5 Best Landing Page Builder 2022

Landing pages are vital tools for marketers to create leads and improve email signups. A landing page builder is a great way to market your eBooks, whitepapers, checklists, discounts, or even just get people to sign up for your email list so you can send them updates.

A well-designed landing page that draws in the right kind of customers may also help your pay-per-click campaign along.

You need a landing page builder that is simple to use, has essential features like predesigned templates, integration with email marketing platforms, and A/B testing, and is also inexpensive for small company owners and professional bloggers if you want your landing pages to be successful.

Веst Lаndіng Раgе Вuіldеr   

To assist you in your efforts, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best landing page builder currently available:

1. Swipe Pages (Best Landing Page Builder)

Landing Page Builder
Swipe Pages- Landing Page Builder

With Swipe Pages, you can easily design landing pages that are suited for mobile use. When it comes to creating landing pages for mobile websites, they are among the finest. That’s because these sites load quickly and have high conversion rates. The loading time of a landing page is crucial for mobile devices.

Swipe Pages is great if most of your ad clicks come from mobile devices, thanks to its native AMP support and innovative ‘app-like experience, but it also allows you to create desktop-optimized pages. If you use a CRM or marketing automation platform like Zapier, Zoho, HubSpot, ConvertKit, MailChimp, or Campaign Monitor, Swipe Pages will work seamlessly with them.

Swipe Pages Features:

  • Includes “Smart Pages” that redirect mobile users to a tailored experience for their device.
  • Make landing pages that look like mobile apps.
  • AB Testing
  • System-wide Pauses with Instantaneous Keyword Substitution
  • Fifty or more templates and google font
  • Form-based lead capture and data transmission platform
  • Form-based product sales – Stripe and PayPal integration
  • Unique typefaces
  • Online store function

Swipe Pages Pros:

  • Easily create website and new pages 
  • Simple navigation and user-friendly UI
  • Global blocks (like Unbounce, Leadpages, and Instapage)
  • Provides seamless connections to a wide range of applications that users of all stripes are likely to find useful.
  • Superior assistance for clients
  • Best Landing Page Builder in the industry.

Swipe Pages Price:

  • Starter Plan: $39/month
  • Marketer Plan: $89/month
  • Agency Plan: $119/month

2. Leadpages (Best Landing Page Builder)

Landing Page Builder
Lead Pages- Landing Page Builder

Leadpages builders websites make it simple to create eye-catching opt-in campaigns for lead capture, customer conversion, and cross-channel scalabilities across your preferred digital marketing channels, such as Facebook advertising, Google Ads, and e-commerce. Leadpages makes it simple to test out numerous variations of a landing page side by side, allowing you to maintain what’s working and get rid of what isn’t.

Similar to Unbounce, it allows you to create landing pages templates, pop-ups, forms, alert bars, and even checkout processes (something Unbounce lacks). Also, the cost of Leadpages is fair.

Leadpages Features:

  • 160+ premade coupon template
  • Endless Mobile-Responsive Pages
  • Compatible with almost 40 different instruments
  • Easily collects leads with standardized forms
  • A/B testing
  • Supports WordPress integration
  • Integrate order confirmation and payment pages to launch a fully functional e-commerce platform.

Leadpages Pros:

  • The ability to rearrange elements with a simple drag-and-drop interface is a definite plus.
  • Supports add-ons, form making, and page layout
  • The capability of making changes to sites to make them mobile-friendly

Leadpages Price:

  • Standard Plan: $37/month
  • Professional Plan: $74/month
  • Advanced Plan: Contact Customer Service

3. Unbounce

Best Landing Page Builder
Unbounce- Landing Page Builder

The company says, “Unbounce is the simplest method to create and test unique landing pages, popups, and sticky bars for your website.” Raise your campaigns’ post-click conversion rates quickly.

The first website builder landing page creator was Unbounce. It may be said that they pioneered the field. You may use it to optimize your performance marketing efforts, make “coming soon” pages, collect emails directly on your site, and describe the more abstract aspects of your product.

The functionality of Unbounce is also expanding. You may get more out of your advertising budget with the help of their newly released “conversion intelligence package,” which uses AI to guide landing pages. The system is state-of-the-art and completely reliable.

Unbounce Features:

  • 100+ premade pages templates
  • Integration with WordPress
  • You can connect your Unbounce landing page or pop-up to your favorite email marketing, customer relationship management, and data analytics platforms.
  • A/B testing
  • SEM campaigns with dynamic keyword inclusion
  • Allows for the incorporation of pop-ups and sticky headers
  • Landing page enhancements: maps, scripts, and pixels
  • Full-page cloning and editing
  • Mobile pages optimized for AMP
  • Extremely rapid page loads, which ought to reduce your bounce rates and boost your conversion rate.

Unbounce Pros:

  • Simple interface
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface lead connector app
  • User-friendly page one two step templates, forms, and plugins
  • The capability of making changes to sites to make them mobile-friendly
  • Simple “stats engine” that makes analyzing data a breeze

Unbounce Price:

  • Launch Plan: $81/month
  • Optimize Plan: $122/month
  • Accelerate Plan: $203/month

4. Uсrаft

builders websites
Ucraft-Landing Page Builder

Ucraft is a website creation tool that helps you bring your ideas to life on the web with landing page templates. Comparable to Wix and Squarespace, this alternative is highlighted here because it is so polished and well-received. Furthermore, Ucraft will host your websites, so you can make a landing page right this second. There’s a robust drag-and-drop editor, and it can be integrated with just about everything you might want, from MailChimp and HubSpot to Google Analytics.

