Best SEMrush Guide + How To Use SEMrush Like a Pro 2023

SEMrush is much more than a tool if you are operating a blog, an online company, or an eCommerce store. There are several tasks to complete, including posting content, delivering orders, maintaining your website, and marketing your business all these tasks handle by SEM rush.

And if you’re a one-person operation, finding the time to handle everything might be challenging. So without wasting time let’s start our

SEMrush guide+ How To Use SEMrush

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not just a buzzword. If you’re anybody in digital marketing, you’ll know how important it is. SEO can help you grow your audience or business, improve your search engine ranking, and establish your brand as an expert in a competitive field.

Although Google receives 82,800 queries each second, over 90% of web pages receive no organic traffic from Google.

That is not good. If you’re seeking a fantastic strategy to improve the SEO of your website, you’ll need to invest in an SEO tool. Because it is evident that whatever most site owners are doing is ineffective. But with a tool like SEM rush, you can do superior keyword research, fine-tune your content for higher ranks, and even monitor your competitors to establish yourself as an industry authority.

Don’t believe us? Check out this thorough evaluation first!

If you are familiar with SEMrush but want to understand how to utilize it to better your SEO efforts, continue reading. Today, we are publishing the definitive SEMrush guide on optimizing SEO and ranking better in search engine results.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush presents itself on the market as a comprehensive online visibility and content marketing management system.

What does that mean? It indicates that its 50+ tools will provide you with all the necessities — primarily data, insights, and actionable suggestions — to increase your online exposure and grow your reach across the primary digital platforms.

What is SEMrush
SEMrush login

In summary, Semrush’s toolkits cover the following aspects of internet visibility:

● SEO: Rank tracking, keyword research, administration of backlinks, and gap analysis.

● Sem rush Online advertising: From historical advertising intelligence to PPC keyword management.

● Sem rush Market analysis: from identifying the top market participants to determining the overall trends in traffic generation.

● Competitive research: From in-depth traffic analytics to audience analysis.

● Sem rush Content marketing: Content marketing includes coming up with ideas for content, researching topics, writing briefs, and optimizing text for better search engine rankings.

● Social media management: From deciphering rivals’ social media strategies and publishing to analytics and deploying social media advertisements.

It seems impressive, correct? It most certainly is. If you are accessing the platform for the first time, it might be challenging to find your way around. I want to ensure that you maximize the potential of SEMrush’s intelligence by utilizing its most essential features.

Now, let’s examine the specifics.

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What are SEMrush’s Costs?

Now that we’ve discussed what SEMrush is capable of and what rewards you can anticipate as an SEM rush customer, it’s time to discuss the most intriguing aspect of SEMrush: cost.

You are certainly wondering how much all this stuff costs.

SEMrush has three options ranging in price from $119/month (Pro plan) to $449/month (Business plan).

semrush cost
SEM rush cost

The primary difference between the plans is the features and restrictions available.

While SEM rush’s price page offers a wealth of plan-specific details, you may select your plan depending on the size of your organization.

The Pro plan should be sufficient if you’re a small or medium-sized firm without several sites to maintain. If you have a large organization with several enterprises to handle (for example, you operate a digital marketing agency), you may want a larger Gu-ru plan of SEMrush.

Nonetheless, if you enjoy the solution, you should join an annual subscription to receive a significant discount; the Pro plan will cost $100 per month. But you can also have a question that “can I use SEMrush for free” the answer is “yes” as they offer 7 days free trial for their new users.

Regardless of your plan, you have access to everything you need to create an intelligent and effective marketing strategy for your business:

● More than fifty tools covering many aspects of digital marketing.

● In-depth data and insights that are easily transferable across tools and reports.

● Management and reporting features that are straightforward and user-friendly.

If you are nearly ready to experience the power of, you may want to join for a free 30-day trial or semrush free trial before committing to a plan that meets your needs. This special deal is accessible to my readers, so use these brief instructions to maximize your SEMrush experience!

How To Use SEMrush+ Ultimate SEMrush Guide 2023:

1. Audit Your Website:

Before making any changes to your website, whether they pertain to site speed and performance, security, or even SEO, you should assess its current state. After all, it is impossible to measure the success of your improvements without a baseline to compare them to.

It enables you to do a semrush site audit. It will give a comprehensive view of your site’s SEO performance, allowing you to swiftly determine what is working and what is not.

To audit, your site, navigate to Projects and select the green icon labeled Create my first project

sem rush
SEM rush projects

Fill in the domain for the project (your website) and name it for future reference. Click Create project, then. 

Project dashboard

We will use the extremely recognized SEO resource website as an example. Once your project has been created, select Setup from the Site Audit menu.

