Best Payroll Software-2023 (Features, Pricing)

For organizations of all sizes, payroll software streamlines the whole payroll procedure. To avoid penalties, it facilitates the management of employee payments by establishing direct deposits, withholding payroll taxes, and maintaining proper records. These tasks may be tedious and prone to error when performed by hand.

Over $4.9 billion was lived in fines by the IRS that year due to late payments and bounced checks. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the payroll software for small business.

We analyzed these three payroll softwares for small businesses to assist you in making an informed decision.

We analyzed their prices, usability, integrations, accessibility, reporting tools, and customer service.

Payroll Software (My best 3 lists)

1. Gusto

payroll software for small business

For small and medium-sized businesses in need of software for payroll that also includes certain human resources (HR) functions, Gusto is the ideal option because of its three well-considered pricing categories. Full, automated payroll services are included in each plan and may be tailored to meet the requirements of almost any organization.

As with other payroll applications, direct deposit or paper checks are options with this small business payroll software. It keeps tabs on and files your taxes at the federal, state, and local levels. With Gusto, you may upgrade to a better plan at each tier, making it stand out from the competition. As opposed to eliminating direct deposit for the cheaper plan, Gusto’s online payroll software actually makes it more convenient the more costly your plan is.


  • Gusto will file your state and federal tax returns for you, as well as any applicable local or state returns, automatically.
  • With Gusto payroll, you can keep tabs on workers’ time spent in the office or on the job site.
  • With Gusto payroll, PTO requests and approvals are as simple as clicking a button.
  • Gusto Payroll allows you to use whatever application you like and even works with third-party apps.
  • Whether you need to pay workers, freelancers, or anybody else, this cheap payroll software can help you do it.
  • The payroll reports in Gusto are one of the best features. You may return to this payroll history log for future planning and policy adjustments.


payroll software for small business
Gusto Pricing
  • Simple: $40/mo (plus $6/mo per person)
  • Plus: $60/mo (plus $9/mo per person)
  • Premium: Contact team for details

2. Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

payroll software
QuickBooks Payroll

Since everything would be automated and the application would be straightforward for any QuickBooks user, QuickBooks Payroll is our best payroll software setup choice if you currently use QuickBooks for accounting. The comprehensiveness of the provided lesson and knowledge base should reduce the likelihood of your requiring assistance from the support team. Even if you can’t get it to work, a simple web search will lead you to many walkthroughs.

Since the QuickBooks interface is so natural, we had to give it the nod for the least complicated installation. Anyone may easily adopt their payroll services with the help of the helpful customer care staff and extensive web resources. Payroll processing is simplified with QuickBooks paycheck manager for novices and experts alike.


  • Review, modify and approve employee hours all inside payroll software for QuickBooks before processing payroll.
  • Payments for employees’ health insurance premiums might be taken out of their paychecks automatically.
  • Recruiting resources and onboarding are available in QuickBooks payroll software, such as email letters for termination and onboarding, job descriptions, and federal and state tax regulations.
  • After setting up Auto Payroll, you can review and make changes to your paychecks before they are released.
  • With Payroll Premium, you can access Guideline’s low-cost and comprehensive 401(k) plan.
  • Payrolls processed before 7:00 a.m. PT will result in workers getting their money the very same business day.


hr software
QuickBooks Payroll Pricing
  • Simple: $ 30 /mo +$5/employee/mo
  • Essential: $ 55 /mo +$5/employee/mo
  • Plus: $ 85 /mo +$8/employee/mo

3. OnPay


The OnPay free payroll software is a low-cost, user-friendly online payroll service that caters to the needs of small enterprises. It’s great for a small company since there are no surprises regarding the bill. The complete payroll service will handle your payroll tax filings, including federal, state, and local. Payroll must still be processed and authorized each time manually.

The first payrole setup in any new application may be tedious, but OnPay streamlines the process with a helpful setup wizard. You should be alright if you check your facts and follow the instructions. OnPay online business payroll offers assistance in importing data from competing payroll systems, and the data imported is guaranteed to be correct.


  • Employees may utilize OnPay’s Employees Self Onboarding and Online Access capabilities to input or update their personal information and access their tax forms and paystubs, freeing up their employers’ time for more strategic endeavors.
  • With OnPay, companies may handle payroll whenever convenient, including canceling a previous pay run or adjusting to an existing one.
  • This hr payroll software automatically files federal and state tax forms when payroll is processed.
  • With the system’s built-in health insurance benefits administration, this cost may automatically be included in payroll calculations.
  • The 401(k) plan is another area where OnPay excels.


onpay pricing
OnPay Pricing
  • $40 per month
  • $6 per person per month

What Is an Online Payroll Service?

Payroll software is a program that determines an employee’s pay according to their scheduled hours and their agreed-upon salary. It also reserves the right amount for payroll taxes, which includes federal, state, and municipal requirements.

There is a lot of possibility for mistakes when processing payroll manually, which may result in large penalties from the IRS. This is why many companies outsource their payroll despite the high costs involved. Payroll software accountants are the middle ground, helping companies stay compliant without breaking the bank and protecting them from fines and legal action.

How Difficult Is Setting Up Payroll?

Company expansion, several offices, and time-sharing across many departments all add complexity to the payroll process. Since errors are inevitable, the payroll department must devote more time to data entry, verification, and rectification.

Payroll is just a small portion of your overall financial responsibilities, yet despite its importance, it is seldom as straightforward and regular as it should be. It’s not easy keeping track of wages, especially if there are many types of taxes to pay. Hr & payroll software processing thus requires precision and efficiency from the payroll staff. However, this is seldom an issue with the correct payroll software or services.

Do Payroll Websites Have HR Capabilities?

There are many human resources (HR)-related payroll tasks. Thus, the payroll and HR teams must work together. Everything from hiring new people to giving them raises, bonuses, reduced benefits, paid time off, or even terminating them. As the protector of worker morale, HR must be mindful of the time spent on payroll processing or risk falling on their sword if payments aren’t issued on time and in full.

The payroll and human resources departments also have access to sensitive employee information such as bank account details, SSNs, and residential addresses. The two divisions need to coordinate their efforts to prevent this data from falling into the wrong hands.

Small Business Payroll Software

Payroll software is an option for every company with regular, temporary, or freelance employees. Since filing payroll taxes is mandatory, using payroll software may simplify the process. Payroll automation helps save time, eliminates room for mistakes, and guarantees accurate and timely payments to all employees. Payroll software companies provide an excellent option for businesses of all sizes and may even need dedicated employees depending on the company’s volume of transactions.

Even with payroll software, there is still some paperwork to automate computations, process payroll for full-time workers, and submit payroll taxes. If your company is large enough to warrant it, someone should be in charge of employee onboarding, offboarding, and off-cycle payroll processing.


These top three cloud payroll programs alleviate stress for human resource managers at the end of each month. If you’re searching for the best cloud-based, fully automated payroll software in India, the above companies are worth your time. In human resources, these companies are among the best and brightest. Your attention is appreciated. I do hope this is informative and useful to you.

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