11 Best Employee Training Software and Tool [Reviewed 2023]

For the success of an organization, it is essential that an employee’s skills and knowledge match the organization’s goals which can be done by training employees, So in the absence of employee training software and tool, the learning employees may find it difficult to keep up with the company goals.

And this is where employee development and training programs and business training software play a crucial role because they create online courses.

Organizations that can adapt to any situation are more likely to succeed.

It is the same for an employee who is more adaptable and aligned with company goals. Such employees can be more productive for the company in the long run.

An effective training program is a result of a prompt assessment in an organization.

Online courses and training solutions can help improve employees’ skills and company goals.

Since traditional methods of employee development and training could not be used for the past couple of years corporate training software has arisen.

These online employee training tool are changing the future of work and influencing how companies build and keep their staff.

Do Employee Training Software worth it actually?

Let’s Find It-

Best Employee Training Software and Tool 2023

Employees are very important for every business’s success.

The need for employee training and development programs or employee training programs is essential. There are training programs that employees may use to improve their performance.

Effective training and development help to improve employees a lot.

It fulfills their job requirements better.

They have a better understanding of company policies and regulations and are also comfortable with company software applications which enhance employee skills

Following are the 11 Best Online Employee Training Software and tool in 2023

1. Absorb LMS (Best Overall)

Absorb LMS
Absorb LMS employee training tool

Absorb LMS provides a convenient online training software tool that improves employees’ performance from the initial phase.

As it is made using the best technology, Absorb LMS focuses on excellence and it is user-friendly.

Prepares newly recruited and existing employees using AI and personalizes the educational experiences for each employee.

Also, Absorb LMS is an intuitive online staff development program.

Accessible for the admin and employee interfaces intended to fulfill the WCAG 2.0 accessibility criteria with flexible functionality and sophisticated AI.


Absorb LMS pricing
Absorb LMS Pricing

Absorb LMS price, starting at $800/month for small enterprises.

Source Absorb LMS Youtube Channel

Absorb LMS Highlights:

  • Absorb LMS employee training tool enables smart administration-based training.
  • Absorb LMS assures employee engagement.
  • Enables effective employee learning, reporting and analytics.
  • Assured 100% learners’ experience by Absorb LMS.
  • This employee training software Supports mobile.
  • Extensive content library by Absorb LMS employee training tool.
  • 24/7 customer support by Absorb LMS.

2. Thinkific (Best Overall)

Thinkific software LMS (online training tool)
Thinkific employee training tool

Thinkific provides a platform for the company to develop and create courses, that are online based on their current expertise.

It is user-friendly and provides tools for each SME at each stage of their online staff training program.

Also, Thinkific is a one-of-a-kind online learning framework that helps anybody instantly develop and achieve excellent programs and brand them.

Using Thinkific makes it simple to educate their clients, offer courses to generate cash, or expand their business and engage with their employees learning experiences.

Thinkific Price:

Thinkific price
Thinkific Pricing

Starts at $39/month for a basic plan and also offers a free trial.


  • Allows easy employee learning, and content management with an interactive activity dashboard
  • Enables assessment management
  • This employee training tool allows branding
  • Allows pre-set templates customization
  • Enables integrations with third-party
  • 24/7 customer support

3. LearnUpon (Employee Training Software)

LearnUpon LMS Training Software
LearnUpon employee training tool

LearnUpon, another LMS online learning, offers HR a range of tools for creating, assigning, monitoring, and measuring employee learning & development programs at a single center.

Also, LearnUpon enables businesses to construct corporate wikis and information sources where workers can discover responses to corporate policies and frequently asked questions.

It also includes options for boosting the company’s employee recruitment and improvement.

It also suggests instructional techniques for a particular team, including sales and marketing.


LearnUpon LMS Training Software pcicing
Learn Upon Pricing

LearnUpon pricing starts at $699/month for up to 50 Users


  • LearnUpon allows the custom creation of learning programs
  • Enables process automation
  • Allowing the creation of an information site
  • Enables employee learning, tracking, and analyzing course activities
  • Enables reporting automation
  • Allows maximum integrations
  • 24/7 customer support available on this employee training tool

4. Trainual

Trainual Employee Training Software

Trainual is one-stop employee empowerment and compliance framework for SMBs and growing businesses.

