11 Best Webinar Software + tools 2022 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Webinars are an efficient method for converting leads into paying clients, but only if they are executed properly. Therefore, you must have access to the greatest webinar software platforms available.

You cannot just live stream non-interactive, low-quality, and choppy video. These webinars are frustrating and do not encourage conversions.

However, with the correct webinar software,

It is simple to establish a dependable strategy for fostering a deeper interaction with prospective consumers.

In 2022, 53% of marketers want to employ webinars.

In this post, we’ve examined a variety of top webinar software reviews to help you discover a suitable partner,

Including free and low-cost alternatives to enable you to test the waters without risk.

Best Webinar Software:

1. Riverside (Best Overall)

Riverside review

Riverside is a wonderful application for larger organizations that wish to organize webinars.

It offers a variety of capabilities, including the capacity to record webinars with uncompressed audio recorded locally at 48kHz WAV.

You may modify your material and streamline it into well-structured webinars using their Magic Editor.

The editor on Riverside combines all recordings locally while simultaneously separating the audio and video channels so that you may edit them individually.

Invite your guests to document any event, at any time and in any location.

It is simple to begin recording in a few seconds, making it a very simple program to utilize in a variety of situations.

With transcriptions of your webinars accessible, you will be able to follow along as necessary. This will give your viewers the impression that they are having a more comprehensive experience.

This function also allows you to locate a specific time in the recording without having to sift through minutes or hours of footage.

Stream your interview simultaneously on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms when you wish to share it with others.

You’ll be able to solicit input from attendees on these multiple channels in real time, allowing you to determine what they’re thinking about the webinar conversation.

Your audience will have a more personalized and involved experience each time they join your webinar if you can accommodate up to eight attendees.

Pros and Cons of Riverside:

  • There is a great deal of useful material for getting started with Riverside.
  • With information on their iOS software, troubleshooting difficulties, and inquiries about how to manage your podcasts and arrange your green room, among other things, you will never be left alone.
  • There is also a live chat facility on their website with the guarantee that your questions will be answered within a few hours.


  • When setting up their webinars, some users mention problems with guest URLs, although this seems to be the most common concern.
  • Others assert that the pricing is on the higher end, yet given the included features, this is reasonable although it is the best webinar software platform.

Pricing Riverside:

Riverside review pricing

As a new member, you may receive a one-hour free trial to try out all of the features without entering your credit card information.

The yearly and monthly pricing plans are as follows:

  • Basic: Up to 2 hours of monthly recording: $0
  • Standard: Up to 5 hours of monthly recording: $180 annually or $15/month
  • Pro: Monthly pricing for up to 15 hours of recording is $288 annually or $24/month
  • Enterprise: Contact their sales team for a customized estimate.
  • Save up to 21% if you pay annually instead of monthly using the pricing listed above.

2. Livestorm (Best Budget Option)

Livestorm reviews webinar software

Livestorm offers the tools you need to sell items to your target audience or improve your company’s internal communications via videos.

As a webinar platform with a free plan, Livestorm allows you to organize brief meetings and webinars to get things done more quickly.

With its user-friendly interface, you may organize webinars and meeting events with no effort.

Once everything has been set up, provide individuals the URL where they may register and use the platform using a web browser.

Pros and Cons of Livestorm:


  • There is a free plan available (but it only lets you have ten registrants)
  • Conduct webinars live, on-demand, or totally automatically.
  • Engage attendees via polls, question and answer sessions, and upvoting.
  • Browser-based, meaning it is accessible on any device and requires no download or configuration.
  • For each webinar, branded registration pages may be developed.
  • You may send automated email reminders to registered users of HubSpot, Salesforce, and other common applications.


  • As browser software, the internet connection of the host might impact video quality.
  • The least expensive premium package begins at $99 per month.

Pricing Livestorm:

Livestorm webinar software pricing
  • Free Plan with a maximum of 10 participants and up to 20 minutes per event:
  • Business plan with 100 live attendees and Up to 4 hours per event (or other add-ons): $99/month
  • Enterprise strategy with 3,000 live participants: Custom pricing

3. Demio (Best for Marketing)

Demio review

Demio is one of the most effective webinar systems currently available.

Throughout the pandemic, they have flourished, changed, and met the increasing demands of marketing teams that have been driven online.

While many other platforms have fallen behind the times and become obsolete, Demio offers a current and robust platform.

Demio, unlike many other webinar systems, allows both automated and live webinars, as well as the flexibility to blend pre-recorded and live recordings.

Demio allows you to conduct interactive surveys, promote offers with call-to-action buttons, provide live document handouts, conduct Q&A sessions, and much more throughout your webinar.

