7+ Ultimate CRM Software Reviewed (Save Time and Money)

Like the rest of the world, your company has probably seen significant transformations in the previous several years. With sales teams embracing hybrid work methods and many clients still restricting their in-person encounters, communication has witnessed a significant shift. As a result of the widespread use of digital technologies, conventional methods of communication are being phased out. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions or CRM system are more critical than ever.

You may need to enhance your CRM tool even if you currently have one in place since the contemporary business model demands it.

To get the most out of the best CRM software, you need to preserve a thorough audit trail of every interaction your employees have with customers.

Everything from the customer’s first purchase through the content of support calls or the notes that were taken during a meeting or call by a regional sales representative may be included here.

Using CRM systems, you can monitor, analyze, and expose this data when required, frequently with the help of other software systems.

The best CRM software for enterprises that we’ve found to be the finest is listed below. Our best picks for CRM enterprise software are listed below, along with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

Our list contains a range of examples that not only cover the best customizable CRM but also some of the basic CRM systems to cater to all your specific needs.

What Is CRM Software?

Enterprises throughout the world widely use multi-featured platforms for storing all client data and sales CRM software.

This improves their ability to manage their sales pipelines and increase sales.

Sales CRM software may increase sales by 29%, productivity by 34%, and forecast accuracy by 42%. A sales CRM software may do a lot for your firm if these stats aren’t enough to convince you.

Let’s look into some of the Ultimate CRM software.

What Is The Best CRM Software

The best CRM software focuses on and helps companies to communicate with consumers effortlessly.

CRM software helps companies analyze more about the target consumers by compiling data from telephone, email, marketing materials, social media, and the company’s website.

Analyzing target audiences help companies to better understand customer needs and develop a business plan accordingly. The best CRM software helps a company in boosting sales.

 Let’s see a few best CRM software:

1. monday.com CRM Software

crm software monday.com
CRM software monday.com

monday.com is one of the sales CRM applications that makes it easier for teams to keep track of large projects for project planning, simplify processes, and work together more effectively. It is one of the best customer relationship management systems.

Features of CRM tool Monday:

● Dashboard– CRM tool Monday

CRM tool Monday helps to develop the best-customized dashboards which help in collaborating with team members, running reports, and systematically visualizing everything to get a better perspective of the project and its process.

● Kanban board– CRM tool Monday

This CRM tool Monday software helps in easy visualization of workflow and monitoring of the project’s progress. With Monday.com project management software it is easy to set up kanban software that can be customized.

● Gantt– CRM tool Monday

Gantt charts are useful for systematic visualization of the project milestones, and deadlines, and setting up dependencies to ensure everything is executed in time. This helps in great project planning.

● Integrations– CRM tool Monday

CRM software monday.com helps the team to work on the same platform as the integrations feature of Monday.com allows using all the project management tools such as Dropbox, Outlook, Slack, etc., in one place.

● Automation– CRM tool Monday

CRM software Monday.com offers automation which helps you to automate emails, dependencies, progress updates, etc.,

All these features make Monday.com one of the best CRM software for small businesses.

CRM Tool Monday pricing:

Monday.com pricing:
Individual Plan$0/month/seatFree plan Unlimited boards Unlimited docs
Basic Plan$8/month/seat5 GB file storage Unlimited items
Standard Plan$10/month/seatCalendar ViewGuest access
Pro Plan$16/month/seatChart view Time tracking
Enterprise PlanTailored onboardingPremium support
Monday.com pricing


● Monday.com CRM platform boards are virtual tables where tasks (items) and subtasks may be organized (subitems). It is the best customizable CRM.

2. Zoho CRM

zoho crm login
Zoho CRM Login

Zoho CRM Software is a user-friendly design with many customization choices, integration capabilities, and data security making Zoho projects a favorite of yours.

Features Of Zoho CRM:

● Sales Force Automation– Zoho CRM

This feature of Zoho CRM software helps in automating regular tasks like scheduling sales appointments, tracking contacts, sending follow-up emails, etc. This helps the company to concentrate on more creative business processes.

