Best Podcast Software for Editing And Recording 2023

Podcasting is a unique way to share your opinions and thoughts with the world. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 5 best podcast software and podcast editing software. However, professional podcasting requires some editing and recording tools. One of the best ways to make your podcast look professional is the use the best software for recording podcasts. Many free tools will help you make your podcast better without spending a fortune.

In addition, you can choose paid podcast software to enhance its quality.

Modern tools like podcast software have come a long way. Many professionals prefer these tools for creating, editing, and publishing audio files. The best part about the tools is that you can complete all the tasks in minutes.

If you need help starting out, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to talk about the ultimate podcast software on the market. Moreover, we’ll share a few tips to help you get started.

5 Best Podcast Software List:

Let’s Start our Ultimate Review of the best podcast recording software:

1. Riverside (Overall Best Podcast recording Software)

Podcast Software Riverside
Podcast Software Riverside

This is one of the best podcast editing software for beginners as well as professionals. The automatic editing, high quality audio, and customizing tools help you create a fine podcast in minutes.

The Clips feature of the software makes it an ideal solution for video podcasts.

You can even fine-tune your video with its excellent features. Within a few single taps, you can easily use the tool to create a unique podcast.

With Riverside podcast editing software, you can edit your content with the help of its Magic Editor and audio editing software.

It allows you to upload your logo and alter the background as per your needs. Some other exclusive features of Riverside include screen sharing, producer control, accessible links, and more.

If you’re looking to create podcasts easily, be sure you choose Riverside as your best bet. As it is the best software for podcast or best podcast recording software.

How to start a Podcast

Riverside Pros:

  • Riverside FM All-in-one editing and recording software with all the necessary tools.
  • Easy to use. Therefore suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Riverside FM podcast offers excellent high-quality audio features that help you record your podcast in HD.
  • Complete all your editing in minutes.
  • A wide range of customization options is available.
  • Offer easy conversion of long-format content into shorter clips.

Riverside Pricing:

Podcast Software Riverside Pricing
Riverside Pricing
  • The Basic plan is free.
  • A Standard plan costs $15/month (or $180/year).
  • The Pro plan costs $24/month (or $288/year).

For Enterprise plans, you can schedule a meeting with Riverside.

To know more about their pricing plans, visit their website.

2. Adobe Audition (Podcast Software for Professionals)

best podcasts  Adobe Audition (Best for Professionals)
Podcast Software Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is another powerful best podcast editing software and the best podcast recording software available in the market. However, this software isn’t suitable if you’re just stepping into the podcasting world.

The technical jargon can leave beginners confused and frustrated. But if you have some knowledge about editing, you can easily use this world-class software.

Thanks to its high-quality audio sound effects and importing ability, it’s easy to create a high-quality video.

At the top of the screen, you will find a basic toolbar. The essential features will allow you to edit and view files.

In addition, you can work with sounds and tracks with a toolbar on the left. The complicated controls can make it hard for beginners to work with.

However, once you understand the technicalities, you can edit tracks in your recording project.

Moreover, the software assists you in saving templates and running them as scripts as it is the best podcast editing software.

Adobe Audition Pros:

  • Wide range of mastering pro tools that help you edit the audio and minimize background high quality audio noise.
  • Adobe Audition offers special features like equalization and noise reduction for background noise.
  • Adobe Audition provides a non-destructive audio editor to keep your original content unaltered in separate tracks.
  • Multi-track mixing console to get unlimited simultaneous tracks.
  • Adobe Audition offers advanced audio multitrack recording compression and restoration.
  • Features for both advanced and intermediate users for recording podcast episodes.

Adobe Audition Price:

Adobe Audition Price best podcasts
Adobe Audition Price
  • A monthly subscription costs $31.50.
  • There are two annual plans. The prepaid annual plan costs $252 while the annual plan with monthly billing has you paying $20.99 every month.

You can also purchase Adobe Audition with their Video package.

To learn you can also get adobe audition free for 7 days.

3. Audacity (Best for Beginners)

Podcast Software Audacity (Best for Beginners)
Podcast Software Audacity

Audacity podcast recording software is an easy-to-use, free, and multilingual audio recorder and editor software.

It is suitable for Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems. Users can use it to record live audio easily.

Moreover, it will assist you in converting tapes and records into CDs and digital recordings. The advanced features of the software allow you to change the speed or pitch of a recording and separate tracks.

Also, you can cut, slice, copy, and mix sounds to create engaging videos. If you’re looking to choose a free podcast software, you can pick Audacity.

Due to its ability to make sound alterations, you can create noise-free content. You can make your content more engaging by adding ads, sound effects, music, and more.

