Best Online Course Platforms (My 7+ Best Picks) Reviewed

This article is perfect if you want to select the best online course platform for your business. Online course platforms have increased alongside the popularity of online courses. When people initially produced digital courses, the alternatives were limited, but hundreds of course builders have appeared since then. However, locating the optimal online learning platform may be somewhat challenging with many possibilities.

Here’s a list to simplify your decision and your life.

This article will provide an overview of the top online course platforms and online training tools in 2022, examine their features and pricing, and help you select the ideal platform for your business.

This article is based on comprehensive trials of multiple course platforms. Are you wondering how to create an online course for the target audience?

Let’s get started.

Best Online Course Platforms:

1. Mighty Networks (Best Online course platform)

Mighty Networks Online Course Platform
Mighty Networks Dashboard

Mighty Networks enables you to create and control an online course, membership site, or professional network in a single location.

You may also use it to power your podcast, blog, and event space.

Mighty Networks makes it simple to construct and cultivate a healthy community around your course material, irrespective of the sort of online course you choose to develop.

You may also leverage your social media following to expand your Mighty Network and reach a new pool of prospective students.

Mighty Network Tour Video:

Source: Mighty Network Youtube Channel

Mighty Networks Pricing and Features:

Mighty Networks pricing online training tools
Mighty Networks Pricing

Mighty Networks’ price begins at $39 per month. However, the course builder is exclusive to the Business plan, which costs $119 a month and is relatively expensive.

In addition to the monthly price, the platform levies a transaction fee of 3% for the Community plan and 2% for the Business plan.


  • The ability to broadcast live and submit your videos is a game-changing innovation for course developers.
  • The Mighty EffectTM customized technology guarantees that each member of your Mighty Network receives material that is specifically targeted to them.
  • The Welcome and Discovery sections make it simple for new members to locate the necessary information and begin their course.
  • Using Mighty Networks you may expand your network to any size you choose without worrying about exceeding a restriction.
  • Custom landing pages and domains enable you to brand your Mighty Network as you see fit, so your students feel at home.
  • Best online training platforms in the industry.

2. LearnWorlds (Best Online course platform)

 LearnWorlds Online Course Platform
LearnWorlds Dashboard

LearnWorlds is another well-known provider of online courses on the market. The emphasis is on providing an engaging learning experience.

There are several features that distinguish this product from others on the market, including an interactive video player, an interactive e-book reader, advanced quiz and exam capabilities, and the ability to build online communities.

Copyright protection is also included.

In addition to the course development options, LearnWorlds LMS has a robust page builder that enables you to construct attractive sales, and other pages for your course website.

In addition, it provides helpful e-commerce capabilities such as payment processing, bundling, subscription plans, and promotional coupons.

LearnWorlds Video Tour:

Source: Learnworld youtube channel

LearnWorlds Pricing And Features:

 LearnWorlds pricing
LearnWorlds Pricing

LearnWorlds price begins at $29 per month, plus $5 for each transaction. Also, you may upgrade to their $99 monthly subscription to eliminate transaction costs.

However, their most popular and costly option is the Learning Center Plan, which costs $299 monthly.

LearnWorlds is an excellent online course platform that offers great learning and engagement features, making it ideal for courses that involve a lot of interaction.


  • You may modify the logo, design, and theme to match your brand.
  • It allows you to construct courses on responsive websites.
  • This platform supports several languages.
  • Notifications can be tailored to your specifications.
  • You can use CSS and JavaScript to customize course pages.
  • Learnworlds provides a portfolio of pre-built courses.
  • You may launch your website more quickly.
  • It permits the creation of endless courses.
  • Offering students free classes are conceivable.

3. Thinkific

Thinkific Online Course Platforms
Thinkific Login Dashboard

Thinkific is a great option for anyone who wants an easy-to-use course management system. You can launch your e-course and teach online classes in just a few minutes.

Thinkific offers a variety of services. Using drag-and-drop capability, you may create a course.

Therefore, no specific abilities are required to publish and sell courses. This platform also incorporates various materials such as video courses, quizzes, surveys, conversations, and Captivate files.

In addition, it has features that enhance your online classes, such as private courses, introduction lessons, different teachers, drip schedule material, and membership infrastructure.

Creating a landing page is relatively simple. You may modify several themes to match your brand. You may design your page through drag-and-drop and use your domain if you already have one.

