Project Management Software (Review) 2023

Project management tools is best if you planning to start your business but are worried about how to take upon all tasks by yourself? Do not worry! We got your back. In this article, we see how to ace the race of sales and projects efficiently with the help of Project Management Software

Businesses in modern times need to focus on multiple things such as planning, budget allocation, documentation, quality management, and many more at a time.

Project management software allows businesses to handle tasks by allowing the team to interact, meet deadlines, and analyze team member efforts.

Solutions to all these aspects pave the way for project management software Monday

Choosing software that best suits your business goals is a mandatory step to successfully achieving those goals.

If you are looking for the best project management software then project management software is one of the best options for you.

Software is a project management tool that helps with planning, budgeting, task assignment, and quality assurance.

It allows team members to use integrations, work in sync and submit tasks in time while working on the project.

Project Management Software helps businesses to perform Customer Relation Management (CRM) tasks. It improves business interaction with its customers and thus drives sales growth.

Businesses with the help of Project Management Software monday analyze customer interactions with their website and products. This feature helps businesses to modify business strategies accordingly to increase output and customer satisfaction.

Project Management Software monday

Project Management Software
Project Management Software monday

What is is a project management software platform that helps businesses work on projects in real time using various tools and integrations.

Project management tools Monday like Kanban and Gantt charts help teams to visualize the entire project at a glance. integrations such as social media integration and google sheets integration help the team to work on the same platform without switching tabs to use different business tools.

Project management tools Monday
Project management tools Monday

Project management software helps the team to work in collaboration with all the stakeholders of the project efficiently. It helps the team to construct workflows, plan the project, allocate resources and execute tasks in a given time frame. not just keeps the team updated about project tasks and deadlines but also helps businesses with CRM tasks.

Software helps businesses to automate sales processes and track project goals using dashboards.

CRM software monday also provides popular business tools such as integrations like Slack and Dropbox. login login Training Videos:

Project management software Monday offers video tutorials such as how to use, Monday sales CRM overview, emails and activities, and many more on its monday com YouTube channel.

Source- YouTube channel dashboard tutorial helps you create a customized dashboard in a few minutes. Apart from the video tutorials, the learning resources have interactive courses, webinars, and detailed articles on the mobile app, billing, troubleshooting, getting started, etc. Pricing Plans:

Project management software offers various plans for businesses. Let’s look into pricing plans in detail and then answer your question is free? Pricing Plans Pricing Plans

1. Individual

This plan costs 0$ for individuals who want to track their work progress. It offers only 2 members to collaborate in a team. Individual plan offers unlimited boards to organize the workflows, 200+ templates, the creation of unlimited docs, and over 20 column types to customize the dashboard. is mobile compatible as you can access this plan from iOS and android apps.

2. Basic Basic plan costs $8/seat/month. Under this plan, you can manage all your teamwork in one place. Apart from the Individual plan features, the plan offers unlimited free viewers and unlimited items.

You can also create a dashboard with this plan. The plan provides a 5 Gb storage space to save files and docs. The best feature of this plan is that it provides prioritized customer support.

3. Standard

The price for the standard plan is $10/seat/month. The timeline and Gantt view feature of this plan help you to visualize all your upcoming work and meet deadlines effectively. A visual calendar feature is available with this plan that helps you to manage the project.

The guest access feature helps you to allow an outsider to collaborate on specific projects without having to give access to the full account. 250 automation and 250 integration actions are allowed per month in this plan. This plan allows for the creation of a dashboard that combines up to 5 boards. All these features are in addition to the basic features.

4. Pro

To avail of this plan, you have to pay $16/seat/month. This plan is suitable to streamline complex workflows.

This plan allows you to create private boards and charts which can only be accessed by you and the team members you invite.

You can view data in various charts and graphical formats. You can create a dashboard that combines up to 10 boards.

The team can be made compilable by the time tracking feature as you can see how much time is spent on each task by the teammates.

Calculations can be performed easily with formula columns. The dependency column ensures that a team member can enter the next task only after the completion of the previous task.

25,000 automation can be carried out per month. Integrations are an added advantage of this plan.

5. Enterprise enterprise pricing is customized and this plan is usually availed of by businesses that are looking for enterprise grade features. In addition to Pro plan features this plan offers advanced reporting analytics tools to get better insights into data. Offers user management controls and the best security features.

A whopping 2,50,000 automation and integration actions are allowed with this enterprise plan. Robust multi-level permissions are in place to give full access to the account.

The feature of tailor onboarding provides in-depth training to your team. Enterprise clients get 24/7 extraordinary customer support. And finally, you can create a dashboard that combines up to 50 boards.

Project Management Software monday Features:

● Dashboards dashboard dashboard

With project management software it is easy to create custom dashboards. The businesses can track the progress of the project, timelines of specific tasks, and budget outlay in one place with the help of a dashboard.

This feature helps to create reports covering the entire hierarchy from top to bottom covering even the minutest detail.

Project managers create dashboards to easily spot repetitive work, and pending assignments, and evaluate and improve team member efforts.

 Project management tools helps the business to create unique boards that help the teammates to work together on the project in a coordinated way without any hindrance.

● Automation

Project Management software
Project Management software Automation

While working on a project, the team has to do a lot of repetitive work like sending reminder emails, sending work-related updates, notifying meeting schedules, and many more.

These mundane tasks often deplete the time and energy of the team which can be used for more creative work assignments.

