How to Make YouTube Shorts: 5+YouTube Shorts Downloader

What started as a 7-second short video app has become the most famous form of media. These short videos have become more engaging and widespread. Every platform now has its own version. So your beginner guide for “How To Make Youtube Shorts” or youtube shorts video download with YouTube Shorts Downloader and How to create Youtube Shorts is here.

Youtube Shorts might seem like a pass time for people who do not have anything better to do, but there is a lot of science behind the design of YouTube Shorts.

They make a brilliant business strategy if used well. Do you want to know how to make YouTube shorts that are convincingly addictive?

In this article, we are going to tell you how to upload YouTube short videos and how to make the behind-the-scenes easier. And how to use youtube shorts video download.

Youtube Short Video Download (By- youtube shorts downloader)

To compile videos or make your YouTube shorts TikTok famous, you must use a YouTube downloader. After the YouTube shorts video download, you can also upload it to Instagram Reels. Here are some platforms you can use for downloading YouTube shorts.

1. 4K Video Downloader

YouTube Shorts video Download
4K Downloader (Youtube Shorts Video Download)

With this youtube shorts downloader tool, you can download entire playlists and channels. This solves the problem of YouTube shorts not showing when you are offline.

Why should content creation stop? You can also download subtitles in over 50 languages and videos in 4K definition, hence the name. Over 11,000 users trust this app for YouTube short video download.

They have a free starter, personal, and pro plan. In the Pro plan, you can download unlimited videos and up to 7 videos simultaneously. It also has no advertisements, which might bother you in the free starter plan. Available for all operating systems, the 4K video downloader also lets you download videos from other platforms and convert formats.

2. YTD Video Downloader

YouTube Shorts Downloader
YTD Youtube shorts downloader

With this youtube shorts downloader, you can directly convert files between formats while downloading. So if you find a playlist with the most trending sounds, you can download the entire sound playlist instantly and get cracking at making your own videos with them. YTD video downloader lets you download off more than 50 sites on just about any smartphone with any operating system.

You can try out their Pro subscription, offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which lets you download from even more sites simultaneously, without the hassle of advertisements. Your downloads are given priority, meaning you get your downloads at four times the speed.

3. Wondershare UniConverter

YouTube Shorts Downloader
Wondershare- Youtube Shorts Video Download

This youtube shorts downloader is an all-in-one platform that lets you convert, compress, edit, merge, record, burn and edit videos. Of course, you can also save videos. If you need a video in multiple formats, you can convert your video into those formats at once. They use AI labs to give them a fast conversion rate and guarantee almost no loss during compression.

Trusted by companies like Essar, Hitachi, and Deloitte, they have a reliable brand name. Both their annual and perpetual plans are incredibly affordable. With free tech support, it makes a one-time investment that is more than worth it for YT shorts download.

4. aTube Catcher

downloading youtube shorts
Atube youtube shorts video download

Catcher youtube shorts downloader has persisted in the market for 14 strong years. It lets you download videos from anywhere on the internet.

What makes it stand out is that you can record exactly what you see on screen. So it is like screen recording, but better. You can record audio from your computers and add those to your videos.

That’s perfect if you are a game streamer and need to edit your videos. You can also edit your subtitles with ease.

Youtube shorts download online and convert videos to mp3 so you can use unique sounds and save time rather than having to create your own. A distinctive quality of this platform is that it lets you save videos on a CD or DVD so you can have a permanent record of all the genius YouTube Shorts you create.

5. iTubego

downloading youtube shorts
iTubego downloading youtube shorts

With their 24/7 customer support, you can call them and ask for help even if you have a midnight epiphany and find yourself stuck. Available in more than 200 regions across the globe, iTubego youtube shorts downloader has a 100% security guarantee, so you can be assured that your videos in the works will be completely secure and no one will be able to dupe your originality.

They use multithread technology to let you download in a turbo-fast mode. You can download a bulk of videos in one go. So if you already have a bunch of videos on a platform and want to download them all to post on another, you can do so very quickly. The best part is that from the browser itself, you can cut a video and download only a part of it.

