9 Ultimate Email Marketing Software For Small Business

If you have an email address and an internet connection, you cannot deny having received a promotional email. Functioning as one of the most widely used and cost-effective methods for marketing, email marketing software for small businesses is one of the best investments one can make as a small business owner.

Making way for businesses to regularly communicate with their clients, the best email marketing tools for startups creates, dispatch, and monitor emails to subscribers.

However, with the help of top email marketing software, users can design attention-catching and engaging emails for their clients.     

Why Is Email Marketing Software Important for Small Businesses?

When it comes to small businesses, free email marketing is a boon.

So how to choose an email marketing platform?

Unlike large corporations and their expensive advertisement campaigns, small businesses can get their marketing done well with the help of simple email marketing software and b2b email marketing services.

Through Email marketing capabilities business owners can give their clients more personalized service by tracking open and click-through rates for each email.

Suppose you aim to keep up a consistent communication channel with your clients. In that case, email marketing is the best business tool you have at hand.

Tapping into customer interests and offering a range of highly customized services and products with targeted email marketing software, b2b email marketing services, and enterprise email marketing software enables business owners to make a loyal and interested customer base.

With highly relevant and targeted email software, small businesses can re-engage and boost their prospects with their email clients. The greater the collection of customer contacts a small business has, the more lead generation and conversion.       

What Is the Best Email Marketing Software?

1. ActiveCampaign (Best for Automation)

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software
ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software

For possibly the top automated email marketing services, ActiveCampaign should be the go-to.

Compared to other competitors in the market, ActiveCampaign has the most affordable packages for advanced tools and features.

The feature to trigger emails at the peak time to generate leads or based on behavioral patterns is one of the aspects that endears this software to its users.

Even though there is no free basic plan to get started, the Lite package brings unlimited emails, marketing automation, segmentation, and A/B testing for 500 contacts at an attractive fee.

As one moves on to enterprise email marketing software solutions, the options are unlimited. You get a bang for your buck with the offered free design services, text marketing, and multi-sales CRM.

For service-based businesses that need to send confirmations, reminders, and upsell emails, ActiveCampaign is a sophisticated tool with high returns on investment.


  • Advanced automation capabilities
  • Integrations with more than 870 apps
  • Live chat and Facebook messenger add-ons
  • Dynamic content on all plans
  • Value for the money
  • It is enterprise email marketing software


  • No free starter’s package

Email marketing services packages:

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software pricing
Active Campaign Pricing
Up to 500 contactsLitePlusProfessionalEnterprise
Monthly Plans15 USD70 USD187 USD  Customizable
Annual Plans9 USD49 USD149 USD 

2. HubSpot

HubSpot (Best Email Marketing Software)
HubSpot Email Marketing Software

HubSpot is the leading all-in-one email marketing server software and enterprise email marketing software that has catered to almost every email client for over a decade.

Since HubSpot offers email marketing, drag-and-drop landing page builder, and CRM for free in the lowest-tier free package, getting started with building an email marketing list becomes easy.

For clients who wish to remove the HubSpot brand logo from emails, forms, landing pages, and live chat apps, it is better to move to a paid plan.

As much as HubSpot’s free and simple email marketing software meets many expectations, the paid plan opens up a wide range of advanced tools that small businesses might not require.

The main attractions of HubSpot’s templates are that they are all mobile-friendly and have the best tools for lead nurturing.


  • Built-in free CRM and landing page builder
  • Free plan available
  • A complete solution for email marketing for small businesses
  • A/B testing to create the best email messaging
  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • It is enterprise email marketing software


  • Availing full-featured plans get pricey
  • Free plans include branding

Email marketing services packages:

HubSpot (Best Email Marketing Software) pricing plan
HubSpot Pricing
Customizable List SizeStarterProfessionalEnterprise
Monthly Plans45 USD (For 1000 contacts)800 USD (For 2000 contacts)3,200 USD (For 10000 contacts)
Annual Plans540 USD (For 1000 contacts)9,600 USD (For 2000 contacts)38,400 USD (For 1000 contacts)

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact Email Marketing Software
Constant Contact Email Marketing Software

Are you a niche e-commerce business owner looking to hit the market with emails like a pro?

