Nexcess Reviews 2023: All in one Guide

If you are someone who wishes to build your presence on the internet more prominent, you must have heard about web hosting, Nexcess. So you might ask about Nexcess reviews and, what Nexcess is. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed Nexcess hosting completely with all the pros and cons.

What is Nexcess?

What is Nexcess? Nexcess Reviews
Nexcess Hosting

Do not worry, as we are here to answer that.

Nexcess is one of the best web hosting providers currently on the market. Building and managing a website is no small accomplishment. It becomes particularly cumbersome for those with a growing business or a hefty schedule. And this is where Nexcess web hosting services come in to do the hard work for you.

With Nexcess, you enjoy stellar benefits at an affordable range that caters to professionals and amateurs. 

Starting alone in 2000, this hosting giant joined forces with Liquid Web in 2019 and now works as its subsidiary.

Liquid Web hosting services are best for Dedicated or VPS hosting, whereas its sister company Nexcess is more apt for eCommerce and CMS-managed hosting services.

After both Liquid Web and Nexcess partnered, they used the user-friendly and cheaper Nexcess to house Liquid Web managed WordPress, WooCommerce hosting and Magento hosting plans.

Without further ado, find out why you should go for Nexcess to enhance your web experience through our article on Nexcess reviews.

Nexcess Hosting Features

Nexcess Hosting Plan Features
Nexcess Hosting Features

The Nexcess provides multiple features at a decent price rate. We are adding some of the core features:

1. Nexcess Fully Managed Hosting:

While using Nexcess, you will rarely have to use your own time to do anything in the backend.

A Nexcess-managed website works best for those who lack the technical knowledge or the expertise to handle servers.

2. Scalability:

With single auto-click scaling, Nexcess’ auto-scaling feature keeps your website ready for a surge in traffic, preserving your speed and security.

3. Nexcess Enhanced Speed:

Nexcess Cloud Accelerator significantly accelerates load times, improving website performance.

Apart from that, you also get the option to customize your Nexcess Cloud Stack or use nexcess CDN.

4. Security:

Their security is also top-notch. Nexcess gives free access to iThemes Security Pro and performs daily backups.

Plus, subscribers will also get malware monitoring.

5. Website Migration:

They also provide free website migration. Do not worry about the technical portion, and let the experts handle your seamless migration to their domain.

6. Platform-specific Tech Support:

Nexcess provides 24/7/365 expert support for their users with advanced service monitoring.

7. Nexcess Free Trial:

Very few web hosting providers let you use their services before purchase, but Nexcess gives you a free 14-day trial or WordPress-managed hosting.

Built-in CDN: Viewers from all over the world will be able to get faster loading time.

What Solutions Does Nexcess Offer for WordPress?

Nexcess-managed WordPress packages offer some of the best features.

All WordPress plans include free CDN, SSL certificates, a pre-installed caching plugin, automatic image compression, image lazy loading, and access to unlimited email accounts.

1. Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor:

Some of the most exciting features of Nexcess include thoroughly managed hosting services.

The Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor closely scans all the changes in your website after new plugins get installed or if you change the theme.

The performance monitor effectively showcases any modifications to you.

You also get to consult WordPress experts who are there to guide you through your web journey.

2. Daily Backups:

Not many hosts provide free daily backups, unlike, which provides daily absolutely cost-free backups which stay available to you for 30 days.

3. Auto-scaling:

Nexcess is completely prepared for a sudden influx in your website and will provide additional services for 24 hours without charging extra.

But if this kind of effect continues, you will have to upgrade your existing plan to a better plan. 

4. Multiple User Accounts:

Another crucial feature of Nexcess is that they provide multiple user accounts.

This way, you can easily give access to your hosting account to others if the need arises. This works wonders for teams or if you wish to include others on your website.

What Products Does Nexcess Offer?

Nexcess web hosting services handle three kinds of hosted sites. These are eCommerce sites, content sites, and membership sites.

For an eCommerce store, you can choose three plans.

  1. Fully Managed Magento: Fully featured e-commerce platform for a high-traffic site.
  2. Fully Managed WooCommerce: Cheap and highly functional e-commerce hosting.
  3. StoreBuilder by Nexcess: The quickest and most efficient way to build your own store on WordPress.

For content sites, you get the option to choose from four plans.

  1. Fully Managed Hosting for WordPress: One of the easiest and most efficient ways to manage your content on WordPress.
  2. Drupal: A customizable and scalable platform that works best for health and education sites.
  3. ExpressionEngine: Easy-to-maintain and adjustable content editor.
  4. Craft CMS: Simple and hassle-free sites.

We again get the option to choose from Fully Managed WordPress Hosting, Fully Managed WooCommerce and ExpressionEngine for membership sites.

How Can Nexcess Help with Performance Tests and Load Times?

Now that we have informed you about all the features, let us look at its performance.

We will look at a 2022 Nexcess Review by WPKUBE, where they bought an entry-level hosting plan to test Nexcess.