Its course creation tool gives HR plenty of models on which to create customized training programs.

Trainual allows organizations to create data sources, enabling staff to browse a comprehensive corporate database.

This database contains how-to articles and frequently asked questions that the employees can access anytime from any of their devices.

Trainual also streamlines processes like newly hired employee orientation and interfaces using dozens of work tools such as Gusto, Slack, Justworks, Zenefits, etc.


Trainual Pricing

Starting at $99/month for up to 10 seats included


  • Allows custom course creation.
  • Supports Audio-Visual pluggable contents in different.
  • Trainual Employee Training Software offers pre-set templates.
  • Enables internal information base creation that is mobile-friendly and searchable.
  • Allows over 700 integrations with other corporate applications.
  • 24/7 customer support on this Employee Training Software

5. TalentLMS

 TalentLMS software review
 TalentLMS Employee Training Software

TalentLMS is a corporate learning management system (LMS) solution that focuses on training programs, recruitment, and coaching regarding regulations in the company structure.

This corporate training software enables enterprises to develop dynamic e-learning programs in a few steps.

TalentLMS is also available as a smartphone application, allowing employees to practice at their convenience and control the pace of the course.

It also enables corporations to create custom content for training purposes through an easy-to-use platform for developing programs that complement company promotion.


 TalentLMS software pricing online training tool
Talent LMS Pricing

Starting at $69/month for up to 40 users


  • Enables learning program creation through easy drag-and-drop keys
  • Talent LMS employee training tool allows live-based training sessions
  • Engaging tests and questionnaire preparation
  • Allows live monitoring of training activities
  • Allows custom designs and branding in the module
  • 24/7 customer support on this Employee Training Software

6. Eduflow

Eduflow LMS software review online training tool
Eduflow Employee Training Software

Eduflow is a user-friendly dynamic LMS online training tool that is ideal for businesses to enable them to provide better employee learning and higher education.

It enables businesses to operate interactive, blended training through its design engages participants and boosts information retention using a modern and easy-to-use interface.

Eduflow may function as an exclusive LMS, or it can link with any existing LMS.


Eduflow LMS pricing
Eduflow Pricing

Starts at $20/month For Lite Plan and also offers a free trial.


  • Offer a built-in learning management system
  • Allows employees to take the program at their convenience
  • Enables monitoring of program progress
  • Eduflow employee training tool allows easy assessment management
  • Enables blended knowledge sharing
  • Provides performance metrics through convenient performance management

7. 360 Learning

 online training tool
360 Learning online training tool

With cooperative Learning, 360Learning business training software enables training and development departments to promote ethos and progress.

The learning platform focuses on letting expert authors have user-friendly content.

The sales training solution blends interactive technologies with the ability of an LMS, allowing fast-growing businesses to unleash a system that focuses on communal experience rather than top-down information.

Training employees with 360Learning is the most convenient approach to recruiting and training new employees, training customer-facing staff, and building knowledge and expertise.


360Learning Employee training software pricing
360 learning Pricing

Starting at $8/month


  • Allows different multimedia formats in the learning program
  • This employee training tool enabled analytics feature
  • Easy content management
  • SCORM compliance
  • Allows employees to take the course at their convenience

8. iSpring Learn

 online training tool
iSpring Learn business training software

The extensive features and unexpectedly inexpensive cost of iSpring Learn are suitable for assisting SMEs in growing and prospering user-friendly learning experiences.

iSpring Learn training employees is a lightweight LMS with a robust writing tool. Companies may use iSpring to implement training, or improve ongoing development in their organization and teach workers no matter where they would be.

Training employees iSpring learns Native iOS and Android applications provide learners with quick access to programs, even when they may not have access to the internet. Managers receive quality at an affordable price. iSpring learn Personalized online technical help is available at all times.


staff training software
iSpring learn to price

iSpring learn Employee Training Software Price Starting at $2.82/month for a single for a minimum of 500 users.