Additionally, a student monitoring option allows you to check your student’s progress at any time. This online course platform includes marketing tools to help you promote your online courses.

The offered payment options ensure you get paid quickly. The platform takes all forms of payment. The best part is that Thinkific offers a free plan.

Even though you have limited access, it’s more than enough to understand how it operates. Thinkific is the best online learning platform and online training platform.

Thinkific Pricing And Features:

thinkific pricing
Thinkific Pricing

Regarding cost, Thinkific’s fundamental capabilities, such as content hosting, are free to use. Or, you may upgrade to their Basic ($49/month) or PRO ($99/month) plans for more features.


● You may make videos, quizzes, surveys, downloadable instructions, and more.

● It allows you to promote your education-focused selling themes.

● You can set the course’s expiration date.

● Thinkific provides drag-and-drop functionality for organizing site content.

● This platform offers complete access to CSS and HTML.

● It supports Google Adverb (a platform for advertising), Facebook, and more and also offers 24/7 customer support.

4. Teachable

Teachable online course builder
Teachable Dashboard

Teachable is a comprehensive online course production platform comparable to Thinkific in terms of capabilities and features.

Teachable, like Thinkific, focuses on providing only the essential elements for producing and selling online courses. It does not feature an email automation platform or a sales funnel builder.

Teachable com allows you to add numerous material kinds (videos, quizzes, etc.) when it comes to course distribution, drip your course content, produce certificates natively, and assure course compliance.

In addition, the course player is well-designed, resulting in an excellent learning experience.

In addition to online courses, allows you to establish “Coaching” and teachable courses that facilitate the operation of your one-on-one coaching program by creating training content, that also enables you to create video school online.

In addition, it also provides hot sales and marketing tools, such as discount codes, a highly efficient one-step checkout procedure, one-click upsells, sales tax management, and a suite of services for managing your funds and paperwork.

However, Teachable’s website creation options are quite limited. It is tough to change the appearance and feel of your website because it lacks site templates, and the page builder has restricted editing capabilities.

Teachable Pricing and Features:

Teachable pricing
Teachable Pricing

As far as pricing goes, the Teachable Online learning platform is a reasonably priced platform. It features a free subscription that allows for one course, an infinite number of students, and basic course-building capabilities.

However, if you are a genuine business owner, you will need one of the premium plans.

For extra features, you may choose between their Basic Plan ($39/month + 5% transaction costs) and Professional Plan ($119/month + 0% transaction fees).


  • It allows you to build multimedia presentations that incorporate audio, video, text, and PDF files.
  • Importing content from Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox is possible.
  • This LMS site provides page editors that facilitate the creation, customized, and launch of new courses.
  • Using Teachable You may design quiz questions.
  • Teachable allows you to give certificates upon completion of a course.
  • You may use Google Forms to get student feedback.
  • Teachable accepts payments in over 130 different currencies.

 5. Podia

Podia Dashboard Online learning Platform
Podia Dashboard

Podia online training tools is an intuitive platform that includes everything a digital publisher needs to develop and sell online courses on their course website.

Podia CRM Online learning platforms is a course platform that allows you to host webinars, create downloadable content, build a membership community, and even provide live chat to boost student engagement.

With Podia, you have access to all you want, and their live chat widget is a highly distinctive difference.

Podia Pricing and Features:

Podia Pricing
Podia Pricing

The cost of Podia is inexpensive and has secure Podia payment gateways. It offers a free plan (8% transaction charge) that permits you to generate one digital download and one Coaching product. On the free plan, you can only create draft courses.

You’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan if you want to develop online courses or avoid transaction costs.

The Mover ($39/month) plan lets you develop and sell digital downloads and online courses, but not memberships or coaching. Those features are only available on the Shaker plan ($89/month) or higher.


  • Combine Courses: This program allows you to combine courses that are related.
  • Digital Downloads: Easily accessible PDFs, checklists, and ebooks.
  • Locked Content: Grant or revoke a student’s access to content in your learning management system.
  • Email List Marketing: Email marketing automation is one of Podia’s greatest built-in capabilities.
  • Multi-Media Courses: Include video, audio, PDF, photos, text, etc., in your courses.