Uсrаft Features:

  • Includes about a hundred and twenty pre-made designs for use in creating forms and web pages.
  • Several third-party apps can be integrated with your webpage builder website. These include MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, HotJar, Google Analytics, Intercom, Mandrill, and Zendesk.
  • There will be no split-sample testing
  • To host the countdown site, you’ll need to choose a new web address.

Uсrаft Pros:

  • Landing page creation made entirely using drag-and-drop  countdown
  • Hosted by Ucraft
  • It’s simple to rearrange pages and launch a commercial site 
  • Ucraft is a genuine website creator



5. Іnstараgе

pages templates
Instapage- Landing Page Builder

Using one of Instapage’s 200+ premade pages templates, you can quickly and easily design a mobile-friendly landing page that is also visually appealing and consistent with your brand. No coding skills are required.

Pixel-perfect landing pages can be made with just a few clicks with our simple drag-and-drop editor. This is a rather costly item, unfortunately. Due to this, it is mostly used by corporations and government agencies.

According to them, Instapage is “the most powerful landing page platform for marketing teams and agencies” since it allows users to “control your post-click experience and enhance your conversion rates.”

Іnstараgе Features:

  • With over 200 pre-made templates
  • Simple, code-free synchronization with the likes of Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, and more
  • Lead capture forms that connect to services like MailChimp, Salesforce, Marketo, Zapier, HubSpot, GetResponse, Autopilot, AWeber, and more.
  • A/B testing 
  • Code embedding functionality for pages
  • On-Page Real-Time Visual Coordination
  • A web page builder that uses AMP and Thor Render Engine to create stunning visuals.
  • Incorporated Heatmaps
  • Alterations to global content using global blocks
  • Extremely rapid page loads, which ought to reduce your bounce rates and boost your conversion rate.

Іnstараgе Pros:

  • In terms of user-friendliness, it has the best interface and is the simplest to use.
  • Integration with WordPress in a straightforward manner
  • The ability to drag and drop items for count down easily facilitates the reorganization of material.
  • User-friendly page templates, forms, and plugins
  • Can make changes to a page in under a minute to make it mobile-friendly.
  • Exportable contact lists and easy-to-read analytics
  • The reason for the lower rating is bad encounters with customer service.

Іnstараgе Price:

  • Core Plan: $199/month
  • Agency and Team Plan: Begins at $999/month

What Should a Landing Page Builder Include?  

In this piece, we will share with you a few features of a landing page builder that we consider to be the most important: 

  1. Top-Quality, Fully-Optimized Templates

Because of the time and money savings over creating it yourself or hiring a web designer, landing page builders have become more popular. To avoid wasting time, go elsewhere if a builder doesn’t provide you with aesthetically pleasing landing page templates and an editor that makes it simple to modify them.

  1. Modifications for Mobile Use

Find a landing page creator that has some intuitive mobile optimization features. Keep in mind that our goal is to locate a landing page builder that will facilitate rapid, error-free, and self-assured publication.

  1. Automated Split-A/B Testing

Landing page testing services like Optimizely, VWO, and others may be paid for, but the best option is to choose a platform that incorporates A/B testing from the start. Simply said, it saves time and effort.

  1. Integrations

The best landing page builder in the world won’t be worth a dime if you don’t have a plan for what to do with the leads and clients it generates. Optionally, you might choose a software vendor that already incorporates the appropriate tools, eliminating the need for custom connections like the ones shown on the right. 

  1. Shared Accessibility

One of the most important features of a contemporary landing page tool is that it be accessible from any location and by any member of the marketing team. You shouldn’t have to start from scratch every time you need a new LP if you’ve customized one of the builder’s templates with your logo, brand colors, message, trademark, stripe checkout, etc.

Buy Best Domain and Hosting

Choosing the incorrect web host can cost you more than just subpar performance. It’s crucial to choose a reliable web host that will keep your site available at all times.

The finest characteristics of each sort of web host are outlined in this guide. Consider the recommendations in this article as you search for a reliable and inexpensive web host.


The greatest WordPress hosting is made by Nexcess. Managed e-commerce hosting is where it truly comes into its own. People who need a fast site but don’t want to configure the backend themselves would benefit greatly from this.


  • Excellent support for customers
  • Superb reliability throughout the testing process
  • Rapid page loads, excellent service


Bluehost is a web host you can trust to easily launch your company online thanks to their remarkable uptime, various e-commerce add-ons, and a WordPress-enhancing tool that offers further flexibility to the popular CMS.


  • Excellent WordPress hosting options 
  • Excellent assistance to customers
  • User-friendly design

WP Engine

If you’re operating an enterprise-level WordPress site, WP Engine is a great choice for hosting due to its excellent uptime, dependable customer support, and platform flexibility.


  • Superb reliability throughout the testing process
  • Superb assistance for clients
  • Detection of dangers in real time
  • Cloud hosting using either AWS or GCP

Wrap Up

There are a variety of landing pagebuilding platforms, each of which offers specialized capabilities that, based on the precise goals you have, could be very helpful. When it comes to selecting a landing page builder, no one option is considered to be “best.”

Every landing page builder has its own advantages and disadvantages associated with it. When deciding which landing page builder platform to prioritize, you should consider the amount of money you have available, the goals you have for your company, and the features that are most important to you.

FAQs (Landing Page Builder)

What is a landing page?

When a prospective consumer clicks on a link in an email, ad, or another digital medium, they “land” on a specific web page designed just for that purpose

How to create a landing page?

Pick from a landing page design, give a name, and add visuals and a name for the website. Finally, finish your SEO title and publish. 

Can you create a landing page without a website?

Since landing pages are independent sites, you don’t need a website to have one

Which landing page builder is the best?

Having a compelling offer and being able to clearly and concisely communicate the offer’s value are two essential components of an effective landing page.

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