Then Constant Contact might be the email marketing service you need. Allowing you to send unlimited emails to a fixed contact list, this is the best email software with specialized marketing for eCommerce tools to help your online store grow.

With a smart editor that allows users to create aesthetically pleasing emails, you can also add products from Shopify, manage social media ads, and post to social media using Constant Contact.

While it is not a free email marketing software, Constant Contact offers a 30-day free trial period.

Constant Contact also lets users create emails that look good on any device and upload contact lists from Excel, Outlook, Salesforce, and many other platforms.


  • Unlimited email sends
  • Features e-commerce products in emails
  • Excellent email deliverability rates
  • Social marketing for posting ads
  • Offers a 30-day free trial


  • No free plan
  • A/B testing only for subject lines

Email marketing services packages:

constant contact Email Marketing Software pricing
Constant Contact Pricing
Up to 500 contactsCorePlus
Monthly Plans9.99 USD45 USD

4. Sendinblue

sendinblue Email Marketing Services
SendinBlue Email Marketing Software

If businesses need an email platform to engage and develop the subscriber list, Sendinblue is the best intuitive interface to start.

With an array of tools to enhance communication with clients through marketing and transactional emails, Sendinblue does not cap the number of contacts in a list.

As one of the most affordable email marketing software online, and enterprise email marketing software, the interface has over 60 responsive templates with built-in CRM, SMS, and chat features.

Innovatively, there is a shared inbox so that the user never loses the customer email history. Moreover, the built-in Facebook ads function engages the existing customers and targets new leads.


  • Unlimited contacts on any plan
  • Built-in CRM and SMS text marketing in every plan
  • Lead generation from Facebook Ads
  • Shared inbox to track customer email history
  • Best for small to mid-size eCommerce businesses


  • A/B testing and branding removal are paid add-ons

Email marketing services packages:

 Email Marketing Services
SendinBlue Pricing
Customizable Monthly Email VolumeFreeLitePremiumEnterprise
Monthly Plans0 USD25 USD (For 20,000 emails)65 USD (For 20,000 emails)Customizable

5. Moosend

Email Marketing Software moosend
Moosend Email Marketing Services

Moosend is an excellent marketing tool if custom emails are part of your marketing plan.

This personalized email marketing software is generous with its free plans. With the pre-built automation templates, Moosend triggers, controls, and acts on the emails sent to each customer.

By tracking the unsubscribes, opens, clicks, social shares, and so on, Moosend segments the customer and targets subscribers based on their behaviors.

The software also offers custom sign-up forms to enable businesses to grow their email list. Moosend’s stellar customer support is another reason why it is the top pick of many small businesses.

With a large selection of templates and layouts that look good on any device, Moosend allows the users to build a business by focusing on customer relations.


  • Data analytics that personalizes emails
  • Sign-up forms to build an email list
  • Easy to create sophisticated marketing automation campaigns
  • Filter and sort automation by name, list, or date


  • Tricky CSV file importation
  • Landing page builder and A/B testing functions take time to get familiar with

Email marketing services packages:

Email Marketing Software moosend pricing
Moosend Pricing
Up to 500 contactsFree TrialProEnterprise
Monthly Plans  Only for 30 days9 USD  Customizable
Annual Plans 7 USD 

6. GetResponse

Email Marketing Software get response
GetResponse Email Marketing Services

For businesses looking to blow up their lead generation, sales, and newsletter registrations, GetResponse is the solution email marketing service.

Widely known for its Smart Autofunnel feature, GetResponse guarantees brand growth. With autoresponders to optimize email lists and nurture leads, the platform automatically sends welcome emails and follow-ups.

This marketing software is popular in many industries thanks to the analytical tools that track campaign performance and automation tools.

