How to Make Money on TikTok [ Ranked 2022]

The age we live in is nothing short of a digital revolution. We have adapted our technology habits to fit into a more modern lifestyle.

TikTok has come into the spotlight as the most up and coming platform to run a business and make a living.

So the question is How to Make Money on TikTok ?

Can you do the same ?

Lets Dig’s in-

How much money can you make on TikTok ?

Like with other platforms, there is no limit to your earning potential using this digital media platform.

Depending on which strategies you use, you either be making a few dollars a week as a side gig or earning thousands a month as your main hustle.

Most Tik Tokers average income between  $200 to $2000 a week.

These are big numbers when you consider that more than half of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24.

They usually either create their own content, become famous and monetise their accounts, or use TikTok as a marketing platform for their business and brand.

Here we give you a comprehensive summary of how to make money on Tik Tok in 2022.

TikTok vs YouTube fight

As TikTok gained traction, people started comparing it with the reliable and long-reigning YouTube.

As the audience, the winner is based on personal preference. However, as creators, the two platforms differ greatly in terms of their advantages.

The Battle of the Platforms consisted of famous Tik-Tokers and YouTubers competing against one another in a boxing match.

In case of a knockout, the loser would have to pay the winner $1 million.

The most interesting match was between Tik Toker Bryce Hall and YouTuber  Austin McBroom, but most matches resulted in Draws.

Fun to follow, but these boxing matches don’t tell us much about the commercial utility of being a creator on these apps. We now consider how you can make money through TikTok.

6 Ways to make money on Tik Tok:

What else can you do apart from creating trendy videos?

Here are some stable techniques you can apply regardless of the genre of your videos that can help you earn money no matter what is trending.

1. Take advantage of the Creator’s Fund

The Creator’s Fund makes you money depending on your reach and influence on the app.

You need to be above 18, based in the US or a selection of European countries and should have gained at least 100K video views in the last month.

The Creator’s Fund uses AI that rewards you based only on authentic views.

2. Donations through Live Streams

If you’re familiar with Twitch, getting gifts through Live Streams will make sense to you.

This, however, is an indirect way to earn and it can take quite a bit of effort before it feels like you’ve made an adequate amount.

It helps more with increasing engagement with your users in the long-run.

3. Sponsorships and paid collaborations

Get your favorite brands to collaborate with you. You could have an account based on product reviews or smartly place brand-aligned products in your videos.

This is one of the most rewarding money-making techniques influencers use.

4. Managing Influencers

If you want to be part of the Tik Tok world but don’t believe you have what it takes to be in the videos, consider managing other influencers.

Considering most creators are young and untrained, you can get some training and experience and help them manage their accounts.

5. Using TikTok as a marketing platform

If your videos are not your product, they can be the supporting element to your product.

Use TikToks for marketing and creating a brand image for your business.

Since Tik Tok is downloaded on almost every other smartphone these days, this is the cheapest and most effective way of increasing marketing reach.

6. Selling TikTok accounts

This option is right for you if you want the experience of running an account and the money, but don’t want to limit yourself to one genre of videos.

This helps you explore different audiences as you grow accounts from scratch and then sell them to a worthy content creator for good amounts.

How much money you make will depend on the engagement your account has with its followers so you do have to put in effort.

Quick Tips for making money on TikTok

  • Use Hashtags
  • Collaborate with other Influencers
  • Keep improving Video Quality
  • Post Consistently

Learn to monetise your account

To monetise your account, the first step is to get a good following.

Numbers are great, but one aspect that many creators misinterpret is associating a large following with greater influence.

It is possible to have smaller numbers in your following but have the same impact that another creator with twice the following could have.

If you make engaging content that users are receptive to and respond to rather than mindlessly consuming, you’ve got great power in your hands.

But how do you get there? Hop onto ongoing trends to increase your visibility on the app. Here are three content trends that are trending in 2022:

1. Dance Tiktoks

These might have gotten a bad rep, but the truth is that they are as addictive as they are challenging to make.

They seem easy, but most dance tik tokers put a lot of effort into their videos.

They use trendy songs that get stuck in people’s heads and use replicable steps.

When people copy the dance routine, the original tiktok gets more attention and eventually becomes a success.

2. Tutorials

Tutorials are a new genre of videos on TikTok. A variety of tasks are covered: from DIY to home renovation to study vlogs, tutorials are inspiring and make a good option.

Say you create a tutorial for a great coffee recipe that people are likely to want to try.

They save it and come back to it the next time they’re making themselves a cup of joe.

They rewatch it again and again throughout the process, getting you views on views in the process.

3. Spirituality

The most recent thing has been spiritual videos. People sharing insightful experiences or quotes from their favorite authors has become a source of motivation for their followers.

They transformed the platform from a source of entertainment to a network of inspired and driven individuals supporting each other.

Hopping onto this trend will not only get you followers and make you money, but you might also discover other individuals to be inspired from.

4. Makeup and Transformation Videos

These have been around for a while, but they sure do hit hard.

There are only so many glow-up videos you can make, but if you’re inclined towards makeup, this is a great opportunity.

If you combine makeup and tutorials, you can hit the jackpot. You get an easy opportunity to work with brands and set up profitable collaborations.

5. Mashups and Remixes

Another zone to conquer could be cross-cultural music mashups.

They appeal to a wide audience from multiple cultures and become an outlet for you to showcase your talents online.

We’ve heard success stories of many artists that started on a digital media platform and established themselves as strong competitors in the industry. Could you be next?

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Tik Tok is an opportunity for the tech-savvy, no matter what their interests are. Once you’ve found your niche, you can blow up on Tik Tok and either make it your career or use it to boost your business.

As people turn to technology to accomplish tasks that were not possible before, making a living by becoming a digital entrepreneur no longer sounds ignorantly ambitious


How to make money on Tiktok?

Play it smart. Use all resources available to you but make sure you don’t create the impression of being a sell-out. Retain your authenticity while applying these digital marketing techniques.

How much can you make on Tiktok?

This depends on which strategies you use and what your own goals are. You could make a few dollars. You could also become a millionaire, as many others have.

How to go live on tik tok?

Going live on Tik Tok is similar to doing so on Instagram. Go to the Create section and Swipe to get to the Live option. Add a cover image and a title and hit the Go Live button.

When to post on Tiktok?

People are most likely to be scrolling when they’re in bed at night. This would be the most ideal time for you to post. Try to post at least 2-3 videos each week to steadily but surely build your reach.

How much does Tiktok pay?

Through the Creator’s Fund, TikTok pays you depending on your influence. You can pick a more plentiful source by collaborating with brands if you don’t meet the requirement for Creator’s Fund.

How to get verified on Tiktok?

On TikTok, you don’t get to apply to get verified. The TikTok team decides if you get the privilege if they notice consistent and authentic growth of your account.

Follow TikTok guidelines and produce high-quality content. It also helps if you’ve got verified influencer accounts on other platforms.

How to change Tiktok username?

In the Me section in the bottom right corner, you will find an option to Edit Profile.

Here, you can change your name, username, add a bio, and links to your other accounts.

How do you make money on Tiktok?

Sponsorships, collaborations, donations, Creator’s Fund, managing other influencers and selling accounts. Read our article above for details on how you can do this.

When is the best time to post on Tiktok?

Right before people wake up (around 7 am), after they get off work (5 pm), or when they go to bed (10 pm) would be ideal posting times.

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