Best 5 Diamond Jewelry Brands To Buy Engagement Rings

In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the world’s top diamond jewelry brands, so if you are planning to buy engagement rings, promise rings, wedding rings, radiant cut diamonds, diamond necklaces or any other diamond jewelry then read this guide first.

“If God wants ladies to bend over, he must drop diamond jewelry on the floor.” 

An official promise to get married in the future is symbolized with engagement rings. Engagement rings can include diamonds or other jewels and are often worn by women in Western nations. Diamonds are the best gemstones as diamond jewelry represents love because of its durability and power.

Choosing the ideal diamond jewelry for any important event, such as the best cut, carat, and style of engagement ring, is a very difficult undertaking. There are many different types of cuts in a diamond ring, including radiant cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, fire opal, Australian opal etc. Asscher cut diamonds are the best among them since they are more affordable.

When it comes to engagement rings, the greatest choices are an opal engagement ring, a promise ring, and a moonstone ring. The ring should typically weigh between 1.5 carats and 3 carats of diamonds. Aside from these reasons, finding the best brand of engagement diamond rings is the most difficult. Here are the Top 5 Best diamond jewelry brands:

Best Diamond Jewelry Brands

1. Blue Nile (Diamond Jewelry)

blue nile engagement rings
Blue Nile Diamond Jewelry

The three C’s—cut, clarity, and color—are all well-certified in Blue Nile diamonds. Bluenile is a top-notch cut according to GIA or AGS grading diamond jewelry brands. This brand is specialized mainly in the selling of engagement rings, promise rings, and radiant cut diamonds. 

The term “cut” describes how well-balanced a diamond’s proportions are and how its facets are arranged to produce sparkle and brightness. The cutting of the blue Nile diamond varies:

  • Round Cut:

For over a century, this has been the most widely used cut of Blue Nile Diamonds. In the Blue Nile, there are at least 4,68,712 unique designs of rose cut/ round-cut Diamond Jewelry.

  • Asscher Cut:

The attractive Asscher cut is a “step-cut” that resembles the emerald cut in several ways. Currently, Blue Nile offers 3,607 different Asscher cut ring designs.

  • Princess Cut:

The princess cut offers the most options. Whether it has a square or rectangular form, is cut for strong bursts of light or smoldering scintillation. The cut of this form is not regulated, unlike the round. There are now 36,582 different ring designs available on the Blue Nile website.

  • Radiant Cut:

It was made in 1977 to maximize fire and brightness (rainbow-colored flashes). There are currently 8,578 radiant cut engagement ring styles available from the Blue Nile.

Apart from different cuts of diamond engagement rings, the brand also has Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands. Men’s platinum wedding bands come in a variety of appealing forms with a brilliant white finish and provide unmatched durability. The Blue Nile Diamond Jewelry produces stunning traditional rings and provides the safest setting for inlay diamonds like rose gold men’s wedding bands and men’s white gold wedding bands. 

2. JamesAllen (Diamond Jewelry)

JamesAllen  engagement rings
JamesAllen Diamond Jewelry

If you’re looking for a decent deal, James Allen is a reliable online diamond seller. JamesAllen provides a wide selection of diamond jewelry and settings at reasonable costs. All diamonds have validated 360-degree videos. There is a variety of traditional diamonds, and diamond jewelry available in James Allen, especially for weddings and engagements:

  • Infinity Ring by JamesAllen:

An infinity ring is made out of intertwining ribbons of precious metal covered in completely faceted, pavé-set round brilliant cut diamonds as a representation of unending love.

  • Opal Engagement Ring by JamesAllen:

It is a captivating gemstone with a distinctive milky sheen and rainbow-colored hues. A gorgeous collection of opal fine jewelry items, including earrings, pearl bracelets, white gold necklaces, and rings, is displayed by JamesAllen Diamond Jewelry.

  • Wedding Bands:

Men’s black wedding bands are the ideal option for any man searching for a timelessly elegant classic that will never lose its appeal.

The James Allen brand also offers a variety of diamond cut rings, including Asscher Cut diamond and radiant cut diamond. JamesAllen offers two unique diamond cuts in addition to these typical ones:

  • Princess Cut Diamond:

The second most common diamond shape is the princess cut. A Princess cut diamond is a great option for individuals who like a square shape over a round shape since it is designed for maximum shine.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond:

Since ancient times, aristocracy has worn cushion-cut engagement rings on their fingers. The shapes of cushion-cut diamonds are as varied as your unique taste, making them an excellent option for custom jewelry offered by JamesAllen.