Segmenting lists and designing highly creative emails and social media ads are simplified with GetResponse. The software functions as an extension of many social media platforms, allowing it to act as one of the best ways to retarget leads.


  • Runs highly successful retargeting campaigns
  • Easy to create paid ads for social media
  • Smart automation tools
  • Website visitor tracking features


  • Most templates in the selection look outdated
  • Not the best email deliverability

Email marketing services packages:

 Email Marketing Services
GetResponse Pricing
Up to 1000 contactsFreeEmail MarketingMarketing AutomationEcommerce Marketing
Monthly Plans 19 USD59 USD119 USD
Annual Plans (12 months)Only up to 500 contacts15.58 USD48.38 USD97.58 USD
24-Months Plans 13.3 USD41.3 USD83.3 USD

7. MailChimp

 Email Marketing Services
MailChimp Email Marketing Services

MailChimp is the best email marketing software for small business owners still finding their footing with the best email platforms.

With a forever free package for up to 2,000 contacts, MailChimp is simple to use, easy on the pocket, and still has a rich set of features for the user’s perusal.

Recently, the software has become a one-stop shop for everything related to marketing, starting from website building and A/B testing to CRM and social media marketing.

Best of all, MailChimp integrates with almost 300 other apps that allow for increasing list building and lead generation.


  • Basic email marketing package for free.
  • An expansive set of advanced marketing tools at affordable rates.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop email campaign builder.
  • Has over 300 integrations.


  • Limits on emails send per day or month.
  • Tough to get hold of customer service.

Email marketing services packages:

 Email Marketing Services
MailChimp Pricing
Up to 500 contactsFreeEssentialsStandardPremium
Monthly Plans0 USD9.38 USD14.01 USD280.21 USD

8. MailJet

Email Marketing Software mailjet
MailJet Email Marketing Services

With a catchy name promising lightning-fast service, MailJet is a solution to email marketing for those businesses with long lists of subscribers.

When you avail of the free plan by MailJet, you get 6,000 email sends per month or 200 email addresses per day for unlimited contacts.

Letting the user pay as their subscriber base grows, MailJet is an email marketing service with good reporting capabilities, satisfactory transactional email functionality, and an outstanding user guide.

For those on a shoestring budget, MailJet’s free, albeit limited, plan is one of the best in the market.


  • Easy to use.
  • No cap on list size.
  • Best suited to those with large lists who send only a few emails.


  • Lack of advanced tools that most email marketing services offer in the basic plan.
  • Off-putting pricing plans.

Email marketing services packages:

Email Marketing Software mailjet
MailJet Pricing
For 15,000 emails per monthFreeEssentialPremiumCustom
Monthly Plans  Only 6000 emails per month  15 USD  25 USD    Upon Request
Annual Plans 13.50 USD22.50 USD 

9. Mailerlite

 Email Marketing Services
Mailerlite Email Marketing Services

With features like popups, embedded forms, and exciting landing pages, Mailerlite is one of the top email marketing platforms for small and mid-sized businesses.

This web-based email marketing software simplifies marketing for business owners by integrating the common e-commerce platforms and marketing tools.

Mailerlite allows users to view the email deliverability with a click map and opens by location reports. The interface of Mailerlite is simple, giving it an understated reputation, but the platform is powerful.

Best known for the growth-focused features that hold their own in the market, Mailerlite is the right choice if the business does not have a large pool of clients yet.

The forever free plan starts for lists with less than 1,000 contacts, and Mailerlite offers flexible tiered plans to suit everyone’s needs and budget.


  • One of the best free email marketing software.
  • Easy to understand interface.
  • 24/7 customer support via chat and mail.
  • Popups and embedded forms generate more leads.
  • Advanced targeting features to streamline emails.
  • Outstanding email deliverability.


  • Not suited for business with large lists

Email marketing services packages:

 Email Marketing Services
Mailerlite Pricing
Up to 1000 contactsFreeGrowing BusinessAdvancedEnterprise
Monthly Plans  0 USD10 USD21 USD  Custom Pricing
Annual Plans 9 USD19 USD 

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Email Marketing Software And Services (FAQs)

What are the advantages of personalized email marketing software?

