ClickUp Review 2023 – Is ClickUp a Good Project Management Tool?

Let’s start the ClickUp review but, before that let us consider a scenario where a gentleman named Tom comes up with a fantastic business idea. He is ecstatic. He pitches the idea to his friends. They love it and are ready to become millionaires.

They start working really hard on developing their product, and bam! that was the sound of their team collapsing.


Because they did not know how to manage their tasks. This is why businesses require a management tool to help them out. Do not be like Tom. Take the help of the best software Clickup.

What is ClickUp?

clickup login
Clickup login

When was ClickUp founded? Click Up was founded in 2016 to revolutionize the project management space. It is the new-age solution to all our team-management-related needs. Clickup HQ is located in San Diego, California.

The founders, Alex Yurkowski and Zeb Evans claimed that the existing software was “broken.” They created Click Up to help businesses become more productive and get more tasks done.

They believe that putting all the apps and tools a company uses under a single tab can increase a team’s productivity by 20%.

Click Up enables you to combine all your project management tabs into one. This software allows us to have chats, pending tasks, documents, and time trackers in a single window. This eliminates the hassle of jumping from window to window while working.

It comes with many productivity tools to increase efficiency and save time. Click up is highly customizable and moldable according to an organization’s needs.

 It is optimal for all kinds of companies with varying team sizes. allows a team to work together in real-time with editable documents, plan projects with charts, and track the work done.

The goal here is customization teams can tweak and mold everything according to their needs. Everything within the workspace is customizable, from webpage branding to project funnels.

ClickUp Features

Let us discuss some of the features that the ClickUp icon has to offer:

1. Tasks:

clickup task management
ClickUp task management

ClickUp Canny makes it easy for you to streamline project objectives tasks and ensure productivity with its customizable taskbar. You can also add ClickUp tasks in multiple lists.

2. Docs:

clickup docs
Create Docs

This feature helps the user take ClickUp relationships and collaborations to another level. It helps users format documents, build roadmaps, and edit in real-time.

3. Goals:

clickup goals
Create goals 

With Click Up, users can set goals for their complex projects to simplify the project planning process. They can create ClickUp milestones to keep a check on the working of the team resource management and resource allocation.

4. Whiteboards:

clickup whiteboard
White Board

Teams can brainstorm ideas and create rough mockups for their projects with the whiteboards feature. It also has a ClickUp dark mode for ease of use.

5. Dashboards:

clickup dashboard

Dashboards help you create a visual representation of everything that the team is working on it to track progress. It helps you track the ClickUp epics, sprints, projects, and more.

6. Templates:

clickup templates
Create templates

Users can choose an already existing best clickup template or create one according to their needs by using drag and drop feature. ClickUp undo helps the user go back and edit their choices.

How to create a template in clickup?

To create a new template, open the Workspace item you’d like to use as the template and click the ellipsis to open the settings menu. Select Templates. Click Save as Template. From the Save as new Template modal, type a template name and click Save.

7. ClickApps:

clickup apps

Project management apps like ClickUp Reddit suggest that ClickApps allow users to completely customize their team’s tasks and work experience. Reddit clickup helps you create a ClickUp office while working remotely.

8. Integrations:

Canny clickup

ClickUp comes with top-notch integrations to make your work easier. Users can ClickUp import files from various locations, such as Google Drive. Canny clickup is one of the best integration project scope for team collaboration


Views make it easier for team members to visualize tasks in lists and group by list, boards, or calenders. Users can also use bow view ClickUp. It helps the users go through their ClickUp lineup of tasks efficiently.

10. Hierarchy:

The hierarchy feature helps you break down the tasks into sub-tasks and more. Users can refer to their ClickUp archives for more.

11. Automation:

This feature enables users to automate and track projects and specific actions that are recurring. Users can permit these actions with ClickUp permissions.

ClickUp Pricing:

clickup pricing
Pricing Plans

Click Up offers various pricing models to fit the needs of all businesses. The plans are:

● Free Forever:

As the name suggests, this plan offers the versatile tools of at zero cost. It is optimal for people running their business alone and for new teams starting their business journey.

Even with no price tag, the users get a variety of top-notch features such as collaborative docs, ClickUp Gmail extension, native time tracking, 24/7 support, and more. With all these features comes the added freedom of unlimited members and tasks. Users can also benefit from the ClickUp Discord.

Now take a look at (ClickUp paid plans):

● Unlimited:

The unlimited plan costs only $5 per member per month. It includes all the features offered by the free forever plan with some added features that can help small teams.