You will get a modal box prompting you to complete the audit settings. 

sem rush
SEM rush site audit setting

Then, click Start Site Audit and allow SEMrush to perform its magic! After completing the site audit, you may click the Site Audit box to view the findings. 

SEM rush site audit tool

When you have a clear perspective of the present state of your website, you can create a practical SEO strategy. There is no use in attempting to make adjustments if you do not know what is working and what is not.

You can also add the SEMrush chrome extension to get results faster in your searches.

2. Conduct a Domain Lookup:

In addition to performing an SEO status check, conducting a domain check is also a good idea.

To do so, navigate to Domain Analytics > Overview and enter your website’s domain name. Forbes will be used as a useful reference point.

You will receive data such as: 

sem rush
Forbes domain overview

●  Authority Score: The score assigned to your domain based on its overall quality and SEO effect. The greater your authority score, the more useful and credible your website is.

●  Organic Search Traffic: The amount of organic traffic Google sends to your website.

●  Sponsored Search Traffic: The amount of website traffic generated by paid advertisements. This page demonstrates that this domain does not receive any traffic from sponsored advertisements.

●  Backlinks: The number of external links that connect directly to your website. Google will reward you with greater search ranks if you can get people to reference your website’s content inside their own by using semrush backlinks.

●  Display Advertising: The appearance of your website on the Google Display Network. You will not have any data to view on Forbes if you do not have adverts running on your website.

●  You will also receive important information about your website’s domain, including where your traffic comes from, what keywords your visitors use to find you, your current position in Google, and your biggest competitors.

Additionally, you will be able to view:

●  Branded vs. generic traffic

●  Backlink domains

●  Types of inbound links (image, text, form, or frame)

●  Leading link anchor text

●  Leading referral sites

●  Images in your advertising

How This Benefits SEO:

It is insufficient to do a site audit to determine how search engines see your content. You must go deeper and uncover basic measures directly connecting to SEO, such as traffic, backlinks, and advertising for your business. Thus, you will know your present standing and be able to design a plan to enhance the appropriate areas.

3. Examine the Competitors by SEM rush:

One of the greatest benefits of using SEMrush to improve your site’s SEO is that you can simply monitor what your competitors are doing by using semrush competitors tool. This can help you determine what is successful on their site that you can use on your own. In addition, it will help you outrank them.

After doing a domain check on your website, you should conduct organic research. And the greatest thing is that you can do this research on your domain and that of your competitors.

Organic Research Domain:

We initially recommend assessing the domain of your website. Go to Domain Analytics > Organic Research to accomplish this. Then, enter the domain of your site.

The Overview tab provides the essential information on your site’s domain in search results: 

SEMrush competitor’s domain overview

As you continue down, you will also have access to helpful information such as:

●  Your website’s leading organic keywords

●  Position shifts

●  Featured excerpt details

●  The leading pages and subdomains of your website

●  Principal opposition

How This Benefits SEO:

Understanding the competitors is essential if you wish to outrank them. However, understanding where you now stand helps you design a data-driven SEO plan.

Knowing which content drives the most traffic using semrush traffic analytics to your website enables you to continue targeting the same types of content and keywords.

The same holds for your website’s most popular pages. Knowing which pages on your website receive the most clicks allows you to capitalize on what is working and avoid what is not.

Occasionally, the stuff you believe will be the most popular will not be. And this tool will let you see it clearly.

SEMrush Organic Competition Research 

sem rush
keyword research SEMrush

Now is the moment to consider your competition. When you do so, you may emulate their successful techniques, improve your material, and finally surpass them in the rankings.

Go to Domain Analytics > Organic Research and click on the Competitors page to access the required data. Here, SEMrush eliminates any guessing regarding your top search engine competitors.

The Competitive Position Map illustrates your competitors among your industry’s elite. Backlinko, for instance, is quite competitive compared to Ahrefs and SEMrush. Moz is the strongest website, though.

Curious about what your competitors give their website visitors? You will find a comprehensive list of competitors using SEMrush competitor research, to analyze information such as:

● Level of competition

● Quantity of frequent terms

● Traffic-driving keywords for a domain

● Traffic generated by a specific term

● Traffic costs (depending on certain keywords)

● Paid keywords presently employed by organic research domains of competitors 

Organic competitors semrush

Remember that just because a competitor’s website receives more organic traffic than yours does not mean they are the unbeatable domain.

The purpose of fine-tuning your SEO efforts is to deliver the correct type of visitors to your website, even if that results in lower statistics. It is vital to consider the degree of competition for this reason. This measure will indicate which websites are stealing your site’s traffic.

How This Improves Your SEO:

You probably already know who your primary competitors are. This type of check could help you find websites you were unaware of that were capturing your leads. It would also give you a clear idea of how you compare to the best websites in terms of lead capture.

