5+ Best Precious Metals IRA Companies 2022 (Reviewed)

Possession of investment in gold has always been observed as a sign of affluence and prosperity. Women have been the largest consumers of gold jewelry since time immemorial. From the greatest kings and queens to a commoner, gold has successfully attracted everyone towards it. So here is your Best Precious Metals IRA/ GOLD IRA Companies review.

With the changing times, the possession of precious metals has also changed. People started investing in gold coins and bullion. Being considered a safe investment option due to its high liquidity nature, it is invested in different forms. Gold ETFs, digital gold, sovereign gold bonds, and Gold IRAs are some examples of modern gold investment options.

To have the kind of retirement experience that you have always dreamt of, investing plays a vital role in it. We look for numerous options available in the market, marketed as ‘retirement plans. Some are worth investing in, while some IRAs are not. Gold IRA is one such retirement plan that is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

IRA gold is an Investment Retirement Account, a specialized IRA that offers its investors to invest in physical gold. These gold for IRAs needs to be of a particular finesse and comply with the IRS to get approved. While most collectibles are generally prohibited in these IRAs, gold which is of 99.5% purity gets the approval.

These are also called precious metals IRAs because you can invest in silver, palladium, platinum, and other precious metals apart from gold. Gold is the most popular precious metal among its counterparts, hence the name Gold IRA. A bank or a brokerage firm can act as a custodian for your Gold IRA.

There are many gold and silver IRA companies that allow their investors to invest in precious metals. If you have made up your mind to smoothen your retirement process by investing in IRAs, we have come to your rescue by providing you with reviews of the best gold IRA companies.

Best Precious Metals IRA Companies 2022

Before diving into investing in gold IRAs, it is essential to know about the companies that deal in these particular Investment Retirement Accounts. Here, we have tried to provide you with some of the best IRA companies. Let us have a look at reviews of the best gold ira companies.

1. Augusta Precious Metals Review:

 Augusta Precious Metals Review
Augusta Precious Metals Review

If you have decided to take the plunge in diversifying your investments in the form of best gold IRAs and adding precious metals to your retirement portfolio then Augusta Precious Metals ira is the first name that instantly comes to our mind. It was founded in the year 2012. The professionals at Augusta Metals have dedicated individuals committed to assisting its customers with gold and silver bullions IRAs.

Augusta Precious Metals location or Augusta precious metals corporate office address is in California, the United States and they also offer common gold and silver bullion, premium gold and silver, and coins for selling. The prices are set according to the standard market rate. You can check the prices of all mentioned precious metals in the precious metals’ prices chart given on their website.

Augusta Precious Metals Pros:

● Augusta Precious Metals ira is the best gold IRA and has no management fees and charges only custodian account setup and depository storage fees.

● The transparency in their business and streamlined process of setting up an account makes the work easy.

● Augusta metals team of professionals is led by Harvard-trained economists which makes Augusta Precious Metals a better business as compared to other companies.

● They have retirement and inflation calculator on their website to calculate one’s purchasing power after certain years

2. Birch Gold Group Review:

Birch Gold Group Review:
Birch Gold Group Review

Since the inception of the company in the year 2003, Birch Gold Group has become a leading dealer of precious physical metals in the United States. Their efficient and dynamic team consists of former financial advisors, wealth managers, and commodity brokers who help customers diversify their portfolios with gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. You might be wondering who owns Birch Gold Group?

It was founded by Laith Alsarraf in California, United States. Another question that is often asked is,

“Is Birch Gold Group Legit?”

And the answer is: yes, absolutely, since 2016, It has been endorsed by Ben Shapiro. This has encouraged Americans to know about gold IRAs and invest in them. In his show, Ben Shapiro Show, he simply tells his audience that it is foolish not to have some assets invested in that area of human activity that has never been zero.

Birch Gold Group Pros:

● Birch Gold Group is highly reputed in its area of business. They have collaborated with eminent personalities like Ron Paul and Ben Shapiro who endorse the company.

● Birch gold and silver group emphasizes educating customers about investing while doing their business.

● They have a transparent service, making people stay away from paying any sort of hidden charges.

 Birch gold group ratings are good and they provide excellent customer service.

3. Goldco Precious Metals Review:

Goldco Precious Metals Review
Goldco Precious Metals ira Review

Goldco Specialist is the platform which you can trust your gold IRAs with.

If you have an IRA, 403(b), 401(k), or TSP, you can invest with the company. They are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Triple-A by Consumer Alliance.

It was founded by Trevor Gerszt in 2006. They also offer direct sales of gold and silver to their customers.

Goldco Precious Metals Pros:

● Goldco Precious Metals ira works with all major self-directed custodians.

● Goldco Precious Metals offer a buy-back guarantee at the highest price of precious metals bought from them.

● Goldco Precious Metals offer numerous coins to their customers which are IRA eligible such as Gold American Eagle, Gold Liberty, Gold Phoenix, etc.

● They have a great customer assisting team, about which you can have a look at the Goldco Precious Metals review section.