6. Kajabi

Kajabi Online Course Platform
Kajabi Dashboard

Kajabi is an all-in-one online course builder that enables you to construct a beautiful course website, host all material (including videos), sell online courses, delivers your information professionally, and engages your students.

Kajabi is a more comprehensive platform than Thinkific, offering the ability to construct marketing funnels and conduct email marketing, as well as the basics for producing and selling courses and memberships.

Kajabi does a great job with course delivery and student involvement. It has all the essential tools for developing courses, plus powerful features like a mobile app, community, assessments, automation, online education, and learning pathways.

This will help you create a great learning environment for your members.

The Kajabi offer course player has the best design options of all the platforms we’ve looked at, so you can give your courses a premium appearance.

In addition to online courses, Kajabi allows you to develop digital goods such as “Coaching,” “Community,” and “Podcasts.” You will find them beneficial if you want to offer these goods individually or incorporate them into your membership website.

Again, Kajabi does admirably when it comes to site-building.

There are ten or more pre-built site themes available for selection. In addition, the page builder provides several customized choices. Additionally, you may build a full-fledged blog or podcast using the Kajabi platform.

With its sales and marketing tools, Kajabi finally brings it to the next level.

It offers a sales pipeline builder and Kajabi 30 day free trial that makes it simple to develop complete workflows for increasing your email list, introducing a product, hosting webinars, and generating sales.

It also has email marketing automation tools, allowing you to follow up with prospects and send them automated sales emails.

Kajabi Pricing and Features:

Kajabi Pricing
Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi pricing begins at $149 per month, and their most popular package costs $199 per month. Kajabi does not collect any transaction fees, regardless of your selected pricing tier.


● Course insights that provide a detailed view of your student’s performance.

● Unlimited video hosting permits the creation of as many courses as desired.

● Publish easily to your website with a few clicks — no need to learn to code!

● Optimized for SEO so that your courses rank highly in search engine results.

● Unrestricted hosting for your courses and promotional materials

● Safe and sound, so that your data is always safeguarded

● One-click marketing sequences make promoting your courses simple.

● A website builder enables you to construct a professional website in minutes without requiring design or coding knowledge.

 7. Kartra

Kartra Dashboard
Kartra Dashboard

Kartra is one of the greatest platforms for online course creation since it is not limited to courses alone.

With Kartra landing page templates, you can access many features, such as checkouts, the option to construct a membership site, and the opportunity to host your affiliate network.

Because of this, it is the greatest online course platform for individuals who wish to establish a genuine community.

I believe this platform is useful for individuals interested in creating courses and expanding their business beyond the scope of a simple course platform.

When using this platform, you will have access to enhanced tools and features for promoting your course, in addition to administrative capabilities.

Kartra Online learning platforms are ideal for anyone seeking to establish online courses and a community surrounding their course, create and sell online with the ability to add extra capabilities in the future.

 Kartra Pricing and Features:

Kartra Pricing
Kartra Pricing

The Kartra discount Starter package costs $99 per month and includes all of the platform’s features. However, the plan restricts the number of courses, videos, and emails, which may be lifted by upgrading to the Silver plan ($199/month).

Kartra Online learning platforms are not the best option if you want to create a full-fledged eLearning business, but it will serve you well if you just need to construct a few straightforward online courses and need better marketing capabilities.

kartra $1 trial
kartra $1 trial


Internal Checkout Platform: Kartra enables users to check out using their software, and eliminates the requirement for a third-party interface.

Kartra Pages: This feature enables users to rapidly construct high-converting landing pages, improving your capacity to gather email addresses and motivate visitors to take action.

Funnels and Campaigns: It is incredibly beneficial to run many funnels and campaigns since this enables you to regulate how people travel to become students.

Membership Sites: With this all-inclusive platform, you may take far more than one or two courses. They enable the creation of membership sites.

Helpdesk: Assisting students with technological issues is more prevalent than expected. The platform’s basic service includes a helpdesk component to facilitate this.

Additional Integrations and APIs: Although Kartra offers a multitude of specialized features, they recognize that you may choose to collaborate with other platforms. Therefore, they provide integrations with several different systems.

 8. Ruzuku

Ruzuku login
Ruzuku Dashboard

Ruzuku is an outstanding online learning platforms and design software that guides you through the process of developing your course.

You may construct your course’s material, reorganize or modify the phases, set a launch date, and begin selling them to make cash. It integrates with technologies such as Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, PayPal, and Stripe for payments.