SEMrush Individual Organic Competition Research

SEMrush is the premier SEO tool since it provides more than just the fundamentals. Indeed, if that is what you need, it will give a rapid overview of most SEO indicators. However, it also allows site owners to target a particular competition and get additional information about it.

If you require information on a specific rival, visit the Competitors tab under Domain Analytics > Organic Research. Then, as stated previously, navigate to the Organic Competitors section and choose the URL you wish to study.

Based on the amount of competition, we observe that find stack is a close rival of seoblogging. Thus we will click on that URL. When we do, we see this: 

sem rush
Organic research

This finding is identical to what we discovered before when we did an organic research check on Seoblogging. This makes it simple to compare your traffic, sponsored search, backlinks, and keywords to those of your competitors.

How This Improves Your SEO

Comparing your website to rivals might be daunting at times. In addition, it makes it more difficult to devise a unique plan for outranking them.

Ultimately, you cannot surpass everyone simultaneously. By selecting a single rival and incorporate their successful marketing strategies into your own, you have a high chance of outranking them.

Additionally, it narrows your attention, so you don’t lose sight of what you’re attempting to do.

4. Compile SEO Concepts:

SEMrush is aware that not everyone knows how to use the information provided by their advanced SEO tools. For this reason, it delivers actionable SEO tips that website owners of all skill levels may use.

Go to Projects and choose your project from the list to receive SEMrush’s SEO suggestions. Next, under the On-Page SEO Checker box, click the Setup option.

You will be prompted to pick a location and the URLs you wish to study using SEMrush. The application will automatically select 50 web pages if you do not want to pick them.

On-Page SEO Checker Settings

When prepared, click Collect Ideas.

SEMrush will then examine the pages of your website. To view the findings, click the box labeled On-Page SEO Checker.

Results from the SEMrush Ultimate Guide On-Page Seo Checker

On-Page Seo Checker
On-Page Seo Checker

You will see the overall number of SEO suggestions SEMrush has for your website, as well as a breakdown of those suggestions into categories such as:

● Strategy

● Backlinks

● SEO Techniques User Experience

● SERP Functions

Semantic Content SEMrush lists the most important pages to improve for SEO and the number of SEO ideas for each.

You may view the SEO suggestions for a particular category or website by clicking on them. In this example, we will click Strategy Ideas and the green button with three suggestions to view the activities that SEMrush recommends we complete.

This tool will keep you on the correct route when you see that your SEO needs improvement but are unsure of how to proceed. The best thing is that SEMrush not only suggests what you should do but also explains why. Future search engine rankings will be easier to sustain if you comprehend why you are doing changes.

5. Perform Keyword Refinement:

When individuals consider search engine optimization, keyword research using SEMrush bulk keyword research typically comes to mind. Using semrush keyword magic tool, the proper keywords in your site’s content is one of the finest strategies to score well in relevant search results.

Consequently, predicting the correct keywords is ineffective. And while many trustworthy WordPress SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO, and Surfer SEO help site owners target the proper keywords in their content, SEMrush ensures that users can identify the specific keywords to employ

SEMrush keyword overview

To begin keyword research with SEMrush, navigate to Keywords Analytics > Overview and enter the desired term for analysis. We will take the term “search engine optimization” as an example. Remember that this tool also enables you to select a place.

SEMrush provides an abundance of data for each term you investigate.

You will have access to information including keyword volume, difficulty, SERP outcomes, and trends. And if you market your brand with sponsored adverts, you can also view the average cost per click for each term.

As you scroll down, you’ll also find statistics such as:

● Longtail keyword variants in your website’s content.

● Real-world queries relevant to the term that appears in search engines.

● Keywords that may assist your content in ranking higher in relevant search results.

● Each of them is accompanied by a book. This is excellent for individuals who want highly focused, less common keywords.

Finally, active domains that show in search results for the term you’re investigating will be displayed. This is another excellent method for gleaning ideas from actively ranked competitors. 

serp rank checker
SERP rank checker

It is advisable to undertake keyword research/semrush topic research rather than assuming that the term you have in mind will bring traffic to your site. Not to add, it is also a good idea to utilize both general and highly particular keywords.

You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle by seamlessly targeting keywords with high search traffic. And likely, your target audience is also searching for something specific, which you can use to your advantage if you employ this tool.

Part of mastering SEO is understanding how to employ your target keywords in the content of your website. This involves employing the appropriate variants, coordinating terms, and LSI inquiries.

When you navigate to SEMrush’s Term Analytics > Keyword Magic Tool, you’ll get a wealth of information about the keyword you wish to rank for.

