Thinkific Vs Teachable: Ultimate Comparison

Are you wondering what online course platform to choose, then your search for the best online course platform ends here, as in this post-Thinkific Vs Teachable we made an ultimate comparison guide comprising of the key differences between their features, models, Pricing, Customer support after signup, Pros, Cons, final verdict and ease of use.

Want to sell online courses? If confused about which one to choose then follow our Thinkific Vs Teachable ultimate comparison.

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What Is Thinkific?

what is thinkific?
Thinkific courses

Created in 2012, Thinkific is an online course platform powerful yet simple, that enables you to create, sell, and grow a business as you deliver your online courses.

Thinkific, as a software platform, is making entrepreneurs reimagine how to grow their business by allowing them to reach out to a global audience.

They provide you with all the necessary tools to transform your expertise into a sustainable business with full ownership of their content, data, and flexibility.

What Is Teachable?

What Is Teachable?
Teachable courses

Like Thinkific, Teachable is a software platform specifically designed for course creators you can easily create an online course. It allows content creators to market, sell, and brand their courses and coaching services.

Created in 2014, Teachable is known for its user-friendly course builder, sales features, mixed media capabilities, etc.

However, what makes Thinkific stand out from other software platforms is its clients’ degree of design customization options.

Thinkific is the perfect online course platform for providing the best learning experience for the members of any course and course creators. They enjoy various degrees of freedom in the decision-making, and constant contact process about publishing and promoting businesses.

This is the first step in our Thinkific Vs Teachable comparison guide.

Who Uses Thinkific and Teachable?

As course creation platforms, anyone who wants to brand their expertise into a well-defined course/sell online courses is welcome to use these platforms.

Some of the most common users are entrepreneurs, business coaches, academic institutions, online educators, digital marketing platforms, artists from various fields, and many more!

Before moving on to the next topic, we must mention that with Thinkific, you do not require any technical skills to be an online coach or educator.

Thinkific currently has over 40,000 educators spread over 15 countries. Irrespective of technical soundness, Thinkific optimizes promotion through various marketing tools.

Furthermore, they have an in-built progress tracking system to help you analyze your success rate in the market.

Key Differences Between Thinkific Vs Teachable

Thinkific Vs Teachable
Thinkific Vs Teachable

Teachable and Thinkific offers undoubtedly draw the majority of course creators who want to sell online courses or pursue a sustainable business by changing the idea of teaching and learning processes.

To connect to learners from around the globe, you must choose what is best for your business. Here, we have mapped out some key differences for you to evaluate.

Before we move on to the section that deeply engages with the topic, let’s quickly go through some of the critical features of the online course platforms, Thinkific vs Teachable.

Key Features of Thinkific:

Thinkific Vs Teachable
Thinkific learning management system

They have a vibrant working team of 100 members promptly providing constant contact their services to 40,000 educators and 30 million online classes spread all over the globe.

It is open to everyone who wishes to sell courses and membership sites on the same platform.

Thinkific eCommerce has come up with innovations that have significantly elevated the learning experience, from employing video to assignment-based learning tools.

Key Features:

●   Thinkific offers is known for its user-friendly landing pages interface as well as easy setup. This ease of use is why educators and coaches find it very accessible. Additionally, you continue to exercise complete control of their content and data.

●   Thinkific is proud to have a versatile range of web designs/ landing pages without needing to be an expert in HTML and CSS. Furthermore, you are given the sole authority to customize your web design from head to toe and in any way you like.

●   Thinkific learning management systems has robust marketing and analytical tools to ensure the maximum promotion and enhanced engagement from your audience.

●   Thinkific is a platform that is engineered to cater to enterprises. However, it is open to all. From your first to the billionth student, Thinkific constant contact continues to be your support system. You can also add your custom domain.

●   Thinkific is engineered to deliver the learning experience you want, from live lessons to on-demand or blended classes. Furthermore, engaging tactics to attract serious attention from students, such as comprehensive quizzes, assignments, and exams, are also delivered.

At the end of the course, certificates are also given to students to elevate the credibility of their portfolios.