4. Advantage Gold Reviews:

Advantage Gold Reviews
Advantage Gold Reviews

Gold IRA is a financial safehouse for investors due to its high liquidity and therefore, you cannot go wrong as far as Advantage Gold is concerned. You can roll over your 401K, IRA, and other types of retirement accounts into a secure Gold IRA.

They offer prompt service, a full-service IRA department with fair and transparent pricing, and knowledgeable account executives. They are trusted by a majority of people which has garnered them the highest-rated precious metals firms in the country and they were also the winners of Best of Trustlink. Founded by Adam Baratta and Kirill Zagalsky in the year 2014, it is going strong in the arena of gold investments.

You can visit them at Advantagegold com.

Advantage Gold Pros:

● Advantage gold has a user-friendly and informative website. Even a newbie who is not much aware of gold IRAs can fetch enough knowledge from the website.

● The customer support team of advantage gold is very approachable and keenly answers the queries of their customers regarding advantage gold complaints.

● What makes the company trustworthy is its transparency in the whole process of investing in IRAs. You can rely upon it to enjoy the best service.

● Through advantage gold you can also avail of a free gold investment guide when you make your first purchase from them.

● From contacting your current custodian to processing the rollover or transfer on your behalf, Advantage Gold does everything for you.

5. Regal Assets Review:

Regal Assets Review
Regal Assets Review

For many of you who are wondering what Regal Assets is?, it is to save your investment from becoming the victim of a fragile market and ending up with your hard-earned money going in vain, you can plan your retirement investment by investing in Regal Assets gold IRA and Regal silver.

The company Regal Assets could be your destination in case you are planning to invest in a gold IRA.

The founder of Regal Assets, Tyler Gallagher started with a big vision to simplify and innovate the alternative assets investment landscape. They are the first company in the industry to receive a crypto trading license and also one of the first to offer all major crypto assets as retirement investing options.

It has now come to be recognized by Forbes, Smart Money, the Huffington Post, and many others. The company was among the top 20 in the U.S. by the famous INC 500 in the category of financial services. Since its foundation, the company has helped thousands of Americans by leading them toward an amazing retirement plan.

Regal Assets Pros:

● Regal Assets focus on customers’ needs and recommend them according to their preference and investing capability instead of pushing down their throat something that is beyond their ability, just to earn extra commissions.

● Regal Assets charge a transparent fee and commission schedule. The customer will be aware of the tiniest extra fee that he is going to pay later. Nothing is charged hideously.

● Regal assets gold ira has experienced staff who keenly solve customer queries.

6. American Hartford Gold Reviews:

American Hartford Gold Reviews
American Hartford Gold Reviews

American Hartford Gold helps to keep people protected by diversifying their IRA gold funds. They are a company operating in Los Angeles; CA. They are committed to providing reliable services to their clients.

Professionalism and ethics are what make the Hartford Gold company trustworthy.

American Hartford Gold offers its customers to buy physical gold along with retirement accounts like an IRA, 401K, or TSP. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and excels in customer service satisfaction.

American Hartford Gold Pros:

● As part of the American Hartford Gold reviews, the company while assisting clients in IRA also educates them about investments in the precious metal industry.

● Americanhartfordgold offer their customers a buyback commitment of precious metals bought from them

● They do not charge any additional liquidation fees and provide a quick and simple 3-step liquidation process.

Things To Keep in Mind While Making an Investment In Gold IRA

Now that you have decided to invest in Gold IRA and precious metals ira, there are certain things that you need to be aware of-

● Gold that is held within an IRA account cannot be stored at home. The gold assets kept within an IRA should be held by a trusted third-party depository. All these companies mentioned above, partner with financial institutions to provide trusted, IRS-approved storage solutions.

● Gold IRA companies are very strict with their gold holding rules and regulations. If an account holder keeps the IRA gold with him, his account is withdrawn. Any gold stored at home that is in an IRA account is considered to be taxable.

● Like good and bad people, there also exist good and bad companies. These bad companies may scam people into buying “rare” or “uncirculated” coins that are ineligible for IRA inclusion. It is the users’ responsibility to be aware of these kinds of scams by educating themselves about Gold IRAs.

● You may need to pay a higher amount for custody of your physical gold in some companies. Companies that charge a less amount for maintenance and storage of this physical gold for IRA are very few.

Is Precious Metals A Good Career Path?

If you are looking for a prosperous career, then a career in the arena of precious metals ira can be the best choice for you. The sector is booming with several work prospects. The best thing about this sector is that it will never be short of work. From a goldsmith to an analyst, you can choose to become any of it.

Is precious metals a good career path – Absolutely yes

As of now, no such specialized degrees are required to enter the precious metals ira sector. To become a goldsmith, one needs to have the required set of skills. Jobs like gold analysts, or quality assurance specialists need to be equipped with the analytical ability to determine the metal’s fluctuating worth and improve the products to meet established quality standards.

Conclusion (Precious metals ira)

Through this article on precious metals ira, we have tried to provide you with unbiased reviews on the best precious metals IRA companies.

Investing in gold can be the safest option for you if you are looking for a consistent return. It might not give you a good yield in the short term, but it maintains its value over a long period.

Gold does not give you a massive amount as some of the other investment options do. You can always fall upon gold coins and bars during uncertain times.

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