What is YouTube Shorts?

khabylame Shorts Video
#khabylame Shorts Video

Unlike the original idea, the standard length for YouTube Shorts is 15 seconds. The app does allow you to record up to a minute, but the idea is that you record short videos and put them up on the platform in a jiffy.

How Does YouTube Shorts Work?

Like Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, YouTube shorts are short videos of a minute or less. When one video ends, another one rolls up and plays. You can go to the next one by scrolling up with a finger. To see a few examples, get onto

When Was YouTube Shorts Created?

The YouTube Shorts beta version was released in September 2020 when India banned TikTok.

The Shorts beta YouTube tried performed very well. YouTube already had a wide audience. Creating a platform with such addictive formats enticed greater numbers. What differentiates it from other platforms is the content and how long can a YouTube short be.

Why to Try YouTube Shorts

Mrbeast Youtube Shorts
Mrbeast Shorts

Currently, YouTube has not allowed video creators to monetize their YouTube shorts. Thus the answer to the question, “Do YouTube shorts make money?” is a disappointing no. However, it is not a cause for concern. You cannot earn directly, but you can attract more viewers and subscribers, indirectly driving traffic to your youtube shorts channel.

The short-video format is highly effective at increasing your viewers because it allows them to get a sneak peek into the theme of your content. The algorithm is highly customized, so you can reach your target audience without doing too much work yourself.

Since they have become the most popular form of media consumed in 2022, they are highly interactive and help build engagement, an essential aspect of social media marketing.

If you already make Reels and TikToks, YouTube shorts will reach a larger audience since they have more users. Although Instagram and TikTok are not popular platforms everywhere, YouTube is essential and it is also available in youtube mobile app.

You also may be familiar with MrBeast Youtube Channel, MrBeast posts plenty of shorts and youtube videos and now today Mr beast net worth is more than $54 million.

How to Make a YouTube Short:

How to make Youtube Shorts Quickly

●      Step 1: Download the YouTube app

It goes without saying that you create these short performance videos through your phone. Download the app to your smartphone and log in. If you are unfamiliar with using YouTube as a creator, play around and get to know it a little bit.

Go to YouTube shorts and look at what other content creators are doing. Please do your own research, make your own mind maps, and add your own flavor to it.

●      Step 2: Start creating your YouTube short

Once you figure out what to do, you can think about where to upload YouTube shorts.

YouTube shorts requirements: These are the YouTube shorts specs that improve the content’s effectiveness and can get you trending.

YouTube shorts resolution: The standard YouTube shorts video size can have a 1:1 aspect ratio with 1080px x 1080px. However, you will see some blank spaces left at the top and bottom. Record with your smartphone’s camera, and you will get a 1080 x 1920 resolution, which will fill the whole screen. This is ideal for YouTube short downloads when you want to upload to other platforms.

Length: While the videos can be a minute long, you can add YouTube shorts music for only 15 seconds. The rest of your video would have to be real sounds that you record or upload from your device.

How to Post a Youtube Short: Step-by-Step Guide

●      To create YouTube shorts, first, find the shorts section on the bottom left side of the screen. Click the ‘Create’ option and start recording your video in portrait orientation. You could record in landscape orientation, but due to the format of YouTube Shorts, portrait-oriented videos work best.

●      You can pause and start the video when you wish.

●      Add one of the YouTube shorts songs onto the video, or add your own sound.

●      Add filters, texts, and other fun elements to make your video more interesting.

●      Click Next and add a title, description, and hashtags. If you are working with another content creator, tag them here.

●      Step 3: Edit and publish your short

Next, you upload your video onto the platform. It is easier to upload shorts on YouTube through your phone since you most likely will create the video on your smartphone. You can add a #YouTubeshorts hashtag to get it trending.

If you are not ready to post, you can save your video as a draft. If and when you are later ready to edit and publish, you can find the draft under my YouTube shorts in YouTube Studio.

You can get your YouTube career going with this YouTube shorts how-to-use guide.

How to Monetize YouTube Shorts

Currently, you cannot earn money directly from YouTube short videos. But, to get your YouTube shorts monetized, you can do many things.

Try your hand at creating funny short YouTube videos since these are easy to make and get the most traction. Please do your research on the most viewed YouTube shorts and try to pinpoint the tricks their creators have used.

