Razorpay Dashboard Review: Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing 2023

A group of IIT Roorkee alums created the Razorpay dashboard as a new online payment method. It utilizes the services of more than one bank. Razorpay payment gateway is a convenient online payment service that accepts payments from various sources, including credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and mobile wallets. Razorpay login facilitates hassle-free monetary transactions in India.

Its dashboard has several advantages that make it a top contender among online payment systems.

Let’s learn what is Razorpay and the app’s many features so you can see how utilizing Razorpay may improve your life.

What is Razorpay?

Razorpay payment gateway
Razorpay payment gateway

Using payment gateways, the vendor pays, and recurring subscriptions, the cloud-based payment processing Razorpay software private limited may assist companies of all sizes in managing their money.

It facilitates the automated processing of payments to suppliers and staff members and the acceptance of payments via various payment methods used by consumers.

Functions for online onboarding, feature-rich checkout, and performance monitoring are part of the platform. Businesses may use Razorpay software branded payment pages to start accepting payments online. Stakeholders may now receive both local and foreign payments via electronic payment confirmations.

Razorpay Dashboard Features and Integrations

Razorpay Dashboard login
Razorpay Dashboard Login

To meet your banking and financial needs, the Razorpay dashboard has you covered. The following are some of its enticing qualities:


  • Simple Signup Procedure: Joining Razorpay just takes a few moments.
  • Integration Is a Breeze: Razorpay can be integrated and made live in less than an hour, thanks to the availability of plugins for all major platforms and languages.
  • An API powers it: Create a scalable company with our API-driven automation that is entirely hands-free.
  • Hundred Different Methods of Payment: Make it possible for your consumers to make purchases using various payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, transfer money, UPI, and digital wallets.
  • Highest Level of PCI Data Security Compliance Guaranteed: Compliance with regulations is not a hardship, that Razorpay founder added.
  • Costs That Hold Their Own: Pricing is reasonable and easy to understand.
  • Assistance through Electronic Mail and Live Help Sessions: Assistance at every turn via private messages and email.
  • Reporting Via a Visualized Dashboard: Helping you make data-driven business choices in real-time, right from your Razorpay Dashboard.


Razorpay payment gateway is a payment gateway that can be integrated with your website, app, or online shop to begin receiving payments.

Web Integration:

Embedding the Razorpay Standard Your website needs a checkout system to start taking payments from consumers. Razorpay is compatible with a wide variety of banking and payment options.

Quick Integration:

Using the hands-free automated checkout (Quick Integration), you can easily connect the Razorpay Gateway to your website and begin receiving payments in no time. However, if you want more say in how your integrations work, we advise going the Standard Integration route and employing the Manual Checkout technique instead.

Razorpay Pricing

Razorpay Pricing
Razorpay Pricing

Standard Plan: Razorpay software’s private limited strategy is best suited for new, small businesses. Any time a customer uses a credit card, debit card, or one of their several wallets (including UPI, the airtel app, etc.), a 2% transaction charge is added on top of the purchase price plus GST.

Payment via Diners Club, American Express, all other foreign cards, and business credits incur a 3% transaction fee plus GST.

Enterprise Plan: Businesses that process a high volume of transactions daily can take advantage of Razorpay’s Transaction Plus plan, which comes with several extra features at no extra cost, including priority support 24 hours a day, a dedicated account manager, and no monthly fees.

Pros and Cons of using Razorpay


  • The API is well-documented, and the response speed is excellent. razorpay login takes little time for them to do their homework and give the go-ahead.
  • Furthermore, Razorpay online bill payment has excellent customer service, with a personal relationship manager assigned to each account to resolve any payment difficulties that may arise promptly.
  • With Razorpay, online payments are rapid and safe. Integration into your website and setting up is a breeze.
  • Razorpay’s online money transfer’s main qualities are flexibility and low commission price.
  • The dashboard’s clean layout and handy tools make account management a breeze.


  • AI robots may take time to respond to your questions and address your concerns.
  • It might take some additional time to activate your account.

Razorpay payment pages

A website or mobile app is unnecessary to begin receiving payments online. Using Razorpay login Payment Pages, you can quickly and easily set up branded hosted payment pages for your business.