Pros and Cons of Demio:


  • Webinar page design is very customizable
  • Contains interaction elements like live chat, document giveaways, and CTA pop-ups.
  • Compatible with several prevalent marketing tools
  • Free trial available for 14 days


  • Pricing increases rapidly as the number of participants increases but they also offer prime features.


Demio software pricing
  • Starter: Plan for a single host and 50 guests: $34/month.
  • Growth: Plan for Five hosts and 150 guests: $69/month.
  • Premium plan: Bespoke pricing( Talk to them).

4. Zoho Meeting (Best for Conferencing)

Zoho Meeting guide webinar software

The popularity of remote working choices necessitates a user-friendly, dependable, and universally accessible platform.

Zoho Meeting is superior to the competitors since it is an accessible platform that provides different communication options under one roof.

It’s an all-in-one audio conferencing, video conferencing, and webinar solution that you can use as soon as you create an account.

The platform also includes a uniform and easy user experience across all platforms, which can be accessed using a web browser. There is no need to download software that will consume hard disc space or expose your computer to security dangers.

Additionally, Zoho Meeting enables you to personalize registration forms and email invites with your company’s logo and name, which is excellent for branding.

Pros and Cons of Zoho Meeting:


  • We enjoy that it operates straight from the browser without requiring any downloads, allowing guests to join the session with a single click.
  • Exceptional video conferencing capabilities, including screen sharing, moderator controls (for webinar hosting reviews secure meetings), and live chat.
  • Capability to conduct Q&A, polling, broadcast messages, make attendees presenters and permit participants to “raise a hand” and talk during a webinar.
  • You may share online recordings with your participants through a link or as a downloaded MP4 file.
  • Option to integrate your registration form on your website, allowing attendees to join with a single click.
  • Scalability to have meetings with up to 250 individuals and simultaneously see up to 50 live video streams.
  • Add co-hosts to meetings, share files and take notes as well.
  • Virtual backdrops that allow you to work from any location.
  • Raise Hand feature to attract the presenter’s attention and emoji to communicate emotions during meetings.
  • With YouTube’s live broadcasting, webinars may accommodate up to 3,000 participants.


  • Reporting might be more comprehensive.
  • The features are basic and simplistic.


The paid meeting edition begins at $10 per month for up to 10 attendees, and the premium webinar version begins at $19 per month for up to 25 registrants.

View comprehensive price information on the Zoho website.

5. WebinarJam Webinar Software

WebinarJam webinar software review

Genesis Digital invented WebinarJam in 2013 and it has since become one of the most popular webinar systems on the market. It is cloud-based, so there is no software to download, and it has a basic, user-friendly interface for novices.

However, WebinarJam is our favorite selection due to its usability and marketing capabilities.

It automatically records webinars so that you may share them with others who were unable to attend. Additionally, you may book a one-time or recurring webinar or establish an “always-on” room to go live at any time.

Webinar Jam reviews also allow you to arrange email and text message reminders and follow-ups.

The platform provides all needed webinar features, including HD video, multiple presenters, live chat, private messaging, polls, PowerPoint and Keynote integration, and Facebook and Youtube Live streaming capabilities.

WebinarJam also interfaces directly with leading email service providers and a variety of other applications.

In terms of marketing, WebinarJam provides customizable registration landing pages that can be split-tested, as well as real-time statistics that assess the engagement and monetary worth of each attendee.

You may utilize a pop-up CTA at any time throughout your webinar to direct attendees to your product.

Pros and Cons of WebinarJam:


  • This product’s attractive appearance and user interface make it an excellent purchase.
  • There are several webinar features that may be used to boost consumer engagement.
  • Excellent video and presentation system


  • Only Occasionally, customer service is known to be unresponsive to consumer inquiries but they respond asap.


WebinarJam pricing

Starter Plan: $39 per month (billed annually). It allows Up to 100 Participants:

Basic Plan: $79 each month (billed annually). It allows Up to 500 attendees:

Professional Plan: $229/month for the (billed annually). Use Up to 2,000 Participants.

Enterprise Plan: $379 per month (billed annually). Up to 5,000 attendees.

6. WebinarNinja Webinar Software

WebinarNinja guide

WebinarNinja is an excellent option if you’re seeking a comprehensive webinar solution. It includes four distinct webinar formats: live, hybrid, automated, and serial.

The platform includes tools like polls, printable handouts, and live chat options that are ideal for your webinar experience requirements.

Utilizable landing page templates are also provided by the software in Webinar Ninja reviews.

Pros and Cons of WebinarNinja:


  • Live chat, polls, and printable handouts are accessible as engagement elements.
  • Great-looking landing page templates
  • You may incorporate sales offers into presentations


  • Pricing might be tough to handle on the backend.