You can use the YouTube shorts downloader and save those videos to review and compare your creations with them.

Youtube Shorts Fund

But there is a way you can earn some money with shorts. Look out for partnerships and sponsorships with brands to endorse. You can also use affiliate marketing with budding influencers if you already have a good reach. Once you know how to do shorts on YouTube with confidence and talent, there is no stopping you.

You might have to establish yourself as a reliable content creator before approaching other influencers. Having at least 15 minimum shorts videos with high performance is necessary if you do not have popular accounts on different channels. But if you are already popular on social media, you can get away with just 5 to 10 videos.

5 Ways to Use YouTube Shorts

● Expand into newer markets

A short clip exploring a different video genre cannot go wrong. Use your interests to explore and try creating a different type of video. When you diversify, you ensure you do not put all your eggs in one basket. So when the trend for one market subsides, the other keeps you going.

For instance, if your content is predominantly DIY hacks, but you have always been interested in makeup, create YouTube shorts about makeup and see if they do well. This can take some time to pick up since your name will not already be known in those circles, but it is a great way to improve your reputation in multiple markets and is a long-term advantage in building a social media empire.

●  Promoting your channel

As soon as YouTube released this feature, YouTubers jumped at the chance of getting to make teasers for their videos. They used it to promote their main channel and used various shorts formats to do so. Some commonly used ones are before and after videos, process videos, and customer reviews.

If you have an astrology channel where you do elaborate readings or teach people spirituality, you can make a short video with a tarot card reading. These ‘if this was on your FYP (for you page)’ videos are currently very popular.

●  Engaging with the audience

YouTubers also began to upload shorts on YouTube to share their journey. Using YouTube can be a great social media marketing technique if you have a growing business that ad revenue. Another alternative is to share the behind-the-scenes of your video making. You can show your viewers how you set up your videos or create mini-vlogs to share your routine.

Some business owners share conversations they had with rude customers. The point is to create something controversial enough to generate buzz but still maintain your brand as a reliable one.

If you can sing or dance, this should be easy. Create YouTube shorts using the most viral sounds, and you will be discovered soon. Moreover, if you know how to do your makeup or have a knack for fashion, you can create some of the best YouTube shorts. These are trending like crazy right now, and it will be easy to use the algorithm to get noticed.

Try out hacks you have seen on the internet, or test products to see if they really work. The ‘Recent Amazon Finds’ videos are so easy to create, and they require little imagination and a few hours of hard work but can get you a lot of attention.

● Combine shorter videos

If you simply do not have any YouTube shorts ideas, you can resort to combining shorter videos to create a series. You can do this by downloading YouTube shorts, using a video editor to combine them, and uploading it as a compilation.

The easiest is to take funny short YouTube videos and create videos like “Babies tasting lime for the first time” or “Funny DIY fails.” and if your content is unique and adds value you can also apply for youtube partner program.

Tips: If you find someone using your videos without your permission you can file copyright strikes for the individual video.

FAQs (How to Make YouTube Shorts)

1. How do you post shorts on YouTube?

You can upload shorts from a PC or directly from your phone. When you open the application, find the ‘+’ icon in the bottom center of the screen. Find the option for creating shorts. Once you see the shorts camera screen, you can edit the time and the speed. Add a filter if you like and get a recording.
You can title it, add a description, and upload it to your channel when finished. Then, you sit back and wait for the likes, comments, and shares to roll in. Happy posting!

2. What is YouTube Studio?

YouTube Studio is the space for creators. It lets you manage your channel by interacting with the audience, managing finances, and analyzing performance all through one portal. Here, you can customize the layout of your channel and find out who else on YouTube is mentioning you or your channel. If you realize after posting that you forgot to blur something out, add an end-screen, or add an audio track, you can make those edits here.

3. What is YouTube Strike?

YouTube Strike is a copyright feature that manages copyright infringements. You might be aware that using, distributing, or copying someone else’s content is illegal.
This feature ensures that YouTube is an authentic community for content creators with integrity.
Getting a strike requires watching a video and the rules and YouTube copyright guidelines, but you should not take it lightly. We might mistakenly produce similar content that gets flagged. Like in baseball, three strikes and you’re out.

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