5 Best Construction Estimating Software 2022

Estimating building costs is a vital part of any building endeavor. The general contractor or builder must develop thorough cost estimates, timetables, and construction plans to correctly estimate the cost of a building project. Fortunately, the market is flooded with excellent estimating software that serves this precise function for a construction estimator. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the best home builder software, residential estimating software, and construction estimating software.

Cloud-based or locally installed construction estimating software and residential estimating software simplify and improve the development of budgets and timetables for building projects. There is a wide range of options for construction home builder software, from basic spreadsheet templates to complex, cloud-based collaborative programs with a wide range of capabilities that improve more than just the estimate process.

In this piece, we’ll look at the many contractor estimate software and construction cost estimator available to contractors to generate reliable project cost estimates.

What is the Best Construction Estimating Software?

1. Square Takeoff (Best construction estimator)

estimating software
Square Takeoff construction estimating software

Square Takeoff construction estimating software is a web-based service that streamlines building project estimation, takeoff, and bid management phases. One of the finest takeoff programs, Square Takeoff residential estimating software is a reasonably priced cloud solution with a solid user interface, interesting connectors, and broad applicability.


Square Takeoff construction estimating software
Estimating Software
  • Since it is a web-based service, Square Takeoff home builder software is compatible with any web-enabled gadget, whether a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Square Takeoff home value estimator is a cloud-based app with excellent facilities for real-time communication across distributed teams.
  • Square Takeoff construction cost estimating is powerful enough to be used by general contractors, plumbers, roofers, and most other experts making it ideal for residential and commercial construction.
  • Counting and calculating for takeoff is a breeze with Square Takeoff estimating software, thanks to its straightforward point-and-click interface.

Key Highlight

It’s easy to manage your complete workflow with the help of Square Takeoff’s civil construction estimating software because it works well with other programs like Excel, Google Maps, and Buildertrend project management software. Square Takeoff provides a great deal of personalization while being equipped with a materials database and labor cost estimations.


Square Takeoff Pricing
  • Free Trial available.
  • One-time payment of $1299.
  • Renews annually at just $599.


  • Platform-independent, cloud-based software application top construction estimating software.
  • Free for 14 days with huge savings for returning clients.
  • It supports estimating tasks and has a wide range of compatible add-ons that gives clear estimates.


  • Compared to competing competitors, it has a somewhat smaller roster of features.
  • Adopting a new user interface may need some practice.

2. PlanSwift

construction estimator
PlanSwift Construction Estimating Software

With its intuitive UI, strong capabilities for a wide range of transactions, and tight connection with Microsoft Excel, PlanSwift construction estimating software has quickly become one of the market’s most popular takeoff solutions. PlanSwift residential estimating software is a leading option for takeoff software, even though it is incompatible with Apple OS systems and does not have built-in online services for collaboration and storage.


  • PlanSwift home builder software has a robust feature set, including helpful tools like plan import, cost estimation, and assembly design.
  • Takeoff software tools tailored to general contractors, drywallers, electricians, floor layers, framers, deck builders, HVAC specialists, insulators, landscapers, masons, painters, and plumbers are just some of the specialized features included.
  • Reviews of PlanSwift’s home value estimator customer service found online are positive.

Key Highlight

PlanSwift’s takeoff and construction cost estimating features are a huge time saver for the company’s customers. PlanSwift delivers both technologies in one system, saving you the bother of locating and implementing two distinct takeoff solutions.


construction estimator
PlanSwift Pricing
  • Free 14-day trial.
  • PlanSwift Professional: $1895
  • 1-on-1 Custom Training (3 hours): $300


  • A very flexible and feature-packed program.
  • Brings together the features of takeoff and estimation into a single package.
  • This one-time purchase and unlimited access are a steal.


  • Not hosted in the cloud; not compatible with iOS devices.
  • Slow plan loading times and an out-of-date user interface.

3. Stack

construction estimator
Stack Construction Estimator

Users of Stack construction estimating software, a cloud-based takeoff and estimating software solution for the construction industry, may swiftly measure digital designs for use in cost estimates. Stack residential estimating software is well recognized as a leading takeoff software solution. It’s functional for everyone from general contractors to concrete contractors to house builders to interior finishers to landscapers to masons to roofers to anybody else in the construction industry.

With an A+ rating from the BBB and good marks across the board at all the big software review websites, Stack home builder software has one of the most outstanding customer reputations in the takeoff and estimating software industry.


  • The great launch solution offered by STACK home value estimator, construction estimator is simple to learn and can be accessed from any computer, including Macs and iPads.
  • Users may transfer blueprints from their own devices or cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Evernote.
  • In addition to Procore, Buildertrend, SmartBid, and Dodge Data and Analytics, Stack construction cost estimating is compatible with a wide range of additional products.