Project Management software monday offers the great feature of automation that helps the team to automate all the project related repetitive work.

The automation feature in helps project managers to customize their workflows, including status updates, task assignments, dependencies, due date alerts, email notifications, and progress updates. Time tracking is also possible. timeline automation helps the team to focus on more scientific work and save time for the project while keeping the team aligned with the project.

● Kanban

Project Management software Kanban boards

The Kanban software helps visualize the project’s workflow and helps the team optimize efficiency. The project management software has Kanban boards that are easy to set up and configure and can be customized according to needs.

With kanban, you can create tailored workflows by including dependencies, automation, and exact due dates. It helps the team to integrate all the necessary tools and to collaborate with stakeholders efficiently.

● Files

The Files feature of project management software monday helps teams communicate and collaborate on files without any hindrance.

The copies of a file can be organized in regular order with a definite timeline. The current version of the file can be viewed instantly.

The files can be viewed using the project management software, either in the form of visualized grids or a full project view.

You can also organize, store, retrieve, and manage the team’s files on a single centralized platform. helps in digital asset management as the files of any format can be uploaded to DropBox, OneDrive, or Google Drive within minutes.

● monday com integrations integration integration
 project management tools integration

Project management software Monday has an array of integrations such as Asana, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Facebook, Github, Clearbit Gmail, LinkedIn, OneDrive, Zapier, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Drive, social media integration, google sheets integration and many more.

● Gantt

Gantt charts of project management software Monday help visualize the project milestones and track dependencies. Also, capacity management, and team management, workload management, team collaborations all can be visualized using Gantt charts.

● Docs

With project management software “Docs” feature a team can collaborate in real-time to execute the tasks and meet project deadlines.

Now let’s move to ( pros and cons) Pros and Cons

project management tools Pros and Cons (CRM Software


  1. Is free? The answer is Yes, Project management software monday offers a lifetime free plan with up to 2 seats.
  2. The modern dashboards of CRM Software are highly custom-tailored and give a complete picture of the ongoing project.
  3. The free plan includes up to 200+ templates helping the users customize boards that suit their needs.
  4. The paid plans allow the account holder to give access to multiple users. This helps the teams to collaborate effectively and communicate to solve problems and give task updates. This makes a suitable option for companies with remote work settings.
  5. Customer relationship management crm features of software monday adds Centralized communication channels
  6. Kanban boards and Gantt charts help in tracking the project progress and timeline of the tasks.
  7. automated emails and project management tools monday reduce a great deal of repetitive work for the team and thus help in time management.
  8. project management tools is also useful for many businesses.
  9. The tracking features with color-coding of Project Management Software monday are rated high by the users


  1. Not all integrations are available with such as Sharepoint.
  2. Some iPhone users face difficulty while updating the mobile app.

Is Right for You or Your Business?

Is Right for You or Your Business?

Pondering over the question of whether is the best project management software for your business and looking for technical details of, then this article is for you.

Project management solutions can help firms improve efficiency and grow faster in today’s world of digitization and automation.

When choosing project management software, a company would consider several criteria, including team collaboration, integrations, automation, effective data visualization, team communication, and an excellent customer service system to address any challenges.

Project management software Monday provides all these features to businesses in addition to a 14-day free trial, training tutorials, and security features.

These features of monday .com make it the top choice for businesses looking for project management software. The logo has three colors red, yellow, and green which reflect “Done”, “Working on it”, and “Stuck”. is easy to set up with features like email tracking, email sync, activity management, and email templates.

Project management software is a great choice for businesses to increase their visibility, improve client communication, and boost sales.

This article focuses on the app and technical details that may help you to choose for simplifying your business processes. Mobile Apps Mobile Apps
Project management software Mobile Apps

It is hard to review your team’s progress or attend a meeting, especially when you are away on a business tour or a personal vacation.

However, project management tools makes it easy for users to use it even on mobile phones. provides mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The app is user-friendly that allows users to build boards, set up workflows, and high-level dashboards.

The key columns in the mobile app include the status column, location column, date and formula column, time tracking, files, and chart view.

These allow users to check project progress from anywhere and anytime. However, the mobile app cannot be used to set up automation. You must first set up automation on the browser before using them on mobile apps.

Apart from the mobile apps, the monday com desktop app also allows users to have a smooth and faster experience with greater security and stability.

Project management software Monday Technical Details

Project management software Monday provides many technical features that help businesses to manage their workflows smoothly and efficiently without investing much time. Let us dwell on some of the technical details of

Easy Onboarding:

With, getting started is simple.

200+ templates make it simple to set up dashboards and create workflows. monday com review is as high as 4.7/5. It is the most user-friendly project management software.


Tools like Kanban, Gantt, Calendar, Timeline, and Workload are available on These tools help create charts easily. These charts represent the data on the project’s progress.


Users of Project management tools can automate routine tasks. Automated processes take no time and are error-free.


It is unviable if a user has to navigate across platforms to perform a task.

With 40+ integrations such as Google sheet integration, dropbox, outlook, social media integration, etc., offers users a chance to store their data in one place.

This makes business operations easier and quicker.

24/7 Customer Support:

Project Management Software consultant is available 24/7 to its customers helping them solve their issues and doubts. reviews (Conclusion)

Businesses need to invest in the best project management software to align team management, and work processes, and produce better outputs in the post-covid-era. 

Project management software has been a chosen work platform for many businesses till now and it can be the best choice for your business as well. 

This is our project management tools genuine review or reviews don’t forget to try

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