● Canvas Design Studio– Zoho CRM

Canvas is a simple drag-and-drop editor with custom templates to design your Zoho CRM according to your specifications.

● Process Management– Zoho CRM

Managing a sales process from start to end is a tedious task. But Zoho CRM has Zoho data enrichment a special feature of Process management that helps to build the right sales process.

● Analytics– Zoho CRM

Analytics helps to understand customer interactions and develop better business plans. The analytics feature of Zoho CRM software helps the business to analyze leads, activity, and emails for improving a sales cycle.

● Team Collaboration– Zoho CRM

This feature of the Zoho CRM system helps all teammates to collaborate on new creative ideas, discuss the process and work in sync with real-time updates of sales and results.

Zoho CRM Pricing:

Standard$14/month/userCanvas Workflows
Professional$23/month/userSalesSignals Blueprints
Enterprise$40/month/userZia AI Command center
Ultimate$52/month/userAdvanced BI – bundled with Zoho Analytics Canvas
Zoho CRM pricing

Zoho CRM Pros:

● Customer service

● Sales automation

● Social media management

● Product reporting, and

● Analytics and project objectives

These are all included in Zoho’s CRM tools kit. That means that you don’t have to be concerned about keeping track of your prospects. In this regard, you may put your trust in this sales software.

3. Pipedrive (CRM Software)

pipedrive login crm software
Pipedrive login

Sales CRM software (Customer management software), Pipedrive, is geared toward small businesses and has a wide range of valuable features.

Pipedrive Features:

● Manage Leads And Deals

Every lead is a fresh opportunity that can translate into a new deal. This customer management software has an array of tools like leads Inbox, chatbot, leads inbox, and many more that help businesses increase their deals.

● Track Communications

Pipework offers an email tracking feature that helps you track emails, calls, and contact history. This will in turn help to develop a robust email strategy for businesses.

● Automate And Grow

Pipedrive marketing automation enables businesses to automate all the repetitive work and focus on more business ideas and meet deadlines for their teammates.

● Insights and Reports

Pipework has a feature that produces sales reports which give an insight into the business merits and shortfalls.

● Privacy And Security

Pipework ensures the privacy of business data and provides cyber security for those who are using the platform.


● You may use the Pipedrive database platform to establish various sales funnels, handle prospects and transactions, log all conversations, send automatic follow-ups and obtain customizable reports.

● Pipedrive’s CRM platforms offer great connectivity possibilities, so syncing it with your favorite applications won’t be an issue.

Pipedrive pricing/ cost:

A 14-day free demo Pipedrive trial is available. Paid plans begin at $18.25/month in Euros as Pipedrive costs.

4. HubSpot CRM

 HubSpot CRM
 HubSpot CRM

HubSpot lightweight CRM software seems to be ready to meet your requirements. It is also reviewed as the best of all CRM software and lightweight CRM, It is an easy and good deal for most businesses.

HubSpot CRM Features:

● Tasks And Activities– HubSpot CRM

Customer relations can be improved by managing all tasks and activities of the project effectively.

● Contact Website Activity– HubSpot CRM

The team can get up-to-date information on page views, sales activity, form submissions, and other website-related activities with the help of this feature.

● Shared Inbox– HubSpot CRM

This feature of HubSpot CRM Helps in 1-to-1 communication, where the entire team can view all the messages related to the project using this feature.

● Email Tracking And Notification– HubSpot CRM

Tracking emails is made easy with this feature. Real-time notifications are sent when the emails are clicked.

● Contact Management– HubSpot CRM

With this feature of Hubspot CRM, it is easy to manage contacts and data. It allows you to run automated actions and build views.

Hubspot CRM pricing:

Starter$45/monthForm automation Email automation
Professional$800/monthA/B testing Custom reporting
Enterprise$3,200/monthSingle sign-on Partitioning
Hubspot pricing


● This CRM software will provide you with tools to keep in touch with your prospects at all times, such as free meeting scheduling, live chat, email templates, and email tracking, among other things, which of the following are included in Hubspot CRM predicting technologies.

5. Freshworks CRM

freshworks crm login
Freshworks CRM login 

Freshworks CRM is considered the best CRM for Facebook leads. The Freshworks CRM is simple to use, making it the best CRM for solopreneurs as well.