Key Highlight

STACK provides an extensive set of features meant to streamline the process of doing a quantity takeoff. The program employs potent automation methods to quickly and precisely determine material amounts, including auto-count and area and volume measurements. Assemblies and components may be rapidly accessed from STACK’s library, eliminating the need for users to repeatedly do difficult computations.


residential estimating software pricing
Stack Construction Estimator Pricing
  • Try: Free Version
  • Start: $2,499 /yr
  • Grow: $5,499 /yr
  • Build: Contact Customer Service


  • Completely web-based service that records takeoffs in real-time
  • Top-notch usability, training, and assistance for users.
  • Possibility of reusing sophisticated, user-created assemblies in future endeavors.


  • The yearly renewal fees might add up quickly.
  • It may take a while to reach customer service.

4. Sage

residential estimating software
Sage residential estimating software

Sage construction estimating software is more than just software; it is the most popular cost estimating solution in the building industry. With the aid of Sage residential estimating software, construction project building enterprises may increase their percentage of successful bids. Preconstruction bidding uses crucial industry data and AI to provide the most precise estimations. 


  • Sage Estimating’s home builder software’s many takeoff techniques let you quickly and easily import item or group-level data from domain-specific databases into your bid sheet.
  • Users can manually enter the site’s measurements or use one of many built-in electronic takeoff methods to automatically retrieve the site’s dimensions.
  • Sage contractor estimate software also aids with predicting labor, material, and overhead costs, allowing estimators to submit competitive bids.
  • The Sage home value estimator is a sophisticated and reliable tool for estimating.

Key Highlight

Sage construction cost estimating includes tools for deciding on a vendor, getting bids from subcontractors, placing orders, and monitoring expenses for completed jobs. Users may compare these actuals with predicted values for a complete view of the situation. As a bonus, the construction estimator sage group may be used with Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate to facilitate the automation of bookkeeping and reporting processes.


  • Contact Customer Support for details. 


  • The system supports the usual, company-wide breakdowns of an estimate and the more intricate, bid-form-specific breakdowns.
  • This standardized estimating approach helps departments work together to produce enormous estimates.


  • The inability to develop a takeoff system that is driven by specifications.
  • The takeoff cannot be error checked against a specification to ensure that the entry is accurate.

5. QuickBooks

QuickBooks Construction Estimating Software

The QuickBooks construction estimating software is one of the finest construction accounting software solutions for general contractors and subcontractors who have trouble or spend too much time keeping track of the prices of specific tasks. The QuickBooks residential estimating software desktop program is a specialized version of Intuit’s flagship QuickBooks Premier product made with the building trade in mind. This construction cost estimating software, construction estimator has extra tools and data to help you plan for and keep track of the money you spend on big projects.


  • Quickbooks online streamlines your workload by including project costing and standard accounting functions.
  • The inventory management tools in QuickBooks online login are identical to those in QuickBooks Premier Essentials.
  • While subscribing, you’ll have access to any future bug fixes and feature additions for QuickBooks online accounting.
  • QuickBooks home builder software desktop is now 64-bit, which improves the software’s speed and efficiency.

Key Highlight

Create and deliver professional-looking project estimates with the QuickBooks tool hub. Suppose you need to adjust your first estimate. In that case, QuickBooks contractor estimate software will generate a change order that you can easily email to the client. Receipts may be uploaded to QuickBooks Contractor and connected to cost entries for further verification and accuracy.


QuickBooks Pricing
  • Plus: $42/month.
  • Advanced: $100/month.


  • Efficiently allocate direct expenses to tasks with QuickBooks payroll.
  • Check the estimated expenses vs. the real ones with  QuickBooks time.
  • Make cost projections for the task at hand with QuickBooks download.
  • Register Orders for Alterations with QuickBooks pro. 


  • Indirect expenses can’t be automatically assigned to tasks.
  • Lacks tools for managing building projects

What is Construction Estimating Software?

Costs associated with building a structure might be challenging to predict, but construction estimating software can assist general contractors. To identify and submit a bid price for a project, it is necessary to produce an estimate by estimating the expenses of labor, materials, subcontractors, and equipment with a construction cost estimator.

Construction estimating software with construction estimates is a subset of construction management software used to create estimates, which are then used to negotiate a construction contract and oversee the building process. The estimating software for construction comes equipped with several construction estimate templates, each of which can be customized with your company’s branding, the client’s contact details, the specifics of the products and services to be provided, and the agreement’s terms and conditions.

Construction professionals, including architects, engineers, and project managers, will use estimate construction software for construction cost estimating, not just for bid management but for any situation in which an estimate is required. Construction bidding software has additional features such as work cost monitoring, contractor estimate template, report generation, and schedule creation.

Wrap Up: Estimating Software

Estimating Software
Estimating Software

Everyone needs an accurate estimate of construction cost, whether they’re a startup, a home builder, or a specialized contractor. For many of these professions, having a single, comprehensive tool to handle this crucial part of the client signing process is essential. It’s hard to keep expenses and labor hours stable while still providing excellent customer service if estimations are inaccurate.

Ultimately, it comes down to your company’s specific demands, your available money, and the specific features you want in a building cost estimator. Once personal preferences and objectives have been established, you can get an edge over the competition by developing estimates with construction estimating software utilizing cutting-edge contractor tools and technologies that will please both you and your customers.

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