You may narrow down the search results by using the following criteria:

● Extensive Match Phrase Match

● Exact Fit Relevant Questions

You will then discover a massive array of keyword variants and related data, such as volume, trend, difficulty, cost per click, competitive density, SERP characteristics, and the number of search engine results displayed.

The best part is that if you check the left of the search results, you will see the second list of seemingly unrelated phrases. 

keyword magic tool
keyword magic tool

These phrases are frequently associated with the keyword you are investigating. For example, several individuals seek “search engine optimization.” However, many individuals search for terms such as:

● Search engine optimization for a business

● The most effective search engine optimization

● Optimization for local search engines

● Search engine optimization costs

How This Benefits SEO

Knowing the most common versions of a term you wish to rank for enables you to create content that ranks higher in relevant search engine results. In addition, complementing phrases assist visitors in discovering precisely what they are seeking. In addition, it helps website owners refine their content to match their target audience’s demands, attract relevant traffic, and prevent site desertion.

When indexing websites and ranking them in search results, major search engines like Google consider the quality of backlinks each site has. The greater the number of backlinks to your website, the more link juice you obtain from Google, and the better your ranking.

These backlinks must originate from high-authority websites and be of high quality. You cannot just put a link to your website on every website you encounter and expect to obtain SEO benefits. Doing so will frequently result in Google blocklisting your website.

Nonetheless, proper backlink research might aid enhance SEO using semrush backlink audit.

To begin, navigate to Domain Analytics > Backlinks and input your site’s domain.

Here you will find the following:

● Referring to domain classes

● Principal anchor text utilized

● The authority score of domains that direct traffic to the website.

● Backlink types (image, text, form, or frame)

● Leading nations

● Leading pages linked by referring domains

How This Benefits SEO

You may use all of this information to assess the efficacy of your link-building activities. Remember that Google and other search engines want your website to be mentioned on high-quality websites that suggest your material to their audiences. When this occurs frequently, you are acknowledged as an authority and rewarded with higher search engine ranks.

To compare your backlinks to your competitors, navigate to Domain Analytics > Backlinks and choose the Overview tab.

Then, enter your competitor’s domain in the Add Competitor section and click Compare.

Now you will get a one-to-one comparison of the backlinking stats for each domain.

How This Improves Your SEO:

Comparing your backlinks to those of a close rival will give you the knowledge you need to improve your link-building efforts. You can see where their backlinks come from, what type is most common, and how many they get over time. This lets you adjust your marketing to match their content, remove some of their backlinks, and eventually rank higher than them in search results.

6. Utilize the SEO Content Model:

The SEO Content Template is one of our favorite SEMrush features. So, often, individuals focus on the exterior mechanics of SEO and fail to improve their written and published content for SEO. No, this does not mean just inserting a few keywords into the material and calling it a day.

To use this tool, simply click the SEO Content Template button. Then, input the keyword(s) you wish to employ in the site content you publish and click Create SEO Template. Again, we will use (search engine optimization) to illustrate this point.

SEMrush will first display the top 10 Google competitors. If you’ve used the other recommended tools, you’re already aware of your competitors. Listed below are major suggestions, including:

●  Words semantically connected

●   Linking possibilities

●   Readability target

●   Ideal text length guidelines for SEO content templates 

sem rush
SEO content template

Below, you will see the content of your competitors which includes the term you’re attempting to rank for. Sem rush is extremely useful to review before beginning your work. If they’re currently ranking, you should use what they’re doing, improve it, and watch your material rise in the rankings

sem rush
Writing Research

Real-Time Content Analysis:

You must pick the option labeled Real-Time Content Check to get the most out of this tool.

Next, paste your finished content into the box using copy and paste

sem rush
Semrush SEO writing assistant tool

When you do so, SEM rush will suggest the following:

● Readability ideas, including a score for your content’s readability and keywords your rivals are probably using.

● You can also use the built-in plagiarism check to verify the authentic potential of your text.

It would be a pity to conduct all the behind-the-scenes SEO efforts just to have your real content perform poorly and fail to rank. Using this popular SEO tool to double-check your content helps ensure that all your hard work has been put to good use and that you’re progressing toward a higher position.

Enhance Your SEO Process Using SEMrush Guide:

SEM rush content marketing is one of the top internet marketing tools available. Not only will it aid you in planning and monitoring the efficacy of your SEO approach, but it will also aid you in other areas. It is an excellent SaaS solution for content marketing, pay-per-click, social media, and other advertising campaigns.

Sem rush content marketplace capabilities are limitless, so it’s essential to identify your sweet spot and select only the ones you need for your SEO strategy. Will it be a competition analysis, or maybe keyword and backlink research? It is your decision.

Hope we had covered all your questions in this SEMrush guide+ How to use SEMrush.

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