  • iSpring learns Enabled built-in program customization.
  • iSpring learn allows tracking of engagement.
  • Provides comprehensive job description management.
  • Allows employee learning to monitor course and training progress.
  • iSpring learn enables easy content management.
  • Online learning management system LMS on the go.

9. ProProfs

 online training tool
Proprofs employee training tool

ProProfs provides a package of e-Learning solutions and online training tools to help businesses create training and skills development programs.

Also ProProfs LMS, ‘Training Maker,’ allows enterprises to generate client e-learning curriculums and materials.

The software suite offers businesses a support site where employees can discover responses to issues in a FAQ format or accessible Wiki-style site.

Its assessment application enables HR and management to evaluate if the employees have understood and gathered the information gained during the recruitment and learning process.


Starting at $19/month (Depending upon the custom packages, the price varies per user)


  • Making a training program for employees
  • ProProfs employee training tool allows Easy to Make Quizzes
  • Performance appraisal & evaluation solutions
  • Creating an information platform

10. Lessonly

online training tool
Business training software

Lessonly business training software is an employee development framework that streamlines the conception, execution, and administration of learning for businesses to create courses.

Staff sales training with Lessonly by pursuing custom-written lessons and verifying their knowledge was effective with on-demand practice examinations and tests.

Employee training programs Lessonly, online courses include employee empowerment and the training tools, such as customized assessment and app-integrated coaching, for continual staff growth and enhancement.

Price: Get by contacting them.


  • This Employee Training Software allows designing programs through a simple drag-and-drop feature.
  • Offers video, PDFs, quizzes, and other forms of audio & visual material.
  • Enables custom-branded internal wiki knowledge framework.
  • Allows custom tests and questionnaires creation.
  • Enables analytics and metrics into training courses and training progress.          
  • Allows learning on the go.

11. Skilljar

business training software (online training tool)
Business training software

Skilljar is the top business training software platform designed specifically for external training programs.

The corporate LMS provides businesses with all the sales training tools needed to recruit, train, connect and maintain customers and employees.

Companies may enhance adoption and subscription rates with Skilljar by offering regular, thorough, and quantifiable client learning. Skilljar’s online courses framework was designed especially for the external training of individuals.

Price: Get by Contacting them


  • Enables integration of live training sessions and online learning.
  • Incorporating live training sessions within a longer course and training progress.
  • Content manager permissions.
  • Live training email templates.
  • Allows bookmarking analytics.
  • Provides an interactive calendar that populates live training events.
  • Enables grouping of courses in a series.

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Employee Training tools [Key Features]

Training of Employee

Investing in an online training software tool has proven beneficial for the employees of a company.

It has proven crucial to their performance and productivity. The training tools are known to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees.

Following are the key features of employee training tools that help companies tremendously.

1. Assessment:

It is essential to ensure that the company objectives get realized. An effective training software platform solves the requirements of both the company and the individuals to educate.

The training program includes assessment tools that enable individuals to test their gained knowledge and measure their progress.

These Evaluation tools also enable L&D administrators to perform detailed qualitative research to solicit opinions on its effectiveness.

Once the course gets completed, they may use the methods to analyze whether the staff is effectively meeting the demands of the customers and the company.

2. Reporting:

The training software platform and their online courses’ goal is to measure individual online learning and competencies.

It also allows for identifying the gaps to deliver appropriate online training resources and link online training programs with the targeted goals.

Personal ability, group performances, and the duration it took to finish the online training program are all considered.

Statistical representations allow easy examination of data, which is a crucial staff training software feature.

Online courses and training enable keeping track of and analyzing progress regularly.

Several LMSs also feature automatic reporting that provides information directly to the management and the employee.

3. Scalability:

Online training technology and its training modules enable companies to develop while you improve operations.

The best employee training software is scalable, and it allows company personnel to cooperate beyond territorial barriers.

The knowledge pertaining may get delivered through the internet or phone applications.

It enables and allows change management how to share ideas on bettering the online training course.

4. Accessibility:

The best staff training software generates high-quality training materials.

It also ensures that the trainees have constant access to online learning materials. Online training software provides a comprehensive database that the trainees can refer to.