Freshworks CRM Features:

● Event Tracking– Freshworks CRM

Every activity on the website can be tracked by businesses. Website visitors, leads, and other activities are tracked by this feature.

● Deal Management– Freshworks CRM

The AI-powered assistant named Freddy helps you by providing a complete outline of all the deals and issues that are required to be resolved immediately.

●  Automated and Personalized Emails– Freshworks CRM

All the repetitive work like scheduling emails, and events and assigning work can be automated using this feature. It also has a follow-up system software.

● Mobile CRM

This software is mobile-friendly as you access it on mobile. From attending meetings to responding to leads, a team member can use the mobile application of this software.

●  Advanced Reporting

This feature provides custom reports on the progress of the project, and performance of sales and helps to improve the efficiency of the team.

Freshworks pricing:

Free$0/month/userBuilt-in Chat, Email, & Phone 24×5 Support
Growth$15/month/userVisual Sales Pipeline AI-powered Predictive Contact Scoring  
Pro$39/month/userMultiple Sales Pipelines Time-based Workflows  
Enterprise$69/month/userCustom Modules AI-based Forecasting Insights  
Freshworks pricing

Freshworks CRM Pros:

● It has everything a salesperson needs to succeed: quality leads, contextual discussions, AI-powered insights, and many more.

● It is possible to boost productivity and efficiency in the sales process with the help of the built-in email, phone, chat, and telephony features of Freshsales.

6. Salesmate

 Salesmate crm
 Salesmate CRM

CRM software with built-in intelligence, such as Salesmate, is adaptable and easiest to use for small businesses.

Salesmate Features:

● Marketing Automation

This feature helps businesses to automate marketing campaigns. This has custom follow-up software that reduces the time and effort of the team while also ensuring timely follow-up messages delivered to the customer.

● Reporting

Achieving goals on a limited budget isn’t an easy task for small businesses. This feature of reporting offered by Salesmate ensures well-analyzed reports on budget planning and implementation of the project.

● Integrations

The Salesmate provides essential integrations such as ClearBit, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Outlook, and many more. This helps businesses to fish on one platform with comfort and ease.

● Sales Pipeline

The pipeline view of Salesmate provides a better understanding of the sales process and enhances the closure of more deals in less time. It is the best online CRM.

● Contact Management

Managing contacts, leads, conversations, and activities is made easy by this feature. This is the easiest to use CRM for small businesses.

Salesmate CRM pricing:

Starter$12Contacts, Companies, DealsEmail Sync, Tracking & Templates
Growth$24Product ManagementGoal Management
Boost$40Team ManagementIncreased Team Inbox Limits
EnterpriseCustomDedicated Account ManagerPersonalized Onboarding
Salesmate CRM pricing


● Salesmate’s capabilities, such as sales forecasting and reporting, goal monitoring, configurable dashboards, and sales email sending, are all designed to help your sales process climb the corporate ladder making it the best CRM for client management.

● It is one of the best online CRM and the best customer service management software.  


● It is not possible to use all of the capabilities of the Salesmate CRM software with a free trial account. You can use the basic CRM system instead.

7. Salesforce

salesforce login
Salesforce login 

Salesforce CRM is a well-known name in the IT industry. It’s safe to say that this is the most widely used customer relationship management (CRM) solution available today.

Salesforce CRM Features:

● Lead Management

This helps to manage leads efficiently thus helping the business to increase sales.

● Reports and Dashboards

The reports on sales, deadlines, and progress of the project help the team to handle the project efficiently. The dashboard provides a complete picture of the business.

● Process Automation and Integrations

In this CRM system with the help of visual workflow, it is easy to automate any repetitive business processes. Many Salesforce integrations are available.

● Opportunity Management

It helps to visualize products, quotes, competition, and stages of the business process easily.

● Mobile

With this feature, you can handle all the tasks just using your mobile device. From submitting tasks to attending meetings, all are possible due to this feature of Salesforce.