Key Features of Teachable:

Teachable courses
Teachable Platform

Teachable currently provides services to over 83,000 educators and has over 23 million students under its wing.

In addition to delivering self-paced, live coaching, and cohort-based courses, they provide a built-in, fully customizable sales landing pages builder, custom domain and a checkout page with an e-commerce page.

So, there is absolutely no need for a third-party payment system.

Key Features:

●   While building your website with Teachable, you can quickly begin the process through a simple drag-and-drop builder and create unlimited courses.

●   Suppose you provide a course that needs integrations such as MailChimp, Zapier, ConvertKit, Google Analytics, Segment, and more, Teachable features it all. With a public API in place, further your workflow with ease.

●   Teachable learning management systems employs advanced data reporting that analyses your performance and helps you spread your wings even further by providing intuitive reporting. These features will help you make informed decisions.

●   You can build your business empire without worrying about tax rules and regulations since Teachable manages it all.

●   Teachable also has its in-house expert team to help you grow as a professional online educator in marketing, web designing, and course building.

●   Teachable certificates have enhanced credibility that helps students to emulate their skills and contribute significantly to their workstations.


So, from a distance, it is safe to say that while the latter exposes their client to better marketing features, the former provides them with an advanced Thinkific manual that offers attractive site design options.

However, it is still very early to decide the winner.

Following are some parameters that will help you get a better view of the matter.

Thinkific Vs Teachable (Performance and Uptime):

Performance and uptime is a parameter that affects both the course educator and the community of students it upholds.

These parameters can always make or break your business. Downtimes can seriously affect your revenue and may lead to the complete enrollment of many students.

Furthermore, its impact on your reputation cannot be removed from the equation.

Thinkific Offers:

With monitoring that runs 24/7 constant contact, Thinkific takes it on its head to power up your website without a moment’s glitch.

Furthermore, Thinkific is proud to announce that it has a record high to have an extraordinary 99.9% uptime. With the difference of just 0.1%, they are only trying to be overly modest.

They have an excellent support team responsible for monitoring your site constantly by ensuring that it runs efficiently and has no downtime. Even if there are timely reports of issues, the response time to solve the same is simply outstanding.

Teachable Offers:

On the other hand, Teachable has a higher frequency rate of such incidents as compared to Thinkific. You can access status reports here and judge how efficiently Thinkific works better to provide you with services that ensure quicker bug fixes and less downtime.

Some common issues that made Teachable face minor setbacks are intermittent connections, billing issues, and its timely report update.

With Thinkific’s authentic claims to 99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring, its approach towards transparency has undoubtedly played a vital role in driving the credibility and reputation of its services.

Winner: Thinkific

Ease of Use for Course Creation (Thinkific Vs Teachable):

Thinkific courses
Thinkific Courses

Software platforms like Thinkific and Teachable rely heavily on their global clients to use their landing pages dragging and dropping features to the utmost, which means there is no point in complicating things.

Therefore, these platforms employ several features to shift from a complex user interface to a friendly one.

Thinkific learning management system has the following features to adopt a user-friendly interface.

●  To launch Thinkific courses, Thinkific uses a drag-and-drop editor for your content to make it easier for you to upload and determine its positioning. This feature accelerates the process a great deal.

●   Thinkific landing page builder allows you to conduct your teaching sessions with multimedia content such as video, student discussions and surveys, PowerPoint presentation tools, custom uploading multimedia content and hosting of advanced content, and apps such as Storyline, Captivate, and Articulate.

●   With PCI compliance and SSL enabled, Thinkific allows secure cloud hosting that allows you to save your content safely. Daily backups further enable the smooth functioning of the entire coursework.

●   Thinkific has recently launched the Thinkific App Store to continue scaling and meeting the incredible demand from the creators’ end. They can now provide an omnichannel user experience that allows business developers and course consumers to access their services on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

●   Changing your site to the language of your choice is entirely hassle-free. Feel free to go global with a single click.

Features that make the Teachable courses user-friendly:

●   Teachable uses the same drop-and-drag technique to ease placement and upload time to enhance the ease of use for any Teachable course.