Audacity Pros:

  • Audacity software is compatible with a lot of devices, including Windows PC, macOS, or Linux.
  • Free tutorials to help you get started with the software.
  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.
  • Easy-to-use software with a simple and clean interface.
  • Advanced features like noise reduction, editing, and trimming of audio files.
  • Easy to change the tempo or pitch of audio recordings.
  • Option to add effects.
  • Ease in importing and exporting files in formats like AIFF, WAV, MP3, and OGG.

Audacity Pricing:

  • Audacity is really, completely, and absolutely free!

4. Fusebox (Podcast Software)

podcast recording software fusebox
Podcast Software fusebox

Another enhancing podcast software on our list is Fusebox. The wide range of tools helps the user create podcasts easily.

Thanks to its transcripts plugin feature, you can easily build engagement with website visitors.

Many users consider this the most powerful podcast editing software. Flexible options ensure that your website visitors feel engaged.

Using Fusebox podcast editing software allows you to boost conversion rates. In addition, it drives email leads along with promoting your podcast.

The in-built email capture form is quite useful in engaging and encouraging users to subscribe to your podcast. If you’re looking to build loyal listeners, look no further than Fusebox.

Some of the excellent features of Fusebox include speed control, social sharing, mobile friendliness, custom colors, and more.

Fusebox Pros:

  • Three players that you can match with your brand needs.
  • Easy to add text and URLs in your podcast description.
  • Download option to help users proofread the transcript of podcasts.
  • The search option offers access to all the podcasts in separate tracks.
  • Sticky players allow extra engagement along with robust integration options.
  • Paid plans come with plenty of exciting options including email capture, email support, webinar training, player customization, etc.

Fusebox Pricing:

  fusebox pricing
Fusebox Pricing
  • Fusebox has a free and a Pro Version.
  • In Pro mode, it costs $19 for a monthly plan and $189.96 for a yearly plan.

5. GarageBand (Best for Mac)

  GarageBand (Best for Mac)
Podcast Software GarageBand

Lastly, GarageBand is exclusive recording software for podcasts used by millions of people. You can create podcasts, songs, and even ringtones.

With the help of any high-quality audio input device or microphone, you can record a track. The logic pro-built-in microphone allows you to record your voice directly into a song.

Virtual effects will help you compose and edit music tracks. What’s more, the fully equipped music creator comes with a sound library.

The virtual instruments logic pro helps you get the feel of a real instrument. One of the best things about GarageBand logic pro is the Touch Bar features.

Built with an intuitive and modern design, you can easily create, play, share and record your videos. You can save your track or share it with family and friends.

GarageBand Pros :

  • GarageBand logic pro is the Intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use best podcast editing software.
  • Exclusive features that offer logic pro-pro-level results to each and every user.
  • Advanced functions make it suitable for music composition and recording.
  • Little to no customization or configuration of settings is required.
  • Hundreds of loops include hip-hop, funk, rock, pop, Latin, classical, jazz, country, and more.
  • Amp modeling and effects allow the user to connect and play electric guitar in the app.

GarageBand Pricing:

  • The GarageBand app is free for iOS users. It is unavailable on the Play Store.

How to Start Podcasting?

How to Start Podcasting

With the advent of technology, starting a podcast isn’t an uphill task. To create a decent recording, all you need to do is have robust software.

Your next step is to follow a step-by-step guide to ensure you get top-notch results.

Read our detailed guide on How to Start Podcasting?

Here are the simple steps that will help you get started on your podcast journey:

● Idea and script:

To avoid getting doomed, you need to plan before starting the podcast. You need to spend your time and find a topic that suits you. Usually, podcasts that focus on one particular niche get more popular.

Thus, you need to try hard and ensure you choose an idea that makes you happy, but not just for today; the idea should keep you going in the upcoming years too.

● Script

The script is one of the most important parts of starting a podcast. It acts like the roadmap leading you from start to finish in your journey.

It should showcase the essentials of each episode. Having a compelling title and podcast description is vital. It will not only help you rank higher in SERPs but also drive users.

Further, your podcast script should enlist the length of your podcasts too. However, it isn’t possible to make all episodes the same length. So, you should determine the expected range of your podcast.

Short episodes are okay, but so are long ones. Just be sure it contains the right material to attract listeners.

Software for podcast:

If you’re just starting, you might encounter some extra expenses. If that’s the case, try to pick a free podcast software from our list (above).

Valuable software can make your editing and creating tasks easier. For a beginner, it’s vital to add powerful software to their list. If you use a MAC computer, you can go with GarageBand recording software for podcasts.

On the contrary, if you’re a Windows user, Audacity would be the ideal solution.

● Podcast Recording Equipment:

To get your show up and running, you need fine recording equipment.

Amongst all the other essentials, a microphone is a crucial piece. Be sure to double-check the sound quality to ensure it works well.

● Co-host or Cast:

Lastly, but most significantly, you need to pick a co-host for your podcast. You can pick your friend, family member, or coworker to accompany you. But, be sure they’re ready to commit long-term.

