Best Electronic Signature Software Apps In 2023

According to the US Federal Esign Act, an “electronic signature” is any “electronic sound, symbol, or procedure” that is connected to a contract or other document as produced by an individual. Offer letters, terms of sale, authorization slips, liability waivers, financial papers, etc., are digitally signed using electronic signatures.

These are relied upon in almost all commercial and private dealings. Here are the reviews of the best electronic signature app that you can use!

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Best Electronic Signature Software

1. SignNow 

SignNow Electronic Signature

With SignNow, you can have contracts signed and funds sent to your preferred payment processor in minutes with zero coding.

The SignNow pricing may be justified for companies that process a high volume of payments requiring an electronic signature.

By combining a PDF editor on SignNow login, a drag-and-drop form builder, and automated workflows, AirSlate makes it simple to integrate with payment gateways like Stripe.

What would normally need many programs is handled by SignNow and airSlate. In addition to SignNow API being PCI compliant for credit card payments, it also provides the necessary capabilities for collecting electronic signatures and transferring funds.

So you do not have to ever worry, “Is SignNow legit.?” 


  • In addition to the typical functions of signature software, airSlate’s integrated payment mechanism gives SignNow a leg up.
  • SignNow’s basic subscription includes document signing, limitless templates, basic fields, and a mobile app.
  • The next tier of SignNow price is $15/month/user. You can mail bulk, add your logo, set reminders, and more. 
  • When paid yearly, this package additionally includes conditional fields and signer attachments. 
  • AirSlate’s entire Business Cloud, which includes integrations, compliance, phone support, and more, costs $50 per user per month when paid yearly.
  • You can also get a SignNow free trial. 


  • Initiate a transaction and collect payment from a client as they electronically sign a contract with SignNow support.
  • SignNow Guarantees compliance with PCI, the industry standard for safe credit card transactions
  • Integrate your chosen payment gateway without writing any code.


electronic signature software
SignNow pricing

Business: $8 per user/per month

Business Premium: $15 per user/per month

Enterprise: $30 per user/per month

airSlate Business Cloud: $50 per user/per month (5 users minimum)

2. PandaDoc

pandadoc Software
PandaDoc E-Signature Software

PandaDoc is the best overall electronic signature generator due to its flexible feature set, intuitive design, and affordable price.

Whether you require a signature for a one-time contract or a regular stream of signed business papers, PandaDoc API is an excellent option.

Pandadoc app is simple to use and has features that appeal to a wide audience. Due to these factors, PandaDoc reviews are high and have earned our recommendation as the best electronic signature’ program.


  • PandaDoc sign-in streamlines the process of having clients sign papers by allowing for their creation or uploading of pre-filled templates. 
  • Automated procedures speed up the process when awaiting a specific individual’s signature. 
  • It is feasible to tailor your sales papers to your brand’s aesthetic and improve your customers’ experience by integrating a customer relationship management system or using designer templates. 
  • Simple signatures are straightforward to get on an as-needed basis. Overall, PandaDoc is a reliable option for you to create electronic signature.
  • If your signature requirements are minimal, the no-cost PandaDoc pricing option may be sufficient for you. 


  • The free version may collect a limitless number of signatures and payments.
  • Templates, integrations, PDF with e signature, and more sophisticated pricing are available in the latest versions.
  • Extremely secure and loaded with options to suit any signature need


electronic signature app
PandaDoc Pricing

Free eSign: Free

Essential: USD 19 per user/per month

Business: USD 49 per user/per month

Enterprise: Contact customer service

3. HelloSign 

electronic signature'
HelloSign Electronic Signature’

HelloSign’s Essential Plan, ideal for a one-person operation, has all the needed tools, so we can declare it the top pick for freelancers.

HelloSign is Dropbox’s online signature software. Hellosign dropbox is an extremely well-liked platform for storing and sharing files.

Hellosign app provides a plethora of bells and whistles for larger businesses willing to spend more, but the Essentials plan may be all that’s needed for freelancers and sole proprietors seeking a feature-rich service at a fair price.

While freelancers may not need advanced integration, businesses that rely on electronic signatures app may benefit from using Hellosign API. The built-in security and compliance solutions are suitable for any industry or purpose.


  • Essentials allow you to save up to five templates, send out alerts and reminders, customize fields for signers, verify signature data, use cloud storage, and send out an unlimited number of signature requests. 
  • Two-factor authentication and tamper-evident documentation are two further layers of protection. 
  • Furthermore, the upgraded Hellosign pricing plan includes logo customization, mass emailing, and a more significant number of integrations. 
  • For the first 30 days, there’s no need to pay anything for the Hellosign cost.