Salesforce pricing:

Essentials$25/user/monthAll-in-one sales and support app
Professional$75/user/monthComplete CRM for any size team
Enterprise$150/user/monthDeeply customizable sales CRM for your business
Unlimited$300/user/monthThe ultimate platform for growth
Salesforce pricing


● Salesforce Essentials is the company’s entry-level offering which is the best CRM for Facebook leads.

● You can also combine it with other applications you use.


● Storage space is limited in  Salesforce. So, when your client base expands, storing a lot of information for free may become a problem. 

8. ClickUp

clickup login crm software
ClickUp Login

ClickUp is an excellent option if you need a project management tool for your team. Free and sophisticated versions of this proprietary product are available, as are several integrations and a user-friendly interface.

ClickUp Features:

● Automation

Built-in automation tools of the software help to handle the monotonous work efficiently. This helps the team to automate nearly 50 actions.

● Templates

CRM system With 100 templates at hand, you can customize your dashboard which suits best to your business.

● Integrations

ClickUp integrates 1000 tools from calendars to messaging apps which are available for the team to work in sync on the project.

● Reporting

Automation of report creation is the special feature of ClickUp that enables businesses to get a clear picture of the work done by the teammates of the project.

● Task Management

Task management is made easy with ClickUp as it enables bulk rescheduling, copy spaces, projects, and managing reminders.

ClickUp pricing:

Free$0100MB StorageUnlimited Tasks
Unlimited$5/member/monthUnlimited StorageUnlimited Integrations
Business$12/member/monthGoogle SSOUnlimited Teams
Business Plus$19member/monthTeam SharingSubtasks in Multiple Lists
EnterpriseContact SalesWhite LabelingAdvanced Permissions
ClickUp pricing 


● Simple to use, packed with valuable tools, and the option to send out free invitations

● Excellent customer service and a wealth of video training are accessible on this crm system

9. One Page CRM

OnePageCRM review

OnePageCRM is considered to be the first platform that offers the sales teams an action-based CRM. This CRM platform is most suitable for small businesses who are looking to ease up their sales process according to the OnePageCRM review. The platform offers a variety of features at a reasonable price. The tools of this platform help in automating routine tasks and help the team to work efficiently.

OnePageCRM Features:

OnePageCRM offers a wide variety of features to the customers such as:

1. Sales Automation

This CRM tool will help businesses to automate most of the monotonous tasks thus helping in saving time for better creative tasks.

The Lead Clipper helps in capturing leads just with one click which will then be added to the OnePageCRM contact list. This CRM tool helps to accelerate emailing and sales CRM tasks.

2. Email Management

OnePageCRM offers two-way email sync that helps in receiving, sending, and replying to emails from the website itself. It also helps to customize your email templates according to your choices. Tracking email is also made easy with this platform.

3. Reporting

OnePageCRM activity tab shows all the updates related to the project. The platform’s CRM reporting feature helps in making customized reports easily that can give a clear picture of the team’s performance.

These reports can also be sent to your inbox regularly.

4. Mobile CRM

OnePageCRM can be accessed from any device. Android or iPhone this CRM tool is compatible with any operating system.


The platform offers two types of plans namely 

  • Business Plan
  • Professional Plan

1. Business Plan:

This plan is available for $19.95/user/month. The plan offers unlimited contacts, deals, full email sync, bulk mail sent, Kanban deal management, custom activity reports, AI-powered route planner, email tracking, etc.

This is the most popular plan of OnePageCRM for crm system.

2. Professional Plan:

This Professional plan crm system is available at $9.95/user/month. It offers features such as full email sync, unlimited contacts, bulk email sending, powerful integrations, etc. 


  • This platform is easy to handle.
  • The pricing is affordable.
  • It also has multiple automation features.

CRM Software (Summing Up)

There is no better platform for managing your sales process than sales CRM system software and contact management software, which includes all of the tools you need to build your organization.

Managing your sales process effectively is essential to the success of your business.

There are a variety of CRM systems available for purchase, and we have done our best to provide an overview of eight of them. When it comes to selecting the software for CRM or customer relationship management (CRM) systems for your business, you will need to rely on your knowledge and anticipations.

We found CRM software monday.com and ClickUp best overall.

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