Best Loose Diamonds Brands (GIA Certified) to Buy 2023

Shopping for jewelry, especially loose diamonds, is a trying task if you don’t know what to look for. If you are lucky enough, the perfect piece you have in your mind will come across quickly. Otherwise, you will have to spend hours looking where nothing interests you. If you are edging into the latter category, instead of accepting defeat and settling for a mediocre piece of jewelry, you need to take things into your own hands. If you shop for diamonds the traditional way, it is high time that you realize that you are wasting your time. So, you need to buy loose diamonds online and craft customized jewelry out of them.

If the first doubt that crosses your mind is where to buy loose diamonds, this article is what you are looking for. With suggestions regarding where to get your loose diamonds from and tips for finding the best stones available in the market, you can enjoy the aesthetics and elegance of loose diamonds.

Read on to make your diamond shopping experience smoother.

Best Diamond Jewelry Retailers to Buy Loose Diamonds

1. James Allen

James Allen Loose Diamonds
James Allen Loose Diamonds

James Allen is unparalleled among all the players in the field of white diamonds and engagement rings. Established in 2006, the James Allen store online offers one of the best diamond collections. If that has got you wondering what makes James Allen jewelry one of the best, you need to consider its craftsmanship and quality of materials. In addition, James Allen diamonds take ethical sourcing seriously.

If you are unsure what kind of jewelry you want, James Allen virtual try-on feature and 360° imagery can help you out. With nearly endless options for perusing, designing, and purchasing jewelry, you can be educated about making a wise purchase before adding anything to your cart.


  • Pioneered stunning 360° video technology 
  • Ensured ethical diamonds
  • Virtual Try-On feature
  • Inviting repair services and lifetime warranty

2. Blue Nile

Blue Nile Loose Diamonds
Blue Nile Loose Diamonds

Since it hit the market in 1999, Blue Nile has been one of the most popular online diamond retailers. Being one of the most economical diamond retailers online, the brand changed the game with its customizable rings and cost-effective stones.

If their price has got you doubting the company’s legitimacy, worry not, Blue Nile diamonds are 100% authentic. With over 120,000 design options available on their site, it is guaranteed that you will come across loose diamonds or other precious stones that you will love.


  • Impressive customer service
  • More consumer-friendly imagery
  • Most affordable eye-clean diamonds
  • Simple yet pleasing designs

3. Angara Jewelry

Angara jewelry
Angara Jewelry Loose Diamond

Angara forayed into the diamond market in 2005, and the industry has not been the same. Outsourcing most of its stones from Thailand and India, the brand has a gorgeous collection of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

If you are looking for loose diamonds that are vibrantly colored, rare in the market or even pearls, Angara’s Jewelry is the spot for you.


  • Risk-free and fully insured shipments
  • A lifetime warranty covers a variety of services
  • Rare and semi-precious stones in simple settings
  • Additional classification of gems on the website

Loose Diamonds Buying Guide:

What are the 4Cs of Diamond Quality?

Regardless of how extravagant your diamonds need to be, there are a few things about these precious stones that you should know to make wise decisions while shopping.

Understanding the basics of diamond quality can also simplify communicating what you need from diamond jewelry. When it promises easy shopping and better stones, educating yourself on the 4Cs of diamonds is worth the effort. 

1. Cut

Of all the Cs involved with diamonds, the cut is the first aspect to wrap your head around. Singlehandedly taking a stone from 0 to 100, the cut of the diamond defines the finesse that you see in the diamond’s angles, the consequent brilliance, and the finishing details.

Starting from shallow and progressing through ideal and deep, the right cut for a stone can make or break its ability to sparkle and appeal to the viewer. There are numerous attractive diamond cuts in the world, and with the right expert, you can pair the right stone with suitable cuts for your jewelry design.

2. Clarity

Diamonds may be the hardest substance on the planet, but that does not mean they are free from flaws. Natural diamonds especially have minor blemishes and inclusions resulting from their long formation process and handling. Before the clarity grading scale was established, it used to be nearly impossible to maintain uniformity in the field, but now, there are clearly defined categories and grades to account for every kind of diamond out there.

According to GIA certification, six categories range from Flawless to Included and contain 11 specific grades. Such precision in classifying clarity grading also led to GIA introducing a gemological microscope to simplify clarity grading.

3. Colour

The level of whiteness or colorlessness of a diamond is its color. You will notice that the diamond’s pricing changes with the color, the most colorless stone being more expensive. Without an objective color-grading system, classifying even the slightly tinted stones would have proved impossible.

The GIA D-to-Z color scale resolves this issue for diamond aficionados. So, before you decide on a stone, check the color grade on the GIA certification.

4. Carat

With time, people have come to associate the carat with the size of the diamond. However, you couldn’t be any more wrong. Carats are measured in terms of weight, not dimensions.

Since the other Cs of the diamond work with each other, you need to keep all these factors in mind while choosing the carat. For example, as you buy loose diamonds, you will notice that 1-carat diamonds look drastically different depending on the cut.

Why Do You Need a GIA Diamond Grading Report?

Just as cars have registration documents and properties have deeds, a diamond also needs some documentation. Whether you are shopping online or otherwise, a GIA diamond grading report gives exactly that and informs you regarding the 4Cs of the stone.

The report has every detail you need to know about the stone you purchase, from the color to the measurements and any treatment the stone was subjected to. Always remember to ask for GIA-certified loose diamonds to avoid any nasty surprises after you have made the purchase.

If you aren’t sold on the importance of a diamond grading report, there are a few more things to convince you. For instance, if you ever need to sell the stone, the value will be determined with the help of the GIA report.

Also, if there are any fancy details about fluorescence or inclusions of the diamond, they will be mentioned in this report. Even if you come across two diamonds that look exactly alike, if you check the report, you will notice that they are nothing alike.

James Allen vs. Blue Nile Loose Diamonds

Both retailers are major players in the field, and choosing between them is tricky because the service is just that good. A notable difference between James Allen and Blue Nile is that the former offers more setting designs, while the latter has a larger selection of jewelry products. Both provide certified diamonds at competitive prices, 360-degree videos, and free returns.

Frequently Asked Questions: Loose Diamonds

Is it cheaper to buy loose diamonds online?

Yes, online retailers have discounted pricing and various other benefits compared to the traditional channels of buying diamonds. This does not mean you can buy quality diamonds at a cheap rate. It only means that you will get quality products for a slightly better price.

How to get the best deal when buying loose diamonds online?

The only way to ensure you get the best deal online is by doing your research. Understand the basics of diamond quality, learn to understand the lingo such as a princess cut diamond vs. a cushion cut diamond, and so on. Verify the GIA grading report; this should give you a running chance at scoring the best deal.

What is a GIA graduate gemologist?

A GIA graduate gemologist is someone who has trained with GIA. They must have passed five theory courses, three lab classes, and a comprehensive final exam. Being a GIA graduate gemologist makes you one of the top experts in the diamond industry.

How do the 4Cs impact a diamond’s price?

The 4Cs are the crucial factors that anchor a diamond’s price. The higher the carat of the diamond, the more expensive the stone becomes. Better clarity and certain shapes come at a slightly higher price than others.
If you look at white diamonds, colorless diamonds are the most expensive, but if you are in the market for colored diamonds, the value changes with the rarity of the color. For instance, a pink diamond, a blue diamond, or a black diamond may cost more than a common yellow one.

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