●   No prior knowledge or expertise is required as far as coding is concerned. They have it all equipped for their business developers.

●   With the aid of a power editor, a team member can effectively change and customize features. However, Thinkific is primarily known for its customizable design features that are much less flexible in the case of Teachable.

●   When the business developer wishes to launch new pages for new courses or FAQs, they can quickly do so with a page builder /page editor, another feature found in Thinkific customization options.

Winner: Thinkific

Security Measures (Thinkific Vs Teachable):

Another critical parameter is the platforms’ security tools to discourage mishandling the developer’s content.

With automatic backing and cloud hosting that run 24/7, Thinkific hosts built-in SSL certificates, which means the content is securely made available to your students.

Furthermore, it has an automatic update system (including security updates) which means you don’t have to invest time for versions to get manually downloaded.

In other words, Thinkific reviews are a constant reminder that they are putting their best foot forward regarding security measures.

Teachable comes with entirely different yet still reliable security measures. An integrated PCI Level 1 compliance system and SSL certificate ensure data security.

Automatic updating of system versions further aids in a secured user experience. However, since Thinkific can establish a better uptime record, it hints at why they must have a better security system.  

Winner: Thinkific

Marketing Features (Thinkific Vs Teachable):

While Thinkific and Teachable support an impressive set of marketing features, it is instrumental for our readers to have a clear idea of what to expect from these platforms.

The Thinkific e-commerce page is less user-friendly since you cannot access the payment page without you requiring to create an account.

Marketing Features

While Thinkific and Teachable support an impressive set of marketing features, it is instrumental for our readers to have a clear idea of what to expect from these platforms. The dragging and dropping Thinkific e-commerce page is less user-friendly since you cannot access the payment page without you requiring to create an account.

Marketing FeaturesThinkificTeachable
Sell lifetime courses/ sell online courses
Generate coupon codes
Conduct email marketing campaigns
Launch affiliate marketing programs
Create subscriptions
The ability of business developers to create blogs
Use Google analytics and course tracking
Provide conversion elements (testimonials, upsells, etc.)
Thinkific Vs Teachable Features

By comparing the marketing features mentioned above, it is a no-brainer that Teachable wins the race here.

So, if marketing features top your list of priorities, Teachable is the wiser choice.

Winner: Teachable

Data Analytics (Thinkific Vs Teachable):

Data analytics is a crucial metric since. It helps you make sense of your marketing campaigns and deduce essential insights that are not just conjectures but practically data-driven. Thinkific and Teachable are amicable as far as data analytics is concerned. Let’s understand why.

The Thinkific business plan is elaborate since it paves the way for easy integration with various analytics platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook, and many more. It also includes ways to track payment information, time left for course completion, and other such details for every student enrolled in a course. From conducting email broadcasts to highly personalized campaigns, Thinkific creates a much stronger analytics background.

On the other hand, Teachable allows integration with Zapier to distribute newly customized events to students enrolled in a course or launched as a marketing campaign. It allows easy tracking of student payments and other course-related information.

However, suppose we have to announce a winner. In that case, it has to be Thinkific. That’s because Thinkific offers developers a better set of built-in integration systems and analytics tools. That way, they make informed, data-driven decisions and make them more understandable to their users.

Winner: Thinkific

Customer Support (Thinkific Vs Teachable):

For any platform to run a successful online career, it needs to have active and well-informed customer support. Constant contact customer support is the space that makes any online platform accountable and answerable to the users and potential customers. Lesser response time with prompt solutions helps ensure long-term relationships and provides risk management strategies.

Both the online course platforms offer tutorials exclusive to their brand and offer customer support service via support ticket generation.

Furthermore, active Facebook and other social media groups make their presence and availability more seamless. With onboarding emails, both these platforms have an elaborate reach to their audiences and potential customers. It is a draw as far as customer support is concerned. 

Winner: Draw between two

Payment Integration (Thinkific Vs Teachable):

Thinkific and Teachable payment plans transaction fees offer various payment integration to enhance uninterrupted payment experiences for students. These methods ensure that no data security concerns impact the user experience negatively.

