Cloudways Review: Pro Features, Integrations & Pricing 2022

It gets super tiring trying to build a business while learning about ways to operate a website efficiently as well. And honestly, who even has the time? So sit back and chill while the people at Cloudways take the load off of you.

Now, you might either scoff and move along or scroll past to understand what is Cloudways. Cloudways com is a hosting platform for and trusted by thousands of businesses with their website.

With Cloudways hosting, you get quality performance for your website. Now one of the major factors that might help you with making the right choice is the Cloudways pricing.

The pricing here is always affordable and reasonable with different plans curated just for you. If you are a blogger at WordPress, this is a fantastic site for you to watch your blog grow through cloudways WordPress.

Here in this article, we have brought to you all the aspects of this hosting platform to help you. We’ll talk about the cloudways cPanel, cloudways free trial, and many more amazing things provided by the platform.

If after reading this article you are determined to grow your business website exponentially, hook yourself and explore the range of newer avenues this opens up for you!

Pros and Cons of Cloudways:

Pros and Cons of Cloudways
Login Dashboard

There are always two sides to a coin and similarly, every platform has its list of pros and cons which helps us understand if it’s worth investing our time and energy in or not. So, to make the research work a little easier for you, we have made a list of pros and cons for your convenience and for you to weigh it out if this works for you!


● The advanced cache facilities that are provided by Cloudways hosting is an inbuilt feature that allows you to get a stacked cache. Cloudways cache includes Redis, Varnish, and Ngis among others to get your work done.

● Value for money is something that always strives to offer your business with different prices and plans for you. Cloudways plans are the best.

● Expert service- In the field of eCommerce, cloud ways gives you the best performance with its expert service. The cloudways support system is always available at your beck and call.

● The Cloudways company has always believed in the best customer service and that is why they provide you with a free trial so that you can make an informed decision and not have any regrets later about choosing the cloudways server.


● Even if you have to pay for CDN separately, cloudways review stresses that it is always a reasonable amount.

Why Should You Choose Cloudways: Is it the best Web Hosting? 

Of course, you are not going to choose Cloudways just because we asked you to. But you might be convinced to do so by just looking at the incredible services that they offer. This will not only help your website grow but also positively impact your business venture manifold. So, let us closely look at Cloudways hosting exactly by their defining features.

● Fast Performance

cloudways cdn
Fast Performance

With Cloudways, you can always expect a superior performance than all others. It has its own Cloudflare CDN that enhances the performance of your website better than the traditional modes. The SSD in it is 3 times faster along with the built-in caches.

● Advanced Security

cloudways security
 Advanced Security

Cloudways Security is a truly advanced gem with incredible firewalls of OS-level. They also have IP Whitelisting to make it easier for collaborations. Other than the two-factor authentication and further bot protection, it also comes with advanced DDoS Protection with Cloudflare as well as a WAF.

● Control System

One of the coolest things about Cloudways affiliate is that you have all the controls on the website because after all, it’s your business. You have the option to backup your data and restore it later. You can also manage cron jobs easily through the cron job manager. There is also a 1 click option for you to stop the app from the web.

● Overseeing

Your website will be under proper supervision all the time, 24/7 and you can have a look at the 16 metrics from your console. You can also have an inside look at the performance of your website through the new relic integration. Get notified on important things with its bot notification technology.

● Integrations

There are multiple integrations and various add-ons in the system including the bot channels which will give you all important updates through notifications. You can also manage and develop your controls through the API. With the Cloudways DNS, you never have to face any DNS errors as you will be redirected to a secondary IP in case of website traffic. With Cloudways email hosting through the Rackspace add-on, you get guaranteed uptime, full security as well as full-time support.

● Amazing Support

24/7 support
Amazing Support

Cloudways hosting reviews are always positive mostly because of the amazing support that they ensure to their customers. With a live chat available 24/7, they tend to your queries and help you avail maximum benefits from services like online ticketing.

● Collaborations

cloudways add ons

Cloudways has several collaborations under its belt which will help your business further. Cloudways migration plugin offers your WordPress website to shift from an older provider to this one swiftly.

How Fast is Cloudways for WordPress?

In today’s digital era, the online space is getting more and more important in our everyday life. It can build or crash a business within seconds.

Blogging is a very common practice today with freelancers and other bloggers invested in it for a larger part of their time. WordPress is a very common gateway for people to access the blogging world. And Cloudways WordPress makes it easier for you.

They provide you with a free WordPress cache plugin- Breeze. It is pre-installed in WordPress and gives you the best efficiency in terms of performance.

It is fast because of the Couldways stack that has a setup with Apache and others like Nginx and the server response time is also faster than others.

To reduce initial server response time cloudways use the best facilities available. There is a lesser gap between the servers and the visitors of the website making it faster.

If you want to switch from your old provider to Cloudspace with your WordPress site, Cloudways migration will make the process swift.

Cloudways Pricing and Plans:

Cloudways Pricing and Plans
Cloudways Pricing and Plans

If you look at Cloudways’ price, you will realize that it is the most affordable and reasonably priced one in the market. What makes cloudways hosting price the most effective is that they have several plans for different people and different business requirements that you are guaranteed to find a match of your own. If you go to to find out the pricing you will find that they have 5 plans for you to select from and these plans are known as DigitalOcean Cloudways plans.

1. DO1GB:

● The first plan that they have is the DO1GB which has a 1GB Ram with 1 core processor.

● It has a storage of 25 GB and a bandwidth of 1TB.

● The monthly charge incurred by this plan is $12.

2. DO2GB:

● The next plan is the DO2GB plan that has 2GB Ram with 1 core processor.

● It gives you a storage of 50GB and a bandwidth of 2TB.