Once you begin producing or selling online courses on Ruzuku, you can access the Ruzuku community, where you may receive assistance in course design from other team members.

Ruzuku asserts that their course-building procedure is absurdly simple, and even a novice can accomplish it without prior coding experience.

 Ruzuku Pricing and Features:

Ruzuku pricing
Ruzuku Pricing

Before acquiring a membership, Ruzuku provides a 14-day free trial of all of its premium plans so that users can evaluate the platform’s functionality.

Ruzuku Online learning platforms have three different price choices.

The bootstrapper plan begins at $99/month or $74.75/month yearly, while the up-and-comer and university plans begin at $149/month or $83.08/month annually and $199/month, respectively.


  • You can review and duplicate an earlier course to rerun it.
  • It permits the hosting of both audio and video streams.
  • You can notify people about a course via email.
  • Ruzuku allows you to subscribe to a particular course type.
  • It alerts you each time a student writes a question.
  • Ruzuku may be integrated with Mailchimp (an email marketing software).
  • This website allows you to host video broadcasts with group chats, slideshows, and other features.
  • You can develop questions and answers specific to a course.

What Are Online Course Platforms?

Online learning platforms and online training tools
Online learning platforms

The top online course platforms facilitate the creation of online courses for teachers to sell to their students by using course creation websites like LearnWorld and Thinkific. You may think of them as virtual versions of typical classrooms.

By giving students a variety of media formats, such as video, photos, audio, downloadable files, text, and, on certain platforms, interactive components such as quizzes and whiteboards, instructors may build an engaging virtual classroom.

Students will take the course, learn via lectures, classroom activities, examinations, and quizzes, and take notes, just as they would in a regular classroom.

The majority of Online learning platforms also provide certificates of completion upon course completion.

Best Online Course Platforms – Final Verdict

As you can see, many online course platforms and Online learning platforms are on the market, making it challenging to pick the best one. Therefore, keep things basic!

You should determine the course platform you will use depending on your general needs and technical expertise. Then, analyze the platforms in that category based on their capabilities and your budget.

Online Learning Platforms FAQs:

Which is the best online course platform?

Thinkific and Mighty Networks is on the list of top online platform e learning management systems. Some more good online course platforms are:1. Thinkific 2. Mighty Networks 3. LearnWorlds 4. Podia.

What factors to consider when choosing an online course builder platform?

Some factors to choose from are:
1. Hosting Versus. Third-party Marketplace:
Some online education systems have a marketplace. You can enroll in classes taught by verified teachers on the platform. Market-based systems provide students with more class selections. We suggest trying a free trial of Thinkific, and Mighty Networks, the best online learning platforms. This allows you to decide if the platform meets your needs.
2. Modifications and a Comfortable Layout:
A system’s modifiability varies. Consider the system’s customizability while choosing. Consider the platform’s user experience (UX) when hosting online classes. No one wants to spend hours learning how to navigate around a platform, no matter how exciting it is.
3. Affordability:
Different sites charge by the hour, by the class, or are free. Marketplace systems allow instructors to charge whatever they choose on the platform for learning. Consider your budget before starting a course.
4. Safety and Privacy:
Security and privacy are crucial when registering for classes or checking your credit card balance online. For specific online courses, you may need to enter personal information. Some people use hack-proof servers.
5. Students-teacher Interaction:
Some best online education platforms, such as those that allow professors and students to submit comments and stimulate reasonable discussions.
This is a great alternative if you need extra help outside of class. Some systems allow real-time teacher-student contact via video conferencing.

How to create an online course?

Try these steps:
1. Topic Selection:
Your online course should interest both you and your target demographic.
2. Adopt a Tried-and-tested Approach:
Before creating an online course, you should test your online business concept.
3. Conduct Proper Research:
Use this opportunity to learn as much as possible about your profession, whether you’re an expert or not.
4. Design a Curriculum:
Planning a curriculum for your online class lessons is a huge plus. This can help pin down a proper time-based framework and add a real character to your course structure. 
5. Prepare Class/Reading Materials:
After doing the prep work (research, outlining, etc.), develop the course material.
6. Uploading:
Once your course materials are ready, launch yourself at your preferred choice of online course platform. You can add an online course section if you have a business website. Now promote, sell, and listen to customer feedback.

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