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James Allen store is in a class by itself when purchasing an engagement ring with a diamond. Since its inception in 2006, the company has come to dominate the diamond e-commerce market. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed James Allen, so if you are planning to buy Diamond Jewelry then read this guide first. If you’re looking for the best jewelry online, go no further than JamesAllen.com. Compared to competing products, why should you buy from them instead?

How high-quality are their engagement rings, exactly?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in our detailed analysis of James Allen rings.

James Allen Diamonds 

james allen
JamesAllen Diamonds

James Allen, the biggest privately owned online retailer of diamonds, seeks to appease customers by easing the stress associated with purchasing an engagement ring. Customers may design their perfect emerald engagement rings with a few simple mouse clicks. Brand and online stores aim to streamline the process of purchasing by providing a large selection of settings and stones in various shapes, hues, and carat weights.

James Allen jewelry, which has been selling fine jewelry online since 2006, is considered by many to be the first company of its kind. Despite being in operation for less than ten years, James Allen diamonds founders have over sixty years of expertise. Nonetheless, the success of luxury brands relied heavily on the brick-and-mortar retail format, which is no longer as successful as it once was.

Brands are eager to improve the online consumer experience as e-commerce becomes a significant sales driver. James Allen is dedicated to this goal; they have just redesigned their website to provide the simplest, most streamlined process possible for purchasing James Allen engagement rings. This is why James Allen reviews are always positive. Here is a list of some of the rings and diamonds you can find at their store: 

james allen
Radiant cut diamond, Marquise diamond, Baguette diamond.
  • ruby ring
  • 3-carat diamond ring
  • radiant cut diamond
  • marquise diamond
  • amethyst necklace
  • cushion cut engagement rings
  • baguette diamond

What Makes James Allen Stand Out?

The conventional approach to choosing an emerald engagement ring is visiting a few different jewelry shops, browsing a small variety of diamonds, and then purchasing without having a thorough grasp of what you are looking at or buying.

That was before James Allen jewelers came along and completely altered how people buy high-end diamond cuts jewelry. Using their patented Diamond Display Technology, you may examine  James Allen rings in all their naked glory and check out the ring reviews.

James Allen stands out from the competition by offering an unmatched ruby necklace buying experience. Here’s what James Allen offers:

1. Huge Inventory

Allen jewelers inventory

Allen jewelers website sells over 200,000 loose diamonds. Each gem has a GIA, IGI, or AGS report. You can find an affordable stone with so many options for mens black wedding bands. It compares diamonds to help with selection.

2. Real-life HD product videos

3 carat diamond ring
Loose Diamonds

You must have a clear mental image when buying a diamond-adorned butterfly ring. Every fire opal diamond is unique, despite having the same clarity, color, and cut grades. James Allen’s 360-degree videos make spotting problems like these easy. The videos show which diamond has the best light performance and optical accuracy. 

3. Competitive Prices

james allen rings
Engagement rings

James Allen’s overhead costs are lower than brick-and-mortar stores because it has no storefront, inventory, or employees. These cost reductions are passed on to customers, lowering diamond prices for infinity rings.

Wedding ring sets

You can save 30–40% on diamonds online and find a wider selection and higher quality.

4. Huge Selection of Setting Designs with Customisation Options

360-degree videos.

James Allen has 600 beautiful settings for rose gold earrings. And the best part is, precisely like their loose diamonds, you can experience them in 360-degree videos. James Allen also offers free engraving to personalize black wedding rings. The options and freedom you have with James Allen are extensive.

5. Exclusive Collection

James Allen Jewelry

Diamonds from James Allen True Hearts emerald stone collection are hand-selected to have the highest possible optical performance and brightness. The CanadaMark Diamonds is another additional unique collection of Canadian diamonds that are available at JamesAllen. They only use the highest-quality stones for lv earrings, sourced from reputable vendors.

6. 24/7 Customer Service 

JamesAllen 24/7 Support

JamesAllen.com non-commissioned experts are available 24/7 to offer impartial advice. If you need immediate assistance with gold wedding bands, use the “Chat With Us” button. Also, they provide a handy assistance option whereby support agents may show you what they see on their displays.

7. Free 30-day Returns and Shipping!

james allen jewelry
James Allen Free 30-day Returns

James Allen guarantees product quality, so shopping for teardrop rings is risk-free. You can return anything within 30 days, and shipping is free worldwide. JamesAllen covers return shipping if you’re in the US. They will refund your purchase price if you are somewhat dissatisfied with the goods.

8. Upgrades and warranties

james allen diamonds
James Allen Upgrades and warranties

Regarding paper clip necklaces, James Allen is the only store that will stick with you long after you’ve swiped your card. JamesAllen lifetime guarantee includes free prong tightening, cleaning, repolishing, and replating diamond rings for women. In addition, if the value of the diamond you buy increases by at least 100%, you may trade it in for full credit towards a new purchase of a morganite ring.

How to Buy a Diamond Ring on James Allen?

Buying a diamond mens wedding rings is easy on James Allen. One of the best things about their diamond wedding bands for women is that the listings provide actual measurements of the stones’ sizes and shapes. Because of this, you can evaluate the diamond’s cut quality and how well it displays light. Follow these  simple steps for buying a ring on James Allen:

Step 1

Choose the kind of ring (mens wedding rings or wedding bands for women etc.). 

Step 2

Choose the setting for your opal ring from the various options they provide and set your budget.

Step 3

Once you have made a setting choice, you get an option to compare from various options and choose a diamond of your liking. It includes selecting the shape, color, clarity, cut, and carat. Every diamond opal ring on JamesAllen.com is photographed in 360° HD and magnified up to 40 times, creating a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

Step 4

Your ring is complete after choosing your setting and diamond. All you have to do now is add it to your card, make the payment, and checkout. Your diamond or rose gold engagement rings will be delivered to you safely. 

Things that you receive when you purchase a ring: 

  • Excellent Packaging: Your black diamond ring will have top-notch and excellent packaging, which is one of its kind 
  • AGS Proprietary Diamond Quality Report: James Allen provides AGS, and GIA reports with each purchase. 
  • Appraisal Document and Quality Assurance Card
  • Printed Invoice along with Warranty cards for your rose gold engagement rings.

White Sapphire Engagement Rings

james allen engagement rings
Engagement rings

 White sapphires are highly sought after because of their pristine white color and hardiness. Due to their beauty and durability, white sapphires are the ideal gemstone for daily jewelry like engagement rings and wedding bands. White sapphires are a beautiful addition to any ring design. White sapphire rings are an attractive and more economical alternative to the more conventional diamond rings for women. 

With hundreds of White Sapphire engagement ring selections, James Allen is your go-to for the perfect ring. Their range of collections is extraordinary, and if you are looking for a budget-friendly ring, this is the right choice. Here are some more famous ones that are available on the website:

  • radiant cut engagement rings
  • opal wedding rings
  • black rings for men
  • Disney engagement rings
  • pink sapphire
  • ruby earrings
  • band rings
  • fire opal
  • black diamond ring
  • morganite ring

James Allen Reviews (Summing Up)

Since their beginning more than a decade ago, James Allen wedding ring sets have expanded immensely. Jamesallen has amassed a solid fan base because of their dedication to constant innovation and exceptional customer service. 

James Allen’s business approach is sustainable since it focuses on assisting buyers in making the most informed decision for wedding ring sets, which helps their customers trust them. We hope this article gave you a clear insight into why you should choose James Allen near me for your next diamond purchase.

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