondering what makes the Blue Nile heart necklace, sapphire ring, cultured pearls, and much more jewelry so unique, here is a list of the premium services they offer that make them one of the most reputed brands in this field:

1. Made-to-Order Proposal Rings and Best Quality Diamonds

Blue Nile Diamonds
BlueNile Jewelry

They take pride in offering custom-made sapphire ring, engagement rings, etc. thoroughly examined four times before being sent. The quality of all diamond bracelets, diamond engagement rings for women, amethyst crystals, white gold, and jewelry sold by the Blue Nile is checked by their in-house diamond and jewelry specialists before they are sent to guarantee they are up to Bluenile’s high standards.

2. Certified Diamonds by GIA

Blue Nile Diamonds
Certified Diamonds by GIA

The Blue Nile has about 5,000,000 unique pieces of pear-shaped engagement rings, and they have gained the confidence of hundreds of thousands of happy couples and over 2,000,000 customers who have used them to commemorate princess cut rings, custom engagement ring once-in-a-lifetime events, milestone moments, and personal triumphs.

3. Diamond Price Match Promise

Blue Nile Diamonds
Diamond Price Match Guarantee

While the Blue Nile is sure that their prices are the lowest available, they will often match a competitor’s offer if you locate a diamond pendant necklace, diamond engagement rings for women of similar quality, and features for a lower price elsewhere.

4. Cost-Free Exchanges & Return items

blue nile engagement rings
BlueNile Free Exchange And Returns

Once an order is delivered, however, it is not the end of their dedication to the consumer. Within 30 days of delivery, you may avail Blue Nile’s return policy for an item for a full refund or exchange it for another size or color.

5. Gift Cards and Free Packaging

blue nile engagement rings
BlueNile Packaging engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants

A complimentary box is included with every purchase of a Bluenile womens diamond ring. If you want to give someone a remarkable and one-of-a-kind present, a free, custom-designed gift card is at your disposal.

6. Finance and Insurance

blue nile engagement rings
Blue Nile Insurence

They provide an easy-to-use 12-month financing plan and the Blue Nile credit card option, so customers may buy precisely the piece of birthstone ring they want without delay. All items purchased from the Blue Nile are covered by insurance from when they leave the warehouse until they are delivered to the consumer. 

7. Exclusively Designed Engagement Rings

diamond engagement rings for women
Diamond engagement rings for women

With their special order service, you may design your birthstone ring, august birthstone, or june birthstone with the aid of industry professionals. It’s a modern spin on an age-old practice, and you can use it to make your jewelry special.

8. Blue Nile Colored Diamonds

diamond engagement rings for women
Blue Nile Diamonds

Rare-colored diamond wedding bands and amethyst gems are available from the BlueNile, and the red and pink diamonds, in particular, are very extraordinary when set in a diamond ring.

9. Crafting Personalized Engravings

diamond engagement rings for women
Diamond engagement rings for women

Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding band, or one of their many sterling silver presents, your Blue Nile diamonds can be personalized to your specifications. The greatest approach to making your jewelry priceless and keeping it near your heart is to do this.

10. Sourced From the Top-Rated Suppliers

They exclusively buy diamonds from the biggest and most reputable suppliers that strictly follow the Kimberley Process guidelines. Over 150,000 high-quality, loose diamonds and diamond bracelets are available from them; no matter the size, each one is entirely colorless or slightly tinted (D-K color grade) and has impeccable clarity.

11. Blue Nile Professional Guidance

They also have diamond, and pink tourmaline specialists ready around the clock to answer any inquiries. They’re a one-stop shop that can assist with diamond research, setting selection, wedding band pairing, gift-giving, and more.

12. Safe Shipping

Diamond Certification, safe shipping, and lifetime warranties are some ways they back up their princess cut ring.

13. Guaranteed Safe Delivery at No Cost to You

When you place an order with the BlueNile from the United States for a diamond pendant necklace, diamond engagement rings for women you’ll get free, safe delivery. Overnight delivery is available for orders exceeding $1,000.

14. Ring Sizing

All the bespoke men’s wedding bands and other jewelry purchased from the Blue Nile comes with one free resizing during the first year. You must contact them to get the help you need with this service.

15. International Orders

The Blue Nile is pleased to ship its men’s wedding bands, august birthstone, June birthstone, and diamond nails collection to consumers in many different areas and nations searching for unique and hard-to-find styles.


When it comes to online jewelry stores, no one compares to BlueNile. For Blue Nile, the key to maintaining its dominant position in the business has been an almost obsessive focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Considering the technological progress they’ve achieved in recent years by including videos, it’s clear they’re here to stay as a significant player in the market. At BlueNile you can also get different Cuban chains, rope chains, herringbone chains, and gold rope chains.

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