3. Angara jewelry

Angara jewelry  radiant cut diamond
Angara jewelry

Angara jewelry transitioned from being a distributor to a stand-alone, independent brand. The Angara is a jewelry company that offers diamond and gemstone jewelry, including engagement rings, as it enters a cutthroat industry. Although Angara jewelry is situated in Los Angeles, Thailand and India produce the majority of the jewelry the company sells.

There are various cuts and varieties available in the Angara jewelry brand:

  • Opal Engagement Ring:

Opals are the ideal engagement ring because they perfectly capture the special spark and fire of your connection.

  • Moonstone Ring:

An expertly made moonstone ring from the Angara will send your heart racing. This collection includes bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, and rings in a variety of attractive styles.

  • Rose Quartz Necklace:

The rose quartz necklace has a delicate pink color that will make your preferred items even more alluring when combined with the metal of your choosing.

  • Promise Rings:

Additionally, Angara added colorful jewels to promise rings, raising their worth and enhancing their symbolism and opulence.

  • Ruby Necklace:

Any outfit may be made luxurious by Angara jewelry Expert by adding gorgeous ruby necklaces to it. The Angara jewelry offers a range of designs, including solitaire, halo, heart, infinity, three-stone, cross, and vintage-inspired rings.

  • Diamond Cuts:

Radiant cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds jewellery, and round cut diamonds are the most popular in the Angara diamond jewelry brand. It’s hardly surprising that the round cut is the most popular diamond jewelry style at Angara. 

Round brilliant diamonds make up over 70% of all diamond jewelry now on the market. Here, the faceting has been done to enhance the diamond’s fire and brightness. The round cut is the most useful and enduring option, without a question.

These are the Top 5 and greatest diamond jewelry companies to choose from when buying wedding and engagement jewelry. So, spend a few bucks for your special one and you will not regret it ever!

4. Fascinating Diamonds

diamond jewelry   radiant cut diamond
Fascinating Diamond Jewelry

You may choose from a variety of solitaire, antique, three-stone, side-stone, and halo engagement rings at Fascinating Diamonds. Additionally, they create unique rings based on customer preferences. This brand Fascinating Diamonds offers a variety of diamond jewelry for engagement and wedding occasions:

  • Moissanite Ring:

Stunning moissanite sits at the center of the 3-Stone Twisted Moissanite Ring, with magnificent round cut stones on either side. The ring’s prong-set tiny brilliant round cut diamonds give radiance and charm.

  • Men’s Ruby Rings:

The men’s ruby rings are expertly fashioned with a solid channel, bar, prong, and pave setting. The platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold versions of the ruby men’s wedding bands are all appealing. fancy forms, including well-known Radiant, cut diamonds, brilliant princess cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds, and others. 

  • Men’s Black Wedding Bands:

The Men’s black wedding bands from Fascinating Diamonds complement the beauty and subtlety of the male species. Iridescent diamonds with excellent color, cut, and clarity is set in conjunction with accent stones like rubies, sapphires, 3 carat diamond ring, and other gems to further the elegance of the metal wedding rings.

  • Salt and Pepper Diamonds:

The most luxurious and aesthetically pleasing salt and pepper diamond are available in Fascinating Diamonds. They include dazzling diamonds set in decorated halos and shanks. These diamonds best deal in wedding rings for women. 

5. Rockford Collection

diamond jewelry
Rockford Collection

The official American brand of distinctive gold men’s wedding bands and men’s rings is Rockford Collection. Black diamond engagement rings are included in Collection 2022. Solid gold, platinum, and the finest diamonds are used to craft Rockford Collection men’s wedding bands.

Men’s promise rings are becoming more popular these days. Promise rings, often known as “commitment rings,” are becoming more and more of a shared symbol between young couples. These rings are offered by Rockford Collection in a variety of cuts, including radiant cut diamond and Asscher cut diamond. 

The men’s wedding rings from the Rockford Collection have incredibly distinctive and striking designs offer promise rings for men. The Rockford Collection is unquestionably a high-quality product line, and its friendly staff is always there to assist with inquiries and keep you updated on your orders.

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