These features include unlimited storage, adding guests with permissions, ClickUp guest access, ClickUp adds guests, ClickUp invites guests, agile reporting, etc. This affordable plan offers many unique and helpful features making it perfect for small teams.

● Business:

The business plan costs $12 per member per month and offers nearly all the features Click Up has to offer. The difference between the unlimited and business plan is that this plan comes with many security features. Users benefit from security measures such as Google sign-in, Click Up guest permissions, and two-step verification.

These features make this plan ideal for large businesses requiring more security. This plan offers custom exporting, goal folders, granular time estimates, Dell rapid recovery, and more.

● Business Plus:

Starting at $19 per member per month, the business-plus plan works best for multiple teams. It offers all the features included in the business package with other exclusive features such as increased automation and application programming interfaces (APIs), ClickUp Pomodoro, custom role creation, team sharing, etc.

● Enterprise:

The enterprise plan is the most advanced plan offered by Click Up. The team needs to contact the sales department of ClickUp to discuss its needs and get a customized quote.

The plan includes all the features offered by the business plan and other added features such as white labeling, guided onboarding, single sign-on, etc.

With the added features in the software, the enterprise plan also offers a dedicated success manager, work manager Android, and access to managed services ensuring smooth customer service.

Like any other software in the market, Click Up has pros and cons. Let us start by discussing some of the advantages of this new-age software.

Pros of ClickUp:

Excellent for Team Communication:

After the global pandemic hit us, many businesses switched to remote or hybrid work cultures. Many businesses suffered losses in productivity due to the new remote working model.

This was due to a lack of communication. Any project’s success heavily depends on the team’s ability to communicate and collaborate.

ClickUp offers state-of-the-art features to help teams simplify communication, enabling people to work in sync. This software allows team members to send and receive emails, chat with their colleagues, and edit each other’s documents.

All team members can stay notified and up-to-date about the progress of the work regardless of their physical location.

Outstanding Customization Options:

Every business has a different working practice and requires different things to operate smoothly. Fixed management software for all would hence not be beneficial. The customization capabilities of ClickUp are one of its best features.

Users have a personalized solution for working and managing their projects. It is a fully customizable online software that makes the functioning of a team easy.

ClickUp can be adjusted by keeping the team’s workflow, business goals, time constraints, and other factors in mind. This level of customizability makes ClickUp one of the most adaptable and efficient project management software available in the market.

For example, the ‘Custom Dashboard’ feature allows users to choose among 50 widget variations to create a dashboard according to their needs to optimize reporting and work overview.

User-Friendly Pricing Model:

ClickUp is a blessing for solopreneurs and teams that are growing exponentially. While offering exceptional features, the software also offers very affordable pricing.

The pricing model is built so the user can sign up for a free forever plan to explore the software and its working. Once you get the hang of it, you can opt for the paid version with more features.

Remote Access With Mobile App:

In today’s fast-paced world, we need access to all our resources at all times. Click Up is one of the few management software with an excellent mobile app.

This way, the users can access all their management tools and work even if they do not have access to their laptops.

The app allows users to get work done, check important updates, assign tasks to other team members, and more. The app’s interface is user-friendly and easy to use, helping the user achieve maximum productivity on the go.

Cons of ClickUp

Every piece of technology comes with its share of cons. ClickUp is no exception. Here are some of the cons of this software:


Due to the plethora of features and customization options, Click Up can seem a little overwhelming. There is a steep learning curve regarding how to use the software but overall it is very good project management software.

Onboarding is Time Consuming:

The learning curve for Click Up is steep, but this wouldn’t be a problem if the tools were self-explanatory. However, before users can start using the software, they need some training to understand how it works.

During the onboarding process, users also need to enter a lot of information, which can be time-consuming but is essential from one point of view.

ClickUp transfer ownership

To transfer ownership of a workspace, go to Settings and click Transfer ownership of workspace. Select the person you want to transfer ownership to and click Transfer ownership to confirm.

How to undo in ClickUp?

If you delete an item within 30 days, you can restore it from the Trash. After 30 days, it will be permanently deleted.

ClickUp Conclusion:

For Click Up, the pros outweigh the cons heavily. It is a one-stop solution for all teams looking for management software and software development. The pricing is competitive, the features are versatile, and the software is highly customizable.

ClickUp core values:

The customer experience is the most important thing. Grow every day by 1%. Be hardworking and take ownership. Pay it forward with acts of kindness.

Have fun, be joyful, and be yourself. Be transparent and direct, with a positive attitude.

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