They entered their datacentre location as US Midwest Southfield, MI.

Then they set up a demo site with content and images. And to resemble a working WordPress website, they also installed some popular plugins.

Some interesting results came forward after testing a couple of rounds of loading times from multiple locations around the world.

The  results for North Virginia were the best, with a loading time of 0.71 s, TTFB being 267 ms, First Paint being 0.88 s, and Interactive being 0.91 s.

Almost all the locations in North America had great results to provide, with the performance dropping a bit in Europe and having a significantly slower performance in Asia.

With Seoul having a loading time of 2.16 s, TTFB 846 ms, First Paint 1.54 s, and 1.73 s for Interactive.

But we must add they did not have CDN enabled, so performance should improve after using that.

Thus, it is safe to say a Nexcess-managed web server is pretty fast and easy to handle.

The speed was higher near the datacentre location while lower in Asia, which is one drawback they can improve on.

What is the Nexcess User Experience Like? Nexcess Reviews

To understand how different users with different needs and preferences experienced Nexcess, we will look at some Nexcess reviews. The website Hostadvice has collected thirty-nine user and expert reviews, and we will explore a few of them.

Thirty-nine reviewers gave it a decent 4.5 stars out of 5. One user, Gary Driskill, gave it a solid 5 out of 5, claiming they are satisfied with the excellent features and top-notch support from Nexcess.

Another user called Bill Ferris also gave Nexcess a respectable 4.7 out of 5 for the exceptional support they got for their small online business.

With the help of Nexcess, they could move their eCommerce website from a managed hosting environment to a Magento platform. Bill also adds how affordable his whole experience was.

How Do You Seek Support on Nexcess?

Nexcess Support review
Nexcess support

Through the Nexcess website, you can get many options via which you can avail your need-specific nexcess support.

Their catalog of the most commonly asked questions is also vast and provides clear solutions to any of your queries.

But if you still need direct help, the tech team of nexcess support is there to cover you. They provide expert guidance 24/7, all year round.

There is more than one way to contact their team. You can get help via live chat, emails, or over the phone with reserved phone numbers for countries like the US, the UK, and Australia.

We do advise you to get a support ticket as you might not get a hold of them during off-hours.

Now, if we talk about the support quality as a whole, then we must mention how friendly the support team is. From their end, the Nexcess team will try its best to resolve any issue you might encounter or answer questions you might have.

Nexcess Pricing Models

The beauty of nexcess pricing is its top-notch services and cost-effectiveness. Nexcess provides fully managed hosting solutions at an affordable and reasonable rate, starting from only $13.30.

Managed Magento hosting starts from $24.50 a month.

Managed Magento hosting
Nexcess pricing

Managed WooCommerce hosting starts from $13.30 a month.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting costs only $13.30 a month.

Managed WordPress Hosting review
Nexcess pricing

Apart from that, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, and Craft CMS plan cost $29 a month.

It should be specially noted, that Nexcess or Liquid Web WordPress hosting is one of the cheapest services offered by a hosting company.

Pros and Cons of Nexcess

The pros of Nexcess heavily outweigh its cons. But we will unbiasedly discuss all of it for your better understanding.

Pros of Nexcess

  • It is no doubt that Nexcess offers cheap and the best web hosting for WordPress.
  • Nexcess portal has many built-in tools to keep your website running.
  • Even the entry-level plans have auto-scaling, making it more than enough for any WordPress website.
  • There is email hosting which many hosts don’t provide.
  • Nexcess offers Automatic and free backups.
  • If you do not like their services, you can get your money back in 30 days from
  • They provide helpful 24/7 technical support throughout the year.

Cons of Nexcess

We came up with very few cons that hardly affect your experience with them.

  • Nexcess dashboard might be a bit difficult for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, that problem should resolve itself.
  • They do not provide a free domain name. You can use their integrated domain registration tool to buy a domain. Or buy a domain from other sites.

Nexcess Reviews (Summing Up)

To conclude, Nexcess Reviews if you ask us whether you should get services from Nexcess or not, we would definitely recommend that you purchase it solely because of its carefully crafted and cost-effective plans.

We have also considered many user Nexcess reviews, and they have mostly been very agreeable.

All in all, if you want to maintain your website or your store in a hassle-free manner, go ahead and get these brilliant plans from Nexcess.

Nexcess Reviews 2023: FAQs

1. What does Nexcess do?

Nexcess is a popular hosting provider specializing in managed WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce hosting.

2. Does Nexcess have an uptime guarantee?

Yes! Luckily, Nexcess does have a 100% uptime guarantee.

3. Is Nexcess easy to use?

Nexcess is pretty easy to use compared to others in the same market.

4. What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the act of providing the necessary facilities needed to create or maintain a website by a host.

5. What is the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting?

The main difference between managed and unmanaged hosting is that you have more control over your website with unmanaged hosting.
On the other hand, managed hosting keeps you stress-free from the technical bits of a website and provides expert support.

Hope you get all your answers about Nexcess.

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