WebinarNinja guide pricing webinar software
  • Free Plan: For Up to 20 min per webinar and 1 Guest presenter: $0/month
  • Recommended plan: For 4 Guest presenters and Up to 4 hours per webinar: $149/month
  • Business plan: For Up to 8 hours per webinar and 10 Guest presenters,all premium features: $249/month
  • 14-day no-cost trial

Note: There are different pricing for 10, 100, 200, 300, 500, and 1000 live attendees for Recommended plan and business plan.

7. GoToWebinar Webinar Software

GoToWebinar free guide

GoToWebinar is one of the best webinar platforms that serve all sorts of enterprises.

Its primary clients are multinational corporations. Using surveys and polls, you may engage the audience using this tool.

In addition to high-quality audio and video, reporting tools, lead management, and breakout rooms, this platform also offers the following features:

Pros and Cons of GoToWebinar:


  • Audience participation through polls and surveys
  • Superior video and audio quality
  • tools for management and reporting
  • Breakout rooms to separate the audience


  • The software feels quite old although it is very good webinar software.


GoToWebinar cost
  • Lite package with 250 participants: $49 per month
  • Standard plan with 500 participants: $99 per month
  • Pro plan for 1000 participants: $199 per month
  • Enterprise package for 3,000 participants: $399 per month
  • Free seven-day trial.

8. LiveWebinar Webinar Software

LiveWebinar review

LiveWebinar is one of the all-inclusive webinar platforms that enables the hosting of webinars, the execution of virtual events, and the development of a real-time communication solution.

The platform is user-friendly, requires no downloads or plug-ins, is entirely browser-based, runs on all major browsers, and is compatible with the majority of smart devices.

A few clicks are required to plan an event, and guests can join with a single click. Additionally, one may record events for future reference and produce evergreen and on-demand material.

Pros and Cons of LiveWebinar:


  • Free plans are available for five or fewer participants.
  • The whiteboard function enables the webinar host to annotate papers and films. Additionally, you may ask attendees to sketch
  • Offers surveys, polls, and live chat to engage the audience.
  • Webinars may be streamed on social networks such as YouTube and Facebook.


Interface complexity and steep learning curve.


LiveWebinar price
  • Free plan with a maximum of five participants
  • Pro Plan with one hundred attendees: $17.99/month
  • Business plan:$ with 500 participants: $149/month
  • Custom plans available
  • 14-day no-cost trial

9. EverWebinar Webinar Software

 EverWebinar webinar software

EverWebinar is the finest webinar platform for hosting purely automated webinars.

However, you may also organize hybrid webinars, which allow you to interact with your audience in real time and add a live aspect.

EverWebinar is developed by the same firm as WebinarJam, therefore its user interface and capabilities are quite comparable.

If you wish to offer live and on-demand webinars, these systems effortlessly connect with one another. However, you can also subscribe to them individually.

Pros and Cons of EverWebinar:


  • Even the cheapest option has both live and automated webinar software.
  • Allows many presenters to share the screen
  • Live chat and question-and-answer functionality are examples of audience-engaging functions.
  • Includes a WordPress plugin


  • Participants must install a webinar app on their mobile devices in order to view the webinar.
  • Not the most inexpensive platform, particularly with enormous viewers.


EverWebinar webinar software pricing
  • Yearly Plan:( Billed Annually) With all premium features: $499/month
  • Biennial Plan:(Billed Every 2 Years) With all premium features: $874/month
  • Offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

10. BlueJeans Webinar Software

BlueJeans complete guide

BlueJeans is a good platform for hosting a large virtual event, despite its high cost.

It enables the hosting of virtual events with 150 presenters and 50,000 participants. If you frequently host large events, BlueJeans is the ideal pre-recorded webinar software platform for you.

Your seminars may be simply streamed on YouTube Live or Facebook Live. It also stores your events on the cloud.

Pros and Cons of BlueJeans:


  • Can host larger events than competing systems
  • Creates a recording of the event in the cloud
  • Stream your presentation using Facebook Live or YouTube Live


  • There are several inexpensive solutions for events with 100 to 500 guests.


  • 100 guests: $99 per month
  • 200 attendees: $379/month
  • 500 visitors: $599 per month
  • Large-scale event with 50,000 guests: Customised price

11. Zoom Webinar

 Zoom Webinar unbiased review

Zoom Video Webinar is a cloud-based free webinar software that offers video conferencing solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Zoom’s plethora of capabilities facilitates the creation of webinars and the participation of attendees in the dialogue.

Participants may join a Zoom meeting without having to install anything on their computers. It can also accommodate up to 50,000 participants in a live webinar.