Starting a podcast with a co-host allows you to create engaging conversations. What’s more, you can share the burden of editing, formatting, and promoting too.

However, having a co-host or cast isn’t a compulsion. You can start your podcast solo and add a cast once you get a track.

Podcast Definition and History


In general terms, a podcast is a series of digital audio files. These files are available online, and any user can download or listen to them on the Internet. It is an excellent way to build a community and reach an audience.

Podcast History:

Podcasting has come a long way from the 1980s to 2022. In its initial years, podcasting was known as an audio blog. In late 2004, it gained momentum due to the Internet and portable devices like the iPod.

Owing to its popularity in recent years, many users are looking to start podcasting.

Best Podcast Recording Software FAQs:

1. How to upload podcasts on Spotify?

Web-based Spotify podcast editing software for podcasts is a great way to let your users know about your new podcast. However, you should choose a hosting company too. You can then link your hosting service with your Spotify account.
Follow these simple steps to upload podcasts on Spotify.
Double-check to ensure that your podcast meets all the requirements of Spotify.
Visit Spotify for Podcasters and create your Spotify account. If you already have one, log into your Spotify account.
Click on the Get Started icon, and a new page will appear. Agree to the terms and conditions of the page to move forward.
Enter the RSS feed link of the hosting service and then click on the Next button.
Complete the verification process by submitting the eight-digit code received in your email. Once you’re done, click on the Next button.
Submit all the other details, including the primary language, category, and hosting service name.
Review everything and if it looks good, press the Submit button.

2. Can I upload podcasts on YouTube?

Yes, you can upload your podcasts on YouTube. Making your podcast accessible will maximize exposure. Before you upload your podcasts, be sure you convert them from audio files to MP4s.

3. What podcast equipment do I need?

Listed below are a few vital pieces of equipment you need to create an outstanding podcast. These include:
Computer: One of the most prominent pieces of equipment you need is a computer. It will help you record and upload your MP3 files.
Microphones: Instead of using your PC’s microphone, you should purchase a USB microphone. If you’re starting your podcast with a cast, try purchasing a microphone with XLR output.
Audio Interface: It is an important piece of equipment that acts between a computer and a microphone. The core purpose of AI is to convert analog signals into digital signals.
Some other common pieces of equipment include editing software, acoustic treatment, microphone cables, shock mount, mic stands, headphone amplifiers, headphones, pop filter/windscreen, and mixer.

4. What are some good podcasts to listen to?

If you’re looking to choose some good podcasts, here is the list:
1. Rabbit Hole
2. Lolita Podcast
3. Startup
4. Slow Burn
5. The Right Time
6. Still Processing
7. NYT Popcast
8. Everything Is Alive
9. The Daily
10. Bodega Boys
11. Stuff You Should Know
12. This American Life
13. Start With This
14. Every Little Thing
15. You’re Wrong About

5. What is the podcast with the most listeners?

The Clearing is one of the most popular podcasts with the most listeners. It is a true-crime podcast revealing the story of April Balascio. The podcast becomes interesting when she finds out her father is a serial killer. If you’re looking to pick the best podcast, check out The Clearing.

6. Which is the best podcast to learn French?

If you wish to learn French with podcasts, you can check out these ultimate podcasts.
One Thing In A French Day
French En Route
French Blabla
Parlez Away
Coffee Break French
These top 5 podcasts will help you to learn French on the go. The best part about these podcasts is that they have everything for beginner and advanced learners.

7. What is the best podcast on mental health?

The number of podcasts keeps on growing each year. There are many podcasters who talk about mental health issues via podcast. Thus, you can learn about how to improve your mental health. The Positive Psychology Podcast is the best mental health podcast that covers a wide range of topics.

8. What is the best podcast for anxiety?

The Anxiety Podcast is the best podcast for people suffering from anxiety. The core aim of the podcast is to reduce anxiety and stress

9. What is the best podcast to sleep on?

Many people often find it hard to sleep in this highly stressful era. Podcasts will help you to enhance your mood and get a sound sleep. Sleep With Me is one of the most popular podcasts that uplift your mood.

10. What is the best podcast for teens?

With a lot of the best podcasts for teens available, you can choose the one that suits your needs. My Favorite Murder includes five tales of heroism, Hindenburg journalist. It will help you unwind from your stress and know what true friendship means.

11. How many podcasts are there?

As per a recent stat, there will be over 2 million podcasts in 2023. Due to their intuitive content, the number of podcast listeners is growing each year. If you’re looking to start a podcast, 2023 is the best time to go ahead.

12. Are there podcasts with videos?

Yes. There are many podcasts with a video element. Regardless of whether the video is complex or simple, it will engage more podcast listeners. So, if you wish to make your podcast more intriguing and exciting, be sure you add a record edit and a small video element that attracts your listeners.

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