With dependable modes of transaction fees integration with PayPal, Google Pay, Stripe, etc., both Thinkific and Teachable can maintain the trust of a million users. Thinkific also comes with Stripping, a tool that prevents failed transaction fees and helps developers recover more revenue.

Maintaining tax forms is a smooth process with Thinkific. While Teachable also promises the feature, it does not consistently deliver since its automatic tax collection can have its glitches. This efficiency makes Thinkific sell online courses a more transparent platform, which always gives it a better edge regarding customer satisfaction.  

Winner: Thinkific

Customization (Thinkific Vs Teachable):

With courses exclusively to Thinkific, its expert team understands the need for specific requirements that cater to the needs of courses, and you can create unlimited courses. So, Thinkific has a squad of instructors who will advise you in real time and address your issues. They will help ensure that your students enjoy maximum satisfaction, making learning more intelligible and fun.

The drip-schedule content feature helps distribute content and systematize it efficiently for hidden and private courses. It makes content visually more appealing to understand. There are also features to make course completion certificates, which make Thinkific more user-friendly.

While Teachable can create exciting web pages, quizzes, easy-to-find comment sections to address queries, and other features,

Thinkific seems like a real hit!


Its extensive third-party integrations to handle multitasking efficiently makes it a better option. 

Winner: Thinkific

Thinkific Vs Teachable Pricing Plans:

Here is a table for your visual pleasure to learn about the various paid plan/ pricing plans of both teachable vs thinkific. Make the necessary comparisons to know which platform is better equipped for your successful business career.

Pricing Plans/ paid planThinkific (Yearly and in USD)Teachable (Yearly and in USD)
Free (For test-driving)$ 0$ 0
Basic (For the early birds)$ 39$ 29
Pro (Professional plan)$ 79$ 99
Premier/Business (Time to scale)$ 399$ 279  
Thinkific Vs Teachable Pricing Plans

Winner: Teachable

Final Words: Thinkific Vs Teachable

Starting the Online Course Creation Journey | Taylor Loren

Thinkific Review Summary:

Let’s map out some pros and cons to summarise everything we discussed earlier.


● Thinkific Enables a free trial period without putting your credit card information and you can creates Thinkific course with ease.

● No additional costs are to be paid for video hosting.

● Permission to launch marketing and remarketing strategies to elevate sales for your course in blogs, social media platforms, or third-party websites.

● Payment integrations with Stripe, Google Pay, PayPal, etc., more efficiently while ensuring lesser possibility for downtime.

  • No transaction fees are deducted during payment processing.


● The free trial does not expose you to the entire set of features Thinkific has ordinarily.

● With a free trial, you won’t be able to conduct workshops.

Teachable Review Summary:

Let’s map out some pros and cons to help summarise everything we discussed earlier.


  • A user-friendly platform, Teachable has reliable analytical tools to up your game.
  • There are several teachable free courses.
  •  It has an automated tax collection feature as a part of the Teachable free trial.
  •  Like Thinkific, Teachable does not require you to make any payments for video hosting.


  • It lacks the foundation for expert customer support in its free trials. Only email and live chat will help customers who opt for Teachable free trials.
  • Student course reviews are not offered if they have opted for the free trial of a course.
  • No live sessions with Zoom are permissible for the free trial versions of courses.
  • Learning communities require a paid third-party integration for their trials.
  • Teachable white label services are practically non-existent, whereas Thinkific allows you to build a 100% white label course.

Thinkific Vs Teachable: Final Verdict:

Considering the variety of services offered by free trial courses and the comparisons made across the nine parameters above, in Thinkific Vs Teachable the winner is Thinkific!

While Thinkific may have poor pricing plans and marketing features, it still provides various other services. So, it is worthwhile to go the extra mile and pay the extra buck. Thinkific may have lost a few battles but has won the war.

It is relatively simple if you are wondering how to move from Teachable to Thinkific. Click here to learn more about the simple, six-step process to migrate all content and data to Thinkific. If you face problems during the transition, their efficient customer support team will help make this transition a smooth and rewarding experience.

Hope you like our Thinkific Vs Teachable guide.

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