  • Create legally binding paperwork with signer blanks and many endorsement requests.
  • The Essentials plan has a flat monthly charge of $15 per year for a single user.
  • Upgraded features like logo customization, mass emailing, and more detailed analytics are part of the new and improved edition.


electronic signature'
HelloSign Electronic Signature’

Essential: USD 15 per user/per month

Dropbox Professional + eSign: USD 24.99 per user/per month

Standard: USD 25 per user/per month

Premium: Contact customer service

4. Adobe Acrobat Sign 

electronic signature app
Adobe Acrobat Sign 

The extensive possibilities to sign papers on your PCs or have them signed online are just one of the many reasons we recommend Adobe Acrobat Pro electronic signature app with Adobe Sign for small companies.

PDF files may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat, a program available at no cost. Those who want more advanced capabilities, such as digitally giving an electronic signature for documents, may upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Pro.

With an Adobe Sign account, you may also electronically submit your PDF for signature and payment.


  • You may attach a digital signature to documents using Acrobat Pro electronic signature generator app. 
  • Additionally, Adobe Sign Solutions’ signature features are paid add-ons. These may include anything from the ability to make PDFs and digitally sign documents to more advanced features like integrating with websites and providing unique branding for each user.


  • The ability to give an electronic signature in word and amend documents is an integral part of many popular pieces of business software.
  • Edit pdf with e-signature in-depth, not only for signatures.
  • Various methods exist for submitting your form online to be signed and paid for electronic signature in adobe.


Acrobat Standard: USD 12.99 per user/per month

Acrobat Pro: USD 19.99 per user/per month

What Is Electronic Signature? 

E-signatures, or electronic signatures, are bits of information that may be attached to other files and used to authenticate the signer’s identity.

As long as it complies with the criteria of the relevant rule, this sort of signature has the same legal standing as a handwritten one.

Digital signatures, a cryptographic method often employed to create e signature adobe, are not the same as the legal idea of electronic signatures.

Digital signatures are widely utilized in e-commerce and regulatory filings to execute electronic signatures app in a cryptographically secured method. However, an electronic signature may be as basic as a name placed in an electronic document.

Are Electronic Signatures Legally Binding? 

The federal government approved electronic signatures in the Global and National Commerce Act of the United States in 2000. If all parties agree, electronic signature IRS may serve as legally enforceable documents according to the ESIGN Act. This decision is applicable across the whole United States.

The following characteristics are necessary for an electronic signature to be valid and enforceable in a court of law:

  • the ability to trace the origin of a digital seal;
  • a trail of signatures that may be traced back to the original signer; and
  • robust techniques for verifying the identity of signers to ensure authenticity.

How Do You Create an Electronic Signature?

Legally, you may sign papers, contracts, applications, and more if you create electronic signature app. To expedite paper-driven, manual signing procedures, digital signatures may be used instead of handwritten signatures.

Digital signatures provide an added layer of protection by encrypting the signature and confirming the signer’s identity.

The three simple stages to sending a document for signing from the sender are as follows:

  • Send the file to be signed to the electronic signature program.
  • Place the signature, text, and date boxes where the recipient should fill them out.
  • Just hit the send button. A link to the document and instructions on using the electronic signature software will be sent via email to the intended signatory.

What Is E-Signature Software? 

Electronic signature (or “e-signature”) software allows users to get signatures on electronically transmitted documents without requiring physical papers. Spreading legally binding papers for electronic signature collecting is made easier with the help of e-signature software.

When it’s important to get the signatures of clients, employees, or partners on sensitive papers like sales contracts or employee paperwork, businesses turn to e-signature software to encrypt the documents. So now there is no need to worry about it.

How to do an electronic signature?

To streamline the processes of managing quotes, contracts, and suppliers, e-signature software is often integrated with other programs. These electronic signature creators may include customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, human resource management suites, or accounting software.

E-signatures are guaranteed to be legally binding and legitimate thanks to built-in security standards that comply with local and federal legal requirements, streamlining the interchange of legal documents.

Ditch Paper Signatures for the Faster Alternative (Wrap-Up)

E signature creator eliminates the need for paper copies, scans, and postage. Digital signatures are a quicker alternative to traditional paper signatures. The use of an electronic signature is convenient in daily life since it provides a more up-to-date method of authenticating the signer’s identity.

Electronic signatures app have the added benefit of being more secure than their paper counterparts, which may be readily falsified.

Furthermore, the need for repeated signatures is eliminated when a contract is digitally signed, and this remains valid for the duration of the contract’s term. We also encourage you to research heavily the security features that these apps entail concerning e-signatures. Do not wait anymore. Get yourself hooked with the various app for e-signature available to you!

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