The trainees can access the database through any of the platforms. And they may do so to evaluate and further enhance their abilities and cement their learning as needed.

5. Customization:

Corporate online training software is completely customizable according to the needs of the employee. Also offer different training modules.

It enables personalizing the languages and sales training platforms. It may include multimedia materials to enhance the learning process.

Thorough personalization encompasses all features that improve the understanding of the employee and make it more interactive.

It offers an asynchronously software-designed course format, allowing employees to take the course at their leisure and over a convenient period.

6. Collaboration:

The best staff training software for online learning will always provide social media integration and collaboration features. Personalization of the training modules can be limiting for the employee as they may not be able to interact with their peers.

This tool helps them engage with their peers and allows sharing insights and experiences. It may be as group activities or live sessions.

7. Branding:

A significant aspect of the best staff development software may include the feature to integrate business branding.

The tool allows the addition of custom logos of the company to highlight its ownership and image. It can also showcase a brand-specific message that is exclusive to a company.

Benefits of Staff Training Software / Business training software

The employee training software can change management on how to manage employees better to maximize their performance. Business training software has Several other benefits of online employee training including:

1. Error Reduction:

Comprehensive training programs in any business will be beneficial for the employee to understand the need of the company and their role in it.

It mitigates the chances of mistakes by the employee and thus strengthens the workflow and output of the company.

2. Motivates Employees:

For employees, a lack of proper training and clarity of policies in the company leads to ambiguity regarding their work. Online training software designed tools hone their skills and also, by design, motivate them.

It may provide job satisfaction, clearer company policies, and security. A motivated employee will always contribute to the success of the company.

3. Keeps Knowledge:

Train and develop, Training software platforms to provide custom learning content and help create engaging materials. The personalized training content can encourage interaction and contribute to an enhanced experience.

It allows the employee to keep their knowledge and data shared during the process in a more effective and easy-to-understand manner.

4. Strengthens Employees:

Employee training software enables you to increase the abilities that every individual needs by strengthening learning paths.

It tackles employee weaknesses, offers relevant coaching, and develops cumulative qualified employees capable of working competently without continual help or supervision.

5. Cost-Effective:

As opposed to a live training program, e-learning programs are more cost-effective.

Companies often avoid an employee training investment as it may be beyond their budget. A business training software designed program can counter this problem.

Staff training software is affordable, and hence organizations can effectively reallocate budgets to other areas of their business.

Is online training effective for employees?

business training software (online training tool)
Business Training Software

As technologies develop and business approaches and tools develop businesses and workers must converge to understand expertise, ethics, and capacities.

E-Learning is one of the most effective strategies to improve the learning experience, understanding, and skills.

Providing staff with appropriate and regular training courses may assist businesses in improving quality and improving business results. Online Training through Employee Training Software has proven to be an effective tool.

It allows individual employee to explore their learning capacity and enhance their professional abilities, leading them to become more efficient at work.

As it is far more affordable than live training, it can multiply the returns on investment dramatically.

Online training and development can get in-depth and detailed compared to offline. Employee training content programs assist individuals in enhancing their knowledge, software design, and abilities to keep up with business trends.

Such enhancements will have a favorable impact on employee efficiency, which results in increased revenues and output.

Ethical standards, social interactions, and security are some of the knowledge and skills that the employees may gain via training programs.

Learning accessibility grows

When businesses do not have to worry about whether training facilities are available or even the accessibility of the course in a situation.

Online learning enables corporations and people to teach people in the world using technology.

When employee evaluations show a necessity for development in a specific area or ability, training courses for employees could help meet this demand. As a result, training programs can target an identifiable issue and progress to a resolution.

Online training content programs may also aid in preparing the personnel who are advancing in their careers and assuming greater responsibility within a business.

E-learning online training tool assists them in gaining the new skills necessary to perform successfully in the new roles.

They may teach managerial techniques compliance training or a specific program used in their additional responsibility.

Employees can benefit from training programs that teach them specialized tech skills and IT concepts, such as how to operate software products and software design.