This is a tremendous benefit for major organizations that do webinars on a massive scale.

Pros and Cons of Zoom Webinar:


  • User-friendly.
  • Compatible with all devices.


  • Too Many Subscriptions and Add-Ons.


 Zoom Webinar pricing
  • Meeting package for 10–100 attendees: $3–$12 each month.
  • Webinar Package for 25–1,000 participants: $19–$200 each month.

Also read :

What is Webinar Software?

The purpose of webinar software is to hold online seminars, presentations, meetings, and other one-to-many events.

Downloadable webinar software can be installed on a computer or streamed straight from a web browser.

The purpose of webinar software is to disseminate webinars to large audiences. Live events requiring video streaming can benefit from downloadable software. Most online-hosted webinar software has a dashboard.

The dashboard is where organizers may create new webinars, modify registration pages, and compose automated emails.

Additionally, the dashboard contains information on webinars, such as the number of registrants for each webinar.

What are the Main Reasons to Use Webinar Platforms?

The best webinar for large meetings has rapidly become one of the most popular communication mediums.

Do you realize why? Because they can reach a large audience with little effort.

Therefore, what are the advantages of webinar software? Here are some advantages of webcast software reviews:

  • Webinar software facilitates face-to-face meetings and conference calls.
  • Webinars might be perfect for businesses that must regularly give training or information.
  • They permit real-time interaction between the presenter and the audience. This makes the presentation more compelling than a standard lecture approach.
  • Webinars are easily adaptable to the requirements of each company.
  • They may be recorded and played again later, which is ideal for those who cannot attend the live event.
  • Webinars are generally inexpensive and simple to set up, making them a cost-effective alternative for businesses of all sizes.
  • Webinars are a terrific method to engage with a worldwide audience; anybody with an internet connection may join a webinar from any location on the planet.

Webinar Software Buyers’ Guide

How do I choose the right webinar software?

Not all business webinar software reviews are the same. Consider the following criteria while selecting a platform:

  • The program should be straightforward to understand and navigate.
  • Look for a platform that has all the conventional features you require, such as video conferencing, chat capabilities, and screen sharing, as well as any additional interaction elements or interfaces with other tools that may be beneficial.
  • Customer assistance: Ensure that the software vendor gives dependable customer help in the event that you encounter any issues.
  • Compare price plans to get the most suitable solution for your needs and budget.

What makes great webinar software?

Each individual will have a unique viewpoint on the finest webinar software for them. To maximize your online event, the tool should assist you to create more guests from beyond your present audience.

By providing interaction options, the real webinar should make attendees feel like they are a part of the proceedings.

Finally, users should be able to evaluate the performance of webinars using KPIs so that they may improve future webinars.

Webinar Platforms: (Wrap Up)

These are some of the most amazing and user-friendly webinar tools that are currently accessible.

However, the question is which hybrid webinar software platform is optimal for your organization. To determine this, you must consider a number of webinar software reviews.

Determine your budget first, and then evaluate the features accordingly.

Then, you must determine the size of your audience and the features you may need to engage them. Consider other factors such as the features you require for the event.

What is your ultimate aim?

Want to increase your conversion rates or run a poll or survey?

Choosing a tool with the specific functionality you want with free webinar software for teachers is essential.

The greatest thing is that the majority of these products have a free trial or a money-back guarantee, allowing you to evaluate the product before upgrading to a premium plan.

Once you locate what you’re searching for, you may complete the transaction.

Webinar Software: (FAQs)

How does webinar software work?

Webinars are online events conducted by a business or organization and seen by a targeted audience from their personal computers from virtually anywhere in the world. With webinar platforms, a presenter from the hosting organization or firm may deliver a talk to an online audience from anywhere in the world.

Usually, there will be both audio and visual elements in a webinar. Participants share their screen views in a webinar using a web conferencing app or an online browser. Audience members may listen to the presentation on their computers or over the phone.

The group or business holding a webinar may also engage with its viewers. Members of the audience may pose questions to the presenter or moderator in real-time using an instant messaging service or e-mail. Livestorm webinar software is one such platform for hosting webinars with ease. 

How does Webinar Software Improve Lead Generation?

Sales leads are the lifeblood of every company. One of your top five goals should be expanding your pool of prospective customers. Webinars are fantastic for attracting potential new clients. There are forms to fill out to register for a webinar, asking for the name, email address, and other personal information of your potential customers. With these simple steps, you can tap into curating an effective lead pool.

Once again, getting the word out is essential before signups can begin. You could either invest in advertisements or organize a comprehensive SEO strategy. For better lead generation, you can use Riverside as your go-to webinar software. It is one of the best webinar platforms available for you. 

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