● The monthly expense of this plan is a nominal amount of $26.

3. DO4GB:

● The most popular plan is the DO4GB which has 4GB in Ram and 2 core processors.

● With 4TB bandwidth and 80GB storage, you will have to pay $50 monthly for this plan.

4. DO8GB:

● The DO8GB plan has 8GB Ram with a 4-core processor.

● With 160GB in storage and 5TB in bandwidth, this costs $90 every month.

5. DO16GB:

● Lastly, the DO16GB plan gives you a Ram of 16 GB and an 8core processor with 320 GB storage and 6TB bandwidth.

● It is priced at $160 per month.

On all the plans, there is a $0.033 charge applicable for offsite backup storage. All the plans come with several benefits like 24/7 support all year, free SSL, Cloudflare Cloudways Add-on, Free migration from other platforms, Auto Healing, Automated cloudways backup, and many more.

What Integrates With Cloudways?

It provides a myriad of integrations with just one account and helps your business grow exponentially. Let us have a look-

● API:

Through this integration, you can manage and build your controls to handle your website much better.

● Bot Channels:

Bot Channels

There are a lot of bot channels like API, Slack and HipChat integrated that will give you instant notifications about events of your interest.

● App Migration:

This is an add-on that helps you migrate from sites easily and that too for free(once).

● DNS Add-on:

You will never face any DNS error with this add-on as it safely redirects you to a secondary IP that has been configured before in case of website traffic.

● Support Add-on:

This is a premium add-on through which you will get extended support and resolution quickly.


If you want to configure an external SMTP service, this is the add-on that caters to your problem as you can use it to deliver emails from your server.

● Rackspace email:

Through this, you can get email inboxes that are cloud based for as less as $1 if you need security, support, and great uptime.

● App Upgrade:

Your website will have no downtime with this add-on as every detail is registered by the Cloudways apps and task performance happens in a staging area.

● Enterprise Add-on:

This specific add-on will give you high-level performance and security for a much lesser amount.

How Does Cloudways Keep Your Site Secure?

Free SSL Hosting

It manages to keep your website secure in various ways:

  • Security patching through the OS regularly on your server helps you avoid any vulnerable chances.
  • Firewalls are OS level as well which will make sure to handle malicious traffic effectively and help keep intruders at bay.
  • Two-factor authentication is an added safety feature that will keep any kind of intruders away from your website.
  • DDoS protection provided by Cloudflare attacks in 3 seconds only makes your website secure.
  • Web Application Firewall will help analyze millions of websites and block any kind of attacks on your website.
  • IP Whitelisting will let you make a list of the IPE so that you can easily collaborate with any networks and provide you with unrestricted access to SSH and SFTP.
  • Free SSL Installation will make sure to fulfill all requirements related to your HTTPS for free of cost.
  • Bot Protection is a service that will keep away other bots, logic attacks, and DoS attacks through Malcare, the technology partner.

Does Cloudways Handle Site Backups?

Free Backups

It offers very good site backups for which you have to go to Cloudways login first or Cloudways Sign up. Then you have to go to the server management option to search for the Backup section. This hints that you can search for it according to your convenience. According to the default settings, it will happen every day but you can change it at your convenience.

 You can retain the backup for as much time as you need from 1-4 weeks. You can even have a manual backup any time you want. A local backup folder will also be created for you when you choose to do it.

How is Cloudways Help and Support?

Help and support

Cloudways wiki will tell you that the help and support of the platform are exceptional. Not only do they have 24/7 live chat available, but they also have online ticketing to keep track of your issues. They have enhanced levels of SLAs with a great response time of 3 hours.

 If you are worried about subscribing to their services, get this- they have server customization and configuration options that deploy PHP or any other custom packages that will help with configurations. You have premium support packages, you can directly talk to an executive support agent anytime you want.

If you have issues with the application of the site, you can use troubleshooting or plugins to help with your database or optimization of performance. Not only that but with the premium option, you get an in-house team who is available to you all the time. With a private slack channel and proactive monitoring of the app, the help and support of Cloudways are the next levels

Cloudways Alternatives:

Let us see how Cloudways fares with its competition or alternatives-

Cloudways v/s Bluehost

If you want an alternative to Cloudways, Bluehost is one of the options. But it is only capable of handling low-traffic and smaller pages. Anything larger will make it fall apart. Bluehost also doesn’t provide any free trial, unlike Cloudways.

Cloudways v/s SiteGround

Siteground would be another great alternative except that they do not let their user pick their server provider. They are also much more expensive than Cloudways.

You might ask is Cloudways shared hosting? It’s not but Siteground is. They are good at shared hosting though but they cannot compete with Cloudways performance and speed-wise. 

Cloudways v/s Flywheel

Another great alternative for Cloudways is Flywheel, especially if you are a beginner in your business and want to launch your site. But being their user will not give you much control of your site and it is slower.

Is Cloudways Right for You?

  • If you review Cloudways in comparison to cPanel and look at the cPanel v/s manage WordPress system, you will realize the latter is better with PHP-8 ready servers, Cloudflare CDN, Manage Security cool control panels, and much more.
  • Cloudways magneto hosting is one of the best with a special performance, great security, and reliability.
  • It is easy to process and access your files through Cloudways file manager.
  • Cloudways domain registration doesn’t take much time and is user-friendly with Cloudways add domain.
  • You can also keep track of the Cloudways status for better knowledge of what’s happening to your website.
  • Cloudways Trustpilot has excellent reviews on the website with over 1000 people reporting.

Is Cloudways worth it?

Whether or not Cloudways is a worthy choice depends on a lot of things including your business, what you are looking for, your priorities, and so on. But with all the reviews, comparisons and so many added benefits, Cloudways is a smart choice.

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