Consumers like it when brands know and cater to their needs. With numerous channels available lately to study the preferences and habits of a client, consumers practically expect a highly personalized service from any company they interact with.
By making use of personalized email marketing software, conversion rates are much higher than ever. Customized emails keep the clients engaged and retain the consumer while building brand affinity and loyalty. Personalized emails are one of the most cost-effective ways to nurture leads and customer relations. 
Try: ActiveCampaign E-Mail Marketing

What is targeted email marketing software?

Targeted email marketing is one of the best digital marketing techniques that send customized emails to a relevant audience.
For instance, playing a 70-year-old woman with emails promoting skateboards is a drain on time and resources. Data analytics have advanced enough to segment the customers on an email list according to their age, sex, habits, location of residence, and so on.
Targeted email marketing software makes use of these data analytics to reach out to the right customer with the right service. That is a surefire way to boost sales, generate new customers, and keep the audience engaged. People are only likely to read emails that seem remotely relevant to their interests, so if avoiding the Spam folder is your aim, targeted email marketing is the solution.

What is an email client?

Undoubtedly, a very small portion of today’s population is not an email client. An email client is simply the reader of the email, or more formally, the message user agent that uses a computer program to access and manage emails.
For instance, when you use your email address for shopping from an e-commerce store, you become an email client as you are added to a list of clients to whom the seller promotes the products in the future.

How can we achieve CRM with email marketing software?

Initially, email marketing involved casting a wide net with marketing attempts, of which only a few turned out to be interested parties and leads.
Such marketing practices became intrusive and led to the advent of spam solutions. However, with the latest email marketing software, CRM is achieved through courtesy.
Every marketing interaction a brand has with a subscriber is tailored to the subscriber’s needs. Companies nurture relationships with their customers using data analytics and behavior modeling to reach out to consumers with relevant emails alone.
This way, every email becomes a notification regarding something applicable to the audience, and these interested parties generate conversions and revenue better than any other marketing tool.

How can a small business make the best of free email marketing software?

Every small business has different expectations from an email marketing platform. To make the best of a marketing solution, choose one that is easy to use and avoids all the spam filters. As much as free email marketing services are concerned, functionality is always limited.
This is why you need to check on the delivery rates that the service provides. Even with a large pool of interested parties, leads cannot be generated if the email does not land in their inboxes.
Any next-to-best email service offers drag-and-drop landing page builders, open-source email marketing software, and creating templates for emails. Choose wisely among these to design the most eye-catching and engaging visuals possible. Pick servers that allow the usage of different domains.
To ensure high click-and-open rates, businesses should include new domain addresses each time. Lastly, go for software that features personalization and list segmentation to generate even more leads as the business grows.

What is the best solution to email marketing hassles for small businesses?

The best solution to email marketing hassles for a small business is highly dependent on the industry, the size of the client list, and the budget set by the company.
For companies that require advanced and complex features for a budget, ActiveCampaign is the best solution. If personalized email marketing is the business strategy, Moosend has the best free package with customization and automation features. HubSpot is another one of the choices if your business has a better budget.
Most email marketing solutions do not have a forever free package or a package at lower rates that small businesses can afford. Hence, the best solution for each business is best left to their own choices. 

Final Thoughts: Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business

We make the list of the best email marketing software and b2b email marketing services out there. While many providers dominate the market, the ultimate decision lies with the user.

Factors such as price point, key features, duration of use, and so on are crucial in deciding whether even the best email marketing services suit your business needs.

From email platforms that offer creators forever free services to enterprise email marketing software, b2b email marketing services, and open source email marketing software, for long-established business owners, finding the right service may take some trial and error.

However, the efforts will be worth it in the end. Get your email marketing software today!

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We are full-time bloggers and affiliate marketing experts. By following our guide, you can also make blogging your full-time job. And learn how to start a profitable blogging business.

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