Payment Pages on Razorpay Software Pvt ltd allows you to create websites with unique content, pre-designed layouts, the ability to include rich text and images, and integrated sharing across several platforms. Send your clients to the payment gateway link, and you may start collecting money immediately.

Create an Account with Razorpay: Ensure you have a Razorpay software account before making a Payment Page. Once logged in, visit the Dashboard and choose payment gateway Pages to see your account’s payment settings.

Choose a Sample or Start Fresh: Click Make a new Payment Page using a premade layout. Increase your understanding of templates on the dashboard Razorpay.

Include Company Specifics: Include your company’s information on Razorpay Software Pvt ltd. Include things like a company’s contact details, terms and conditions, and so on. Find out more about completing your company profile.

Make a Payment Information: Adjust the input and sum fields to your liking. You may specify quantities, include a name field, and so forth. Find out more about incorporating financial information on Razorpay payroll software.

Distribute and initiate monetary transactions: Put up the Razorpay logo page and tell your clients where they can find it. Customers purchase after visiting this page, filling out the form with their information, choosing a payment option, and completing the transaction. Learn more about customer page posting and sharing.

Great Payment Gateway Solution for Online Business

The benefits of using the Razorpay Payment Gateway integration are outlined below:

Onboarding: You may use Standard Checkout to include the Razorpay Payment Gateway into your custom-built website. Learn more about the plugins they’ve developed for WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento, and Shopify on Razorpay support.

Rate of Success: As a result of employing several connections to route a transaction via direct net banking pipelines, the Razorpay payment gateway can increase the success rate to an unprecedented level. In addition, they notify you of any planned outage.

razorpay refund: Using the bank’s error code as a guide, Razorpay refund intelligently reattempts unsuccessful API reimbursements. You can provide your customers with the greatest refund experience possible with the help of our Instant refunds service.

Ability to Scale and Be Available: Razorpay payroll login infrastructure is robust enough to process 800 transaction requests per second. In the event of an outage, they will notify you through email, a status page, and Dashboard.

Compatibility of Payments: If you want to make sure you don’t lose track of all of the money transfers, refunds, international money transfers, or adjustments that have been settled to you on a given day or month, use settlement reconciliation.

Coverage: Razorpay payment gateway accept several domestic and international payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, prepaid cards, prepaid cards, UPI collect and intent, EMI, Cardless EMI, and popular wallets like Paytm and PhonePe.

Reasons for Switching to Razorpay Dashboard

When making a purchase, you may use the intermediary payment method of Razorpay payroll login to send money to any of the many different types of banks, credit, debit, and wallets out there (Netflix, Airtel, Swiggy, and others).

The UPI autopay option with a Razorpay payroll membership is convenient, especially considering that plastic usage for purchases is declining as more people turn to digital payment methods. It’s useful for legitimate companies, too, since customers can pay with various convenient applications. Many businesses have seen a significant increase in revenue since the epidemic and subsequent disruption to regular engagement as customers get used to making purchases online.

Using the Razorpay logo as a bridge, this digital payment platform connects various other applications. For example, offers the merchant the ability to automate bank transfers, invoicing, and a payroll account in addition to its payment gateway features.

Razorpay payroll (Wrap-up)  

Razorpay payroll
Razorpay payroll

Picking Razorpay customer care won’t hurt you in any way. Using Razorpay, people of all ages are given a fair shot at market success. There is no one else to thank for the convenience this has brought to our lives in the digital realm of monetary transactions. Our country has become more modernized with such businesses after the huge problems in the epidemic.

Razorpay Dashboard (FAQs)

How to get a refund from Razorpay?

Go to the payment app menu and choose the appropriate Payment ID Razorpay careers. Select Issue Refund in the Payment Details section. Simply provide the total amount of the refund to get it. Your main bank account will be used for the refund transfer.

Can Razorpay accept international payments?

Razorpay customer care accepts almost 100 of the world’s most popular currencies for international payments. You won’t have to worry about currency conversion since we do it for you instantly.

How to change the business name in Razorpay?

Select the Profile tab under “My Account.” A modifying icon will appear in the Brand Name box. The brands that you’ll like most appear. Choose a name at random from the list on the payment app. Type in your label name.

How to refund money from Razorpay?

The Dashboard of Razorpay careers now allows for Instant Refunds to be issued. The “Refund Instantly” option is available whenever a refund is given; all you have to do is choose it.

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