By providing information on the technology and increasing organizational productivity, businesses can educate their staff to produce charts and worksheets, change data in databases, and interpret network settings.

E-training online training tools can also strengthen employees by providing access to training materials that may interest them. It makes them more efficient and reliable as an employee for their knowledge.

Employee Training Software [Key Features]

It is clear that online training software offers a lot for staff development. But they are not limited. They have proven to be effective in several other areas for an employee, for example:

  • Employee Training software has directly resulted in improved performance because of real-time evaluations.
  • Employee Training Software ensured standardizing operations in the workplace.
  • E-learning ensured minimal wastage of resources, which resulted in reduced costs through the authoring tool.
  • The program has directly resulted in eliminating the need to be monitored because of online training content effectiveness.
  • Employee Training Software created more opportunities for employees within the organizational structure.
  • It has removed ambiguity in company policies and helped employees to understand company goals and compliance training.
  • It has resulted in an improved working environment and it is mobile-friendly.
  • Employee Training tool has updated the use of technology in any business.

Types of Online Employee Training Software

With the help of HR software training, managers and HR professionals can design and distribute training and development courses to their staff and track participation, performance, and results.

Using a wide range of online courses, educational resources, quizzes, interactive material, gaming, and more, HR departments can standardize an employee training and development process throughout the entire organization’s employee training techniques.

Talent LMS, Thinkific, and Absorb LMS Software are some of the best online employee training software for employee training and development

There are four types of online employee training software: 

1. Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Companies and their training units employ corporate learning management system (LMS) systems like Talent LMS to carry out and oversee internal professional development and employee training programs.

Corporate learning management systems (LMSs) are HR software that helps businesses with employee onboarding, role-based training, and ongoing education.

These products provide managers with many resources, including content repositories, editors, controls, and reporting mechanisms. Thanks to these solutions, students also benefit from having quick and simple access to their training programs, courses, and overall progress. 

2. Digital Adoption Platforms

A digital adoption platform is an add-on piece of software that works in tandem with another app, website, or digital medium to help users become proficient with it.

Such platforms do this by outlining steps for completing key tasks and providing relevant background data as users explore the underlying medium.

Training software platforms, like Thinkific, aid in the rapid onboarding of new users and the continuous training of existing ones to increase the likelihood that new features and capabilities will be used.

3. Knowledge Management System

An Employee training tool, such as Absorb LMS Software, designed specifically for managing knowledge is known as knowledge management (KM) software, and it is a subset of enterprise content management (ECM) software.

The term, knowledge management, refers to a set of procedures used by a person, a company, or an organization of any size to better locate, produce, represent, and re-distribute data for various uses.

Generally speaking, “information management software” refers to any online employee training courses that facilitate a specific information practice or set of practices at any point in the information management cycle. 

4. Video Training Software

You may easily make, distribute, and view training movies using software designed specifically for this purpose.

Talent LMS, Thinkific, and Absorb LMS software also include analytic tools that may help you learn crucial information about how your staff engages with the videos. You’ll be able to hone your training method with employee training software as a result and will be beneficial in employee development.

Conclusion (Employee Training Software)

Employee Training tool
Employee Training Software

While companies can never be too confident to have gained the best personnel or talents, they can always continue to educate and grow the existing employees to ensure business prosperity.

The risk of failing to act is too much. Individuals that make it a practice to develop and gain new skills will outperform those who do not.

Companies may always rely on the effectiveness of the best employee training software to ensure a more productive workforce.

An effective business training software program is a result of a prompt assessment in an organization.

Training content solutions can help improve employees’ skills and company goals through their authoring tool

Since traditional methods of employee development, employee onboarding, and compliance training could not be used for the past couple of years, corporate training software has arisen.

This online employee training software for employee solutions and business training software is changing the future of work and influencing how companies build and keep their staff and compliance training.

Online Learning is a lifetime endeavor, and instilling it in an employee can help make businesses more adaptable to change.

Companies must ensure that proper professional development and training programs are part of their structure.

Employee development by learning management system LMS will provide companies with more balanced personnel that can take on demanding jobs, while online training will provide more competent staff.

As a result, these